September 23rd, 2020

J.R.'s Picks:

X of Swords Creation #1 – Hickman is bringing the big guns to his first X-event and I am HERE FOR IT. Krakoa was once a much larger island called Okkara but was split in half by malignant forces and its other half, Arakko, was sent to another dimension through time and space. The inhabitants of Arrako were besieged by an evil plane called Amenth and now its armies descend upon the multiverse. For an event with such a convoluted history and inception, it’s explained extremely well throughout along with shining character spotlights from everyone’s favorite mutants. Things ramp up fast, alliances are upturned and the future of the mutant nation Krakoa hangs in the balance. Truly excellent myth-building from Hickman. Come for the mutants, stay for the goldfish sorceress!
Wynd #4 – Tynion’s fantasy tale continues to ramp up in its penultimate issue. Oakley takes command of their escape vessel through the pipes of Pipetown as the teenagers acquaint themselves with each other. Turns out Prince Yorick is kind of a racist even though he still wants to protect weirdbloods and everyone comments on how he’s overly unpleasant. The banter is cut short though as the Bandaged Man is hot on their trail through the sewers. After some quick thinking, they find their destination and point of contact: someone that no one expected at all. This is a fantastic series that’s ending soon but we have all the current issues to get you caught up and ready for what’s sure to be an excellent ending.
Juggernaut #1 – Fabian Nicieza, one of the most storied writers to grace the pages of X-books, brings us a new Juggernaut title. After meandering hopelessly for months through limbo thanks to Magik, Cain Marko has returned and now has a job working for Damage Control. Cleaning up after the events of War of the Realms, Juggs discovers a bunch of homeless teens squatting in one of the buildings, one such teen who possesses deceleration powers. Thinking she’s a mutant, he moves to help her understand her powers and perhaps put her in the hands of people who can help. Always good to see a classic villain turn over a new leaf so tune in if you’re looking for a redemption story.
Miles To Go #1 – Looking for an exaggerated crime story? Look no further. Amara is going through a rough spot at the moment. Her marriage is about to culminate in a divorce and her old mentor from her youth is slowly dying of cancer. Said mentor though? An assassin. She’s since moved out of the game because of her daughter but some noisy, racist CIA agents off her mentor violently in the hospital and then catch her scent. What seems to be a simple night out with her ex to discuss their relationship is about to go south and fast. Recommended for all those looking for a gritty thrill ride.

Diarra's Picks:

The Autumnal #1 - Kat Somerville was never close to her mother, and lived with her Aunt and Uncle from age 9. Now Kat is an adult with a daughter of her own, and is surprised when she receives a call about her mother’s funeral. She would’ve skipped it, but her mother left Kat her childhood home! Kat’s daughter, Sybil, has some behavioral issues and a change of scenery might help her temperament. They pack up and head to the town of Comfort Notch to say goodbye to the past and hello to their new life. Part of that goodbye involves the funeral, oddly no one else shows up. Kat chalks it up to her mom being such a jerk, but Comfort Notch is such a small town, it’s odd no one came to pay their respects. But what she finds in the coffin is even stranger.
Miles To Go #1 - Whew, this is an intense read. We are introduced to Amara during her time as a child assassin, but most of this story takes place in present day. Amara has left that life behind and being a mom (more like MILF 🤤) to her daughter Alea is her only mission. Well not totally behind, she still visits her old partner/father figure, Marco, at his hospice. She’s visited him plenty times before, but this time government agents with a bone to pick are watching. They are only after Marco, but still report her presence back to headquarters, putting Amara on the radar of some pretty scary folks. We get to read the redacted dossier of her childhood, but I can’t wait to dig into this series to find out the missing pieces!
An Unkindness of Ravens #1 - It’s Wilma’s first day at a new school, so she doesn’t expect much excitement. Wilma’s mother and sister died in a car accident when she was young, and I’m sure her hometown was full of pity attention. She is ready for a fresh new start in a town where no one knows her face. Unfortunately for Wilma, she is the splitting image of Waverly Good, a student at her high school who has gone missing. Then to add tactlessness to injury, the school gives her Waverly’s old locker, and there is something strange waiting inside. Like most high schools you have your cliques, and Wilma has a total Lindsey Lohan circa Mean Girls dilemma. Cool Girls vs. Odd Balls. Both want to befriend her, but it looks like Wilma is leaning towards the odd ball gang also known as the Ravens. What would you choose between money and magic?

Stone's Picks:

X of Swords: Creation #1 – For those of you who have been reading X-men, the time has come for the first big event in Johnathan Hickman’s run. I, on the other hand, am not one of those people, and as such was sorely lacking information that would have bettered my understanding the events that were transpiring. That being said, I was fully engaged with the material. What I lacked in knowledge was overshadowed by the interest I had in trying to discover what was happening. There is judgment coming for the Witchbreed. A family will be reunited, and those that wield swords will bring light to darkness.
Dark Knights Death Metal: Speed Metal #1 – The Speedsters of the DC universe race through chaos in the newest addition to the Death Metal story. With the Batman Who Laughs hot on their heels,  Barry, Wally, Jay, and Wallace race through the speed force to avoid him. The only problem is the faster they run the quicker they risk burning up the Speed force. Their only chance for survival is to get the mobius chair to Wonder Woman and the Justice League. Sucks that the only way to get to them is to run through a horde of dark Flashes...
Venom #28 – After having to retreat into the sewers from his conflict with symbiotic versions of the Avengers, Eddie encounters a small team of symbiotic resistance fighters led by Anne Weying. Along with her are alternate versions of other characters from this alternate timeline. As they begin to put pieces of each other’s past together, they are ambushed by another group of heroes. While Eddie and the others fight for their survival the lord of the land, Codex, continues his interrogation of the character Virus. After Codex learns of Eddies arrival in this timeline, he allows Virus to swear allegiance to him, and in return he's allowed to hunt Brock. This time it won’t be as Virus, but as is his true self.