September 27th, 2023

Rob's Picks:

The Flash #1 - The fastest man alive is back with a new creative team following the milestone 800th issue. Writer Si Spurrier and artist Mike Deodato Jr show us Wally West juggling his heroic and domestic responsibilities while facing a threat to all speedsters, and maybe the Speed Force itself! Dispatching cyborg gorillas is usually less challenging than dealing with two super powered kids, a newborn, and a wife who feels increasingly left behind. When Grod appears to abduct seemingly random humans, the Flash enters the fray and finds that something is interfering with the Speed Force. Just how much, or really how little, is understood about the source of the Flash’s power comes up repeatedly as premonitions of a future calamity arrive from that mysterious dimension of energy. A fresh new story for a venerable series.
Blade #3 - Another issue of fast paced supernatural action from Bryan Hill’s Blade. We find the Daywalker where we last left him, rescuing Tulip from the monstrous Lord Daido. Blade saves his ally/arms dealer in typically bloody fashion, while elsewhere, the Adana continues on her apocalyptic path. The earth’s sorcerer guardians have come to intervene, but they may have underestimated her dark power. Blade and current partner Rotha learn the location of the one weapon that may be able to destroy the Adana. Getting it will be a challenge, but planning a heist takes a back-seat when Rothas former brothers and sisters attack. This series continues to impress with its sleek art and thrilling action.
Void Rivals #4 - The lead characters of this title have been a long way in just a few issues, going from enemies cast away on an alien world to begrudging partners in survival. They have come to learn much about each other, while still remaining at odds in many ways. Arriving in Zertonia proves to be a bitter homecoming for Solila. Despite delivering Darak as a captive, her superiors come to suspect the empathy that has grown between the two former enemies. This tentpole title for the Energon Universe continues to dole out connections to Transformers sparingly. A brief check-in to cybertron is all the fan service given to this outing. Overall it seems to be a wise move, allowing readers to invest in this central narrative on its own merits. That said, I am eager to see how the upcoming ongoing series for the classic IPs of this shared universe will impact this story.

Solomon's Picks:

Power Girl #1 - Given to us by Leah Williams, Eduardo Pansica, Júlio Ferreira, and Romulo Fajardo Jr; Power Girl is back in this explosive new issue with all new powers and an all new identity! Now known as ‘Dr. Paige Stetler’ PG has dedicated her time outside of hero-ing to repairing Earth's supply chain and bringing about “true sustainability”. Though it’s a first issue, you don’t have to worry about extensive buildup as it wastes no time having Paige rip away her formal clothes to reveal her iconic suit. She engages in combat with Amalak, a “new” take on a character long retired. After she punches him around for a bit, she astral punches a bomb he planted through a portal into the Mariana Trench which upsets the Atlanteans, a plot point I’m sure will be revisited. The artwork was wonderful and besides the epic action shots, I loved the anatomy and facial expressions on the characters.
PeePee-PooPoo #69 - An incredibly humorous, unapologetic and unique series -  PeePee-PooPoo by Caroline Cash has quickly turned into a personal favorite of mine. Cash has an incredibly refreshing sense of artistic style and humor, very reminiscent of the older comics that inspired me to fall in love with the world of visual storytelling. Reading through the book, you can definitely see and feel the early script-style influence. The crude, in-your-face humor is sure to leave a smile on your face! The story “One-Beer” was my personal favorite as it has a bit of everything in it. This book is one of those projects that you can’t help but love and is always a treat when one like this arrives in stores, so be sure to grab a copy of #69 and #420 now!
Stuff Of Nightmares: Red Murder #1 - An outstanding entry to the Stuff Of Nightmares series comes Red Murder, by legendary author R.L. Stine and iconic illustrator Adam Gorham. The story centers around a famous character known as “The Red Murder”; an ax murderer who slays his victims and feasts on their flesh. He was created by a young man named Alex Oxaca, our main protagonist for this story. Now twenty years later, Alex finds himself living as a washed-up comic artist, making appearances here and there to try and keep his name relevant. His life is flipped upside down as someone dawns a costume of the ax murder and starts recreating the atrocities in real life. We go through a series of gruesome murders, unreliable narration, and extremely questionable alibis as we try to piece together the mystery. A very simple hack and slash horror story, the pacing in this book was wonderful and after finishing my first reading, I found myself wanting to read through it multiple times and I hope you all will feel the same!