November 8th, 2023

Rob's Picks:

G.O.D.S. #2 - The first issue of Hickman’s G.O.D.S. expanded on the magical dimension of the Marvel universe while introducing a new cast of characters. With that heavy lifting done, the second installment of Hickman’s new series sets a slower pace. Many questions remain following the defeat of Cubisk Core. Answers aren’t forthcoming since Wyn, avatar of the Powers That Be, erased the villain's memory. While the avatar and Doctor Strange trace Cubisk back to his origin, the Centum regroups following the devastation of the Babylon Event. Aiko sees potential in a young woman on the verge of becoming a sorcerer, as both a recruit and a subject of study. This issue devotes most of its pages to deepening our understanding of the Aiko and the corner of the Marvel universe these new characters occupy. Art by Schiti and Gracia sells the wonder of the mystical realms without having to diminish the color and character of the mundane world.
Birds of Prey #3 - The new team faces their first test, a rescue mission to Themyscira. To enter the island of the Amazons unseen, they’ll have to trust in a plan from the team wild card, Harley Quinn. Writer Kelly Thompson’s skill with dialogue shines in this issue. There is a wealth of snappy banter that seems to spring naturally for the interplay of differing personalities. This book uses humor without undermining the stakes or making moments of real drama feel frivolous, something the writers of other team books could learn from. This series is only getting stronger with each issue, easily the most charming entry in DC’s current releases. This issue has everything you need: laughs, thrills, fights, rescues, and the king of sharks, King Shark!
Poison Ivy #16 - This series and its title character have taken a long, winding road, growing from a miniseries to an ongoing by virtue of the consistently amazing work of writer G. Willow Wilson and artist Marcio Takara. The newest chapter takes an introspective turn as Ivy meditates on unintended consequences and the nameless bystanders who become collateral damage to acts of super-villainy. There’s this guy. His name is Chuck, or something like that. He’s an ordinary man with ordinary problems, the kind of guy who can’t take a day off work just because he’s been infected with a mutant fungus. Reality breaks down around him as his brain is consumed, and even after the parasitic lamia is done with him, the evil of that event ripples outward. This issue has some of Takara’s most amazingly mind bending art, a showcase of the organic psychedelia that has been one of this series' trademarks.

Solomon's Picks:

Zawa + The Belly Of The Beast #1 - From the compelling mind of Michael Dialynas (co-reator of Wynd) comes ‘Zawa + Belly of The Beast’ and it was an entertaining read to say the least! The story so far follows a quirky group composed of sibling duo Thatcher and Bandit, their close associate Leo, and Zawa, Guardian of Mesa’s Boon. Resources in Mesa’s Boon are limited, resulting in the siblings having to break into the mayor’s factory and scavenge inventory in order to offer something new on the menu of their family's shop and provide more diverse food selections for local residents. The art in this book is marvelous, being an oddly satisfying mix of cute and coarse that works to give the world and its characters an almost campy look and feel. With this being such a quick and enjoyable read, I highly recommend this book and that you keep an eye out for issue two dropping next month where it seems like we will get to learn much more about the mysterious guardian and title character, Zawa!
Creepshow Vol. 2 #3 - Two chilling entries in the Creepshow series provided by Zoe Thorogood, Joel Farrelly and Goran Sudzuka! Both stories revolve around human greed, however, they touched on the subject in two very different ways. Thorogood’s story followed a woman obsessed with “conquering life” after a series of hardships stole her loved ones, causing her to develop a serum that cursed her with eternal life. We watch as she flows through time, growing more and more miserable by the century. She ends up isolated and hollow, awaiting a dying world where she would hopefully be granted an end. The next story by Farrelly and Sudzuka is about a professional thief and a rich couple doing business on a cruise. We watch how selfishness can fracture a relationship where you have everything, forcing you to betray those you love, and how it can cause you to make rash decisions that could cost your life. The writing and art in both entries was fantastic and clever, and the illustrations in “Eternity, Eternity, Eternity” were everything you could want to see out of Creepshow. I’ve been loving Volume Two and I hope we continue to get fantastic entries like this one!
Superman '78: The Metal Curtain #1 - The latest installment of Superman ‘78 has arrived and I loved everything about this issue! Robert Venditti has done a fantastic job with this project so far, and teaming up with Gavin Guidry was an excellent decision. The art is wonderful and helps give that vintage look that is further complemented by the dialogue and script as you can almost hear the movie actors' voices jumping off the page. The design and dialogue were spot on and I can confidently say this issue has everything fans loved from the movie(s) and the former Superman ‘78 run, but offers plenty of room for exciting storylines going forward. We end off on a cliffhanger with an iconic Superman villain, so come in and grab a copy today if you’re feeling nostalgic or have a particular craving for a story that captures that feeling from the bronze age!