September 30th, 2020

J.R.'s Picks:

X-Factor #4: X of Swords Part 2 – Wow. If these first two parts of X of Swords are any indication, this is going to be an event to remember. After the betrayal by one of their own, Apocalypse and Rictor are in dire straits and Rockslide had been murdered. Polaris was given the riddles to find the ten champions of mutants by Saturnyne but even with the help of Krakoa’s best telepaths they’re unable to access them at first. The Five get busy and move up Rockslide’s resurrection given that he was a casualty of war. As this happens though something strange occurs, something that will raise the stakes of this war and possibly change the scope of Krakoa’s advancement. Extremely entertaining and not something any mutant fan can miss.
The Department of Truth #1 – Tynion kills it once again with one of the most intriguing concepts I’ve come across in a while. Cole Turner is a teacher at Quantico who specializes in right-wing white nationalists and their online communities. After attending a Flat Earth convention to study in real time, he’s approached by two right-wing oil tycoons who invite to a screening of a fake moon landing. Things go south, like Antarctician south, for Cole from there until the Dept of Truth contacts him to discuss the reality of conspiracy theories and the power belief has in making them reality. Absolutely wild, get in on the ground floor for this one.
Strange Academy #3 – The wild magical kids go on a romp into New Orleans in this latest issue. The Ancient One tries to teach the class about how to obtain one’s third eye, but Emily Bright is the only one able to pull it off. After dismissal, the gang decides to explore the quarter in their new stomping grounds of New Orleans. A few of them take a detour into a voodoo shop where, quite honestly, a mean old woman forces a vision on Doyle Dormammu of what his dad has in store for his new school. Then Emily has to come to the defense of her new Asgardian friends with her third eye after some muggers corner them in an alleyway. This series is plain fun so pick up all three for a damn good read.
X-Ray Robot #2 – Man, I could look at Allred’s psychedelic art for days. The next issue finally arrives and with it a little more dread. Turns out the research teams efforts to breach multiple dimensions with the X-Ray Robot was a success! Unfortunately, it also may have doomed reality itself. A being called The Nihilist is helping to usher in nothingness by creating voids in these alternate dimensions created through the dimensional explorations. In order to stop, each team member must go through portals and find the robot exploring that particular dimension. Wild stuff is on the horizon so pick up this one (and issue one) while you still can!

Diarra's Picks:

Wonder Woman 1984 #1 - Just in time for the release of the new movie, we get some 80s style Wonder Woman action. One issue, with two tales of good ole fashion heroism. This issue was definitely for the kids, with both stories having the over arching theme of adults sucking and generally disappointing youth. Wonder Woman swoops in and makes it clear there are still some good grownups watching their back. From a museum heist during a class field trip to preteen stock brokers with sticky fingers, Wonder Woman gets to dish out ass kicking and wholesome advice.
Department of Truth #1 - Cole has just been recruited into the Department of Truth. He has studied conspiracy theories for sometime, not as a believer but more as an observer to those who refuse to accept the facts. Chasing impossible ideas is what landed him at a flat earth-er convention. When he gets invited to hang with the elite convention members, he jumps at the chance to pick their brains. When they arrive at their destination, it was the last place Cole expected. After “seeing too much” that’s when the Department of Truth steps in. Cole has made a career at debunking conspiracies theories, but what if there was some truth to all the absurd?
The Joker War Zone #1 - As the Joker’s war warms up, we get five tales from the mean streets of Gotham. In A Serious House, we watch Joker call Bane a straight up disappointment. Lucius Fox is coming down with a case of the grins, and is done relying on the bat in Family Ties. Batgirl and Huntress bust up a Henchman 101 class, and give Gotham something to believe in in The Symbol. In Ashes of Eden, Ivy is feeling pretty down in Harley’s wake and you know what they say, the best way to get over an ex is to get under a city...or something like that. Last but not least, and the reason I picked up this issue, Clown Hunt! James Stokoe’s bold use of color and attention to detail are perfect for this story of Clownhunter, a kid who plans on doing for Gotham what the bat couldn’t.

Stone's Picks:

Shang-Chi #1 – During the Early Qing Dynasty, five men are led by a mystic sorcerer and defend China as the Five Weapons Society. As time passed, members of the society came and went except for the sorcerer. He preserved his life with a longevity spell and continued to lead the society for centuries. It was by the hand of his son, Shang-Chi, that this sorcerer met his unfortunate end. Now the position of leader for the Five Weapons Society is vacant, and Shang-Chi is the man chosen to fill that position!
Spawn #310 – Recent outbreaks of an unknown virus send the scientific community scrambling to find a potential cure. Dr. Visser and her team have made progress in finding a vaccine for this horrible disease. As day turns to night, she returns home only to be met by Spawn, and Dr. Visser is not who she seems. Meanwhile, the soldiers of Heaven and Hell are spread across the world delivering chaos by any means. It’s up to Spawn with his new necromancer powers to fight back against these corrupt beings in a war of unholy proportions.
Batman Three Jokers #2 – The madness of Three Jokers continues! Having just executed one of the Jokers, the Red Hood hits the street hard to find any information as to the whereabouts of the other Jokers. His search will lead him into a familiar situation where he's forced to relive one of the most traumatic events of his life. While Red Hood pursues recklessly, Batman and Batgirl are sent on a different path that will have Batman visiting the man who made him who he is today. Just what does the Joker have planned for the Caped Crusader and what is the real reason for Bruce Wayne’s ultimate suffering?