September 22nd, 2021

J.R.'s Picks:

Frontiersman #1 – They’re pulling him out of retirement for one more job…but not in a dark revenge way! Frontiersman was once a hard-hitting superhero who fought for the environment’s best interest but went into reclusive hiding after retirement because society is the way it is. That all changes when a young man just trying to do good for redwoods that are threatened asks for his help. The rest of the issue breaks down current climate and environmental problems which unfortunately dates itself (it seems this book was supposed to come out in 2019 but the plague). A great read nonetheless which harkens back to the same spirit of Green Arrow comics by Denny O’Neill when Ollie was fighting for causes and not capes.
X-Men The Onslaught Revelation #1 – Hoo boy this one is a trippy, psychological piece of epic proportions. Onslaught has once again invaded the mind of his “father” Xavier and using Cerebro, manages to erase all the back up data of psyche that the mutants of Krakoa use for their resurrection protocols. Now that the matter is life or death, Nightcrawler enlists Legion to do some massive mind magic on a truly amazing scale. Strange, confusing and packed with sci-fi goodness, this one is what X-Men fans love out of these titles. Plus, Nightcrawler gets a beard and costume update. Definitely worth the price of admission.
X-Men #3 – Speaking of…Duggans’s run continues with space pulpy goodness! After receiving a transmission from SWORD, the X-Men meet a spaceship from the far reaches of space to meet its occupants. Unfortunately for them, it’s the High Evolutionary and his daughter who were also sent by Cordyceps Jones. What transpires afterwards is essentially an issue long fight that, thanks to Pepe Larraz absolutely killing it, LOOKS GORGEOUS. Seriously some of the best fight sequencing I’ve seen mutants do. Not to be outdone, Duggan throws a plot stinger on the end that’s going to hurt mutants pretty bad. Don’t sleep on this one, X-fans.
Mullet Cop #1 – An off-the-wall absolutely hilarious ride that reads like a 3 AM Adult Swim show. In the year 2099, giant megamalls have taken over the landscape after a robot mutant war seventeen years prior. Fred is one of the highly-trained mall cops assigned to protect a gameshow winner when the caravan is ambushed by mutants. Fred is shot in the head at point blank range but in a Robocop like manner, miraculously survives. When the bandages are removed, his hairstyle is changed so the mutants can’t identify. Now he is: Mullet Cop. It’s weird, strange but super funny- scoop if you need a crazy laugh!

Diarra's Picks:

Mullet Cop #1 - The year is 2099 and with the planet destroyed, the only choice is to live inside a shopping mall! This mega mall paradise has been corrupted by The Pink Dolls gang, and the mall cops are way over their heads. Fred is one of those cops, but after a tragic accident he is given a second chance…and a new hairdo! Now he is working undercover at an All You Can Eat Buffet, but all they serve is justice. He gets some pretty sweet kitchen upgrades, but the main objective remains to take down The Pink Dolls. Turns out the hit game show mall dwellers have grown to love, may be behind it all. Mullet Cop may not be the manager you asked to speak to, but he’s the manager you deserve.
Moon Knight #3 - Moon Knight finally gets to fight who he thinks is an imposter, but turns out there really are two fists of Khonshu. This guy goes by Harvest Moon and while Moon Knight works with vampires, the Harvest Moon wants them all dead. He gives some big speech about how Vampires dishonor the night blah blah blah. Marc won’t hear it so Harvest figures if he kills Marc’s vampire crew the problem will be solved. Marc vowed to keep the vampires safe, but can he beat someone else that shares the strength of Khonshu? Catch up on this action packed series!
He Who Fights With Monsters #1 - This story takes place shortly before/during World War II in Nazi occupied territory. Many Jewish citizens fled their homes, hiding out with one another in hopes to survive, and among them grew a resistance. Dr. Radek visited these hide outs, providing medical care. For those who would be captured/turned in during a hospital visit, this was a life saving act. While doing his rounds, an old man tells him a familiar tale of creature, from Hebrew text, that will save them. All Dr. Radek must do is play his roll in the legend. The doctor shrugs it off as the ramblings of an old man, but as the Nazi presence grows they might need something of legend to save them.

Stone's Picks:

Suicide Squad King Shark #1 - This was not what I was expecting. Maybe it’s the fondness I have for the movie version of the character, but this King Shark just wasn’t it for me. Sure he ate a woman in one bite, but he also thought it would be cool to insult someone for their love of chai lattes. By far the coolest thing in the book was King Shark's father. That man was somebody’s nightmare. I mean King Shark is probably somebody’s nightmare as well, but I digress. Mortal Kombat with anthropomorphic beings is badass also. There is some good stuff here and for those who want to learn more about King Shark, this is worth the read.
Aliens #7 - A whole new arc begins here. There is a time jump of two years between the end of the last issue and the beginning of this one. The idea of having the story continue through all new characters seems cool. Plus these new characters are involved in some religion and you know that’s not going to go well. All it takes is one nut to declare the Xenomorph is god's will and there goes the neighborhood. How the Xenomorph got onto that ship in the first place is the biggest mystery. I also have a theory regarding our main character, that if true, will prove to be a comic adaptation of something we saw in the movies. This was a good issues that shows even when they switch things up they can still hit the mark.
Batman Detective #5 - The reason for Equilibriums actions are revealed. Now that the European alliance of the Bat has been activated it becomes easier for Batman to locate Equilibrium. She’s taken hostages in Brussels, so Batman heads in alone to confront her and her goons. This was my favorite issue due to the realization of why Equilibrium does what she does. It does refer to something that was said in Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight”. Batman is looked upon as an agent of chaos. He creates ripples with his every move that causes unforeseen consequences later down the line. I understand why she’s doing what she’s doing but her methods are what is detestable.