September 29th, 2021

J.R.'s Picks:

Inferno #1 – The beginning of the end of the Hickman era is upon us. Moira’s machinations are going to come back to bite her in a big way and in this humble comic clerk’s opinion: she deserves it! A few flashbacks from House and Powers catch you up to speed on the relationship between Destiny and Moira. It points out how personal the antagonism between the two is as we see Moira traveling through Krakoan gates across the world. Charles and Magneto call her back where she is surprised to learn they have been tracking her. Not surprisingly so though because, as they point out to her, she’s the most important mutant in the world. They ask what needs to be done and this is where her answer seems personal: she says they need to destroy all back ups of Destiny and take Mystique off the council. Boy, they’re all in for a shocker. The narrative is heavy-hitting as always and Schiti’s artwork makes a nice complement to this epic.
Superman Son of Kal-El #3 – Jon Kent is taking the mantle slowly but surely from his father in Tom Taylor’s excellent new series. The father and son supers team up at the start of the issue as a new villain is causing quakes and leveling buildings in Metropolis. Strangely enough- she doesn’t know how she got there or why she has powers in a purple and green spandex suit. After dispatching her, Jon meets up with his friend who is protesting the US’s immigration policy. In a monumental moment, Jon stands with them in his Superman costume and is arrested alongside them. Taylor is doing incredibly big things by putting social change into these books and I hope people are paying attention to it.
Batman vs Bigby! A Wolf In Gotham #1 – BIGBY IS BACK, BABY! While most of the issue centers on the Batclan, the Fables crossover leaks in small but appreciated ways for sure. A string of wolf attacks across Gotham city leads Batman to jumping from crime scene to crime scene hoping to catch a clue. Meanwhile, a gentleman organization of criminals seems to be calling the shots from a speakeasy beneath the city. The wolf attacks have also brought a cop transfer into the city to help Gordon but she seems like a Fables plant…The criminal intrigue that Willingham lays out is very interesting but the star of the show is Brian Level’s pencils. I haven’t seen paneling this good since J.H. Williams III- believe it.
BRZRKR #5 – Keanu Reeves and Matt Kindt continue their all-out gore fest in the month’s latest entry into the series. The lead researcher of the project to determine where the Berserker’s powers originate makes an unexpected house call to him after they end for the day. After sitting fireside with some 200-year old scotch, the two talk about the better times in his immortal life where he found love. It’s here where Reeves’s character makes a very interesting soliloquy about the experience of music though out the ages- that is, before he goes into horrific stories as to why he can never love again. Heartbreaking once again but this one contains at huge plot development after the scientist’s revelation about what love means for the Berserker. You know this one’s gonna be a movie so read it now!

Diarra's Picks:

10 Years To Death - This eerie one shot is just in time for spooky season. It all starts with a prison security guard, Jonah, coming home from a crazy work day, and sharing way to much information with his nephew. Maybe it’s because only his nephew was home, or maybe he thought only a child could believe something so fantastical. A prisoner is found dead in his cell, and the more investing they do, the less it makes sense. I’m a sucker for a true story, but upon researching, I couldn’t find actual events this was based on or even the prison (let me know if you do!). Despite not having real world characters to attach to this story it will still have you on the edge of your seat!
BRZRKR #5 - We are finally learning more about the berserker, and it appears his memory is back. This issue focuses on the bummer that is falling in love with mortals. The berserker has been working with the military and it’s scientists in hopes to find a cure for his immortality. Maybe then he can try to love again, but I’m beginning to distrust the scientists working with him. If you are looking for an action packed book, this is it. All the issues in this series have sick variants and we still have loads on the shelf if you need to catch up! 
Batman vs. Bigby! A Little Wolf in Gotham #1 - There have been an alarming amount of wolf attacks in Gotham, but Batman knows this isn’t the work of a wild animal. He and the rest of the Bat-gang are working close with GCPD to figure this out. Meanwhile, a local baddie is planning something big, which is the last thing Batman needs now. While investigating, Batman realizes he isn’t alone in the shadows and who does he run into but Bigby Wolf! Between Fables comics and The Wolf Among Us games, I’m a huge fan and couldn’t pass up on this team up…but I don’t think getting them on the same side is going to be easy.

Stone's Picks:

Deathstroke Inc. #1 - Not at all what I was expecting. I wanted a ruthless Slade, but this one is restrained. He’s working for a new organization and teaming with a new partner in Black Canary. I don’t want a good guy Slade Wilson. I prefer him riding solo and trying to kill Batman. The preview In the back for what the series has to offer intrigues me as it shows that Slade will be having a run-in with Damian Wayne, and since I am reading Robin I know to expect his arrival in the future. All in all, even though it wasn’t what I wanted, there is still the possibility for this series to surprise me.
Robin #6 - This comic always has me excited when I see it on the shelf because the story so far has been consistently good. Each issue drives the story forward into more exciting territory. The Tournament is officially beginning now that everyone on the island has died once. Something Williamson does well is balancing action with character and plot progression - it’s not just all fights. Something that I started to think about was how awesome it would be for Damian, Rose, Connor, and Flatline to form a new DC team. Titans with a lesser moral compass sounds solid.
Batman Reptilian #4 - The cover of this book is not appeasing. A baby covered in sludge. Could have done without that. Anyways… Batman has found Killer Croc but it’s not how he was expecting. Bats has his theories now it’s just a matter of figuring out if he’s right. For those who may want more action in this story this issue doesn’t deliver, but the ending has me thinking that might change soon. I really do enjoy the art but I have to say sometimes it doesn’t do any favors. It can be difficult to tell exactly what is happening on some pages but that could be purpose. Even you the reader are uncertain as to what is happening.

Caroline's Picks:

Something Is Killing the Children #20 - Now that we've learned just how deadly the Order of St Georges initiation is, and a good ole drunken argument about it later, we finally get introduced to the rest of the order. Learning the different mask meanings, where the mark of the order comes from, and the specialties of the characters we’ve met so far was something I have been eagerly waiting for since we first saw the different masks colors many moons ago in the first volume. It really adds depth and intrigue to the overall story as well as setting up for the House of Slaughter and future expansion on this universe beautifully.
10 Years to Death One Shot - It's officially spooky season and this comic based on a true story about a prison guard and his personal connection to a murderer will get you perfectly in the mood. One day Uncle Jonah comes home from work at the prison visibly shaken and distraught from the events of the day. Being the only one home at the time Uncle Jonah unloads the events of the past few days onto his nephew. What starts as the run of the mill new guy with no friends at work rumors quickly turns to an unnerving tale of ghosts and murder.
Department of Truth #13 - It's the last issue of the second arc of DoT and Cole’s past is finally catching up with him. Another misdirect into a side track adventure with Hawk leads to Cole’s old middle school and the darkness from his childhood waiting down in the basement for him. Hawk finally lets Cole in on what he’s been doing this whole time, how he’s been manipulating Cole’s life since he was a boy seeing the Star Faced Man and what exactly the big plans for Cole are. With some intense cunning and a hint of betrayal Cole is off to try and save the world.
Deathstroke Inc #1 - This was a surprisingly enjoyable and easy to read team up between Deathstroke and Black Canary. You definitely don't need to know the extensive histories of either of these characters to jump right in and understand what is going on. They've been sent on a special mission to find the Queen of a hidden H.I.V.E. drone training center and bring her back to T.R.U.S.T. alive. Deathstroke does what he does best and goes in guns blazing to get the job done and some honey covered panels later things seem to have worked themselves out. Now only time will tell what T.R.U.S.T. really has in store for these 'heroes'.