October 20th, 2021

Caroline's Picks:

Nubia & the Amazons #1 - I have been eagerly awaiting this mini series and issue 1 does not disappoint! The Themysciran Well of Souls has dried up since the rebirth of Queen Nubia happened and for the first time in a very long time five new Amazon’s have been born from it again. Now they are to be tested to determine where in their new society they fit, each woman excelling at the tasks but none stands out in the end as much as Bia. While everyone else is celebrating the new arrivals something just isn’t sitting quite right with our Queen, but that could just be the looming need to choose a new Warrior of Themyscira… or could it be that little slit in Doom’s Doorway?
Eat the Rich #3 - Last we left Joey she had just been caught by Astors mom, but shockingly she didn't try and lie her way out of it. Mommy dearest explains that like mother like (future) daughter: Astors mom used to be an outsider who was welcomed into this new level of society and all its traditions. She explains to Jo how she even had a part in creating the contracts so that the staff would feel taken care of. Then back to the party they go and just in time for lunch! Flash forward a few weeks and Joey seems to be fitting in nicely, making friends and following all the right motions. But in this world retirement can’t be avoided for too long, and this time Astor’s help is needed elsewhere.
Catwoman: Lonely City #1 - Freshly released from jail and Selena is already back at it again but this time around Gotham is completely different: Harvey Dent is mayor and Batman is dead and now there's “bat-cops’ everywhere. Her world is entirely different on the outside, G-bands are their version of apple watches and EVERYTHING is digital now but at least she still has Monty, her cat to keep her company. Next on her post prison tour is an attempt to get her money back, but after a disappointing exchange with the Emperor Penguin Selena’s still moneyless, so back to her old ways she goes in an attempt to revive her reputation. An attempt in which she heavily underestimated just how long she’s been out of the game for, but she’s always been lucky. Lets just hope that she keeps the rest of her 8 lives for what's to come.
Nita Hawes’ Nightmare Blog #1 - This new series kicks off with a big bang monster wise anything even vaguely Lovecraft and I'm in: Cthulhu monsters in Baltimore, hell yeah! And if that’s not enough to hook you we also get a lovely song and dance from a demon to seal the deal, though the aftermath he leaves for our lovely Detective Harden is enough to shake any man. Nita, still dealing with the trauma of losing her little brother and parents to separate gun violence incidents as a kid and now she runs a blog dedicated to helping others solve their weird cases as a side gig leads to an interesting discovery... A little messy with the jumps between the main characters plots but given the necessary introductions for the first issue I'm willing to give it a pass.

Diarra's Picks:

Catwoman: Lonely City #1 - The citizens of Gotham will never forget the events on Fool’s Night. The attack on the city that sent Selina Kyle to prison and took the lives of Batman, Joker, Nightwing, and Commissioner Gordon. Ten years later Selina is released and heads back to a very different Gotham. Two-Face is mayor and his “Batcops” patrol Gotham ruthlessly, but with crime at an all time low, some say it’s for the best. Selina needs to get some capital to get on her feet and is tired of being treated like a Gotham has-been, so she decides to break into the heavily guarded GCPD headquarters. She gets in, but quickly realizes she isn’t the young, agile cat burglar she once was. After grabbing a drink with an old friend, they decide to work together and devise a plan to break into the Wayne Manor! But Two-faced is keeping a watchful eye on Selina, and is counting on her to make a mistake. I’ve been loving the mature Catwoman action in the current Batman/Catwoman series and if you like that series, you’ll love this!
Nita Hawes’ Nightmare Blog #1 - Right out of the Killadelphia universe comes this equally spooky series. Nita Hawes has had a pretty rough life, her parents died when she was young, leaving her to care for her younger brother. Nine years later her brother is killed by a stray bullet while walking home from school. Now Nita is psychology professor, but by night she runs the Nightmare Blog. The site is an open forum for people to share their supernatural experiences, and if Nita thinks a person’s story is legit, she’ll go give them a hand. Nita got involved after her dead brother started appearing to her, and told her of demons he saw headed to earth on his way to the after life. Part of her thinks she is losing her mind, but if she doesn’t try Baltimore will be destroyed!
Nubia & The Amazon’s #1 - Nubia came to Themyscira through the Well of Lost Souls, a place where women who die from acts of violence in Man’s World are reborn. Queen Hippolyta and the other Amazons welcome her with open arms, and with the recent birth of Princess Diana there is much to celebrate. In an odd turn of events, after Nubia emerged The Well of Lost Souls sealed itself. Fast forward many moons and Nubia sits on the thrown of Themyscira, and to much surprise and excitement, The Well produces new Amazons. With a new guardian needed, more Amazons couldn’t have come at a better time, but Nubia can’t shake this feeling of doom. That night the current guardian of Doom’s Doorway has a terrible dream, and it could mean the destruction of Themyscira!

Stone's Picks:

Catwoman: Lonely City #1 - There are certain things that get better with age, but maintaining your reputation as the best thief in Gotham can be hindered by such a thing. Selina Kyle isn’t the same woman she was. Having spent a decade in prison, she now finds herself in a world she barley recognizes. That won’t stop her from showing all the naysayers that the cat's still got it. Though not a part of the main continuity it is interesting to see how closely it relates to where the future of Gotham is going. The interactions between all these characters who feel like they are past their prime really makes you wonder when they need to call it quits. This first issue was a treat and I’m eager to see Selina Kyle prove that age is but a number.
Nightwing #85 - Another week, another review of Nightwing. Though you could say this was more of a Batgirl issue, and I’m perfectly ok with that. Who doesn’t love Babs? This was more about Barbara realizing she shouldn’t be invading everyone’s privacy like Bruce was doing in The Dark Knight, or else someone could come along to steal all that info for harmful purposes. It's surprising she would do such a thing in the first place. We got to see the OG Batgirl suit, which in comparison to her new fit it still takes the cake. Here’s hoping they progress Babs and Dicks relationship after a show of love.
Hellcop #1 - A pan-dimensional security force that guards earth against the denizens of Hell. It sounds cool, and it was. The fact that Sweet’n Low is a drug demons use to get high is hilarious. It seems like there might be some court of owls-ish plot happening with people in power. I mean, just look at the brooch thing Virgil found and tell me that doesn’t somewhat look like an Owl. Biggest gripe is that the last page tells you what’s going to happen next time. Why bother reading it when I know now what will happen? Still good!