November 30th, 2022

Caroline's Picks:

Avengers Assemble #1 - Marvel is definitely hyping up the multiverse as much as they can right now and this series is the next big multiversal war. The Avenger Prime has been collecting as many Avengers from across the multiverse as he possibly can, preparing for a war he is desperate for the side of good to win. While the Avengers are busy fighting their prehistoric ancestors Avenger Prime is busy fighting Mephisto, yes I swear it's really him, or several multiversal versions of him. And though the fights are rather epic and unhinged, there’s a greater threat that needs to be realized and it seems only Cap and the Sorcerer Supreme are willing to see rationally. Mephisot’s made his way to the final Earth, Earth-616, and he’s hellbent on conquering it, and with the mightiest heroes busy he has plenty of time to take what he considers rightfully his. There’s some great cameos in this issue and the character reintroduction we are about to get is one I think most readers will be plenty excited for.
Star Wars The High Republic Adventures #1 - With the Star Wars universe constantly expanding and the live action world getting ready to head into the High Republic era this issue is a terrific jumping on point. Any of the events that take place across the High Republics comics has potential to be included in or referenced during the shows and I for one cannot wait to see it happen. This series we’re going to follow a young Padawn, Sav Malgan, and her journey as she goes from the Jedi life to that of a Pirate. She starts off as a young Jedi prodigy yearning for something more in life, the Jedi Order really is no lifestyle a child enjoys growing up in it seems, and so she’s constantly running off to hear adventures of others from around the galaxy. And she does it at a rather familiar place, Maz Kanata’s castle! Sav has little time to sit around and listen this time, after causing a little fun with the force she’s off for a quick, lightly life threatening, adventure. And if she plays her cards right she just might be going on plenty more.
Briar #2 - This issue does a great job of fleshing out the backstories of both our main characters and the new world Briar Rose lives in. Some of the Sleeping Beauty fairytale still remains the same but it's the ‘happily ever after’ that's changed. The world has gone wrong, what used to be beautiful rivers and forest lands have soured to bogs and deserts. The magic that used to fill the land is almost completely gone. But when Briar and her blue companion stumble upon the Bog Witches the gaps in her story begin to fill and we learn more about the past of main characters, who they used to be before being set on this path. But finding out about who she used to be, and what her intended destiny truly is might not be what Briar was hoping for. Instead of finding magic and fairies waiting for her she very well might be leading herself and her friends towards a greater doom. So when a chance at safety is offered up to her it might be impossible for our fragile princess to refuse. Maybe.
Plush #1 - You’ve had possibly the worst day of your life. The girl you thought you were going to marry has been cheating on you and got pregnant and you found out right after proposing to her (and she called the family ring ugly to boot). Of course you go to your best friend to vent and get some of your sanity back, right? Well that’s exactly what Devin does. He goes and vents and his best friend Levi decides he needs a night out, an escape from reality. Or at least a night in his reality, his Fury reality. Now Devin is in a chicken suit, drunk as a skunk (maybe lightly roofied) and when he decides to go outside to have a nice puke to himself and then head on home. But what he sees next has him running for help. Unfortunately for him it ends up being to the man his ex cheated on him with. Things just really aren’t going his way tonight, but maybe that’ll look up once he wakes up from his nap.

Diarra's Picks:

Nightwing Annual ‘22 - We got a couple annuals from DC this week, and while Detective Comics dived into the origins of Gotham, Nightwing’s story delivered three tales! In the first story, we finally learn the origins of Heartless, the current thorn in Dick’s side, and Tom King’s delivery leaves us wondering how Grayson will get out of this one. Then to get the last creepy story out of our heads, we spend a day with Bitewing while Barbara and Dick go out for a night on the town. The last flashes back to the Nightwing/Son of Kal-El cross over issues when Jon comes to Nightwing for advice after realizing super strength isn’t enough to make you a hero. Obviously, this ‘‘superhero big brother’’ dynamic is heart warming, but it’s the flash backs of his early Robin days, learning from Batman, that really tugs on the heart strings. Let’s just say they have different teaching methods, but Nightwing wouldn’t be the guy Superman comes to for help without his time with Batman. I can’t stress enough how awesome this series has been!
Plush #1 - This creative team proved they can deliver cute and creepy after their team up on the series Vinyl, but cannibal furries takes it to whole new level! Devin just found out his fiancé is pregnant with another guy’s baby, and he goes to his friend Levi for some advice. Levi knows just the thing to cheer his buddy up, a trip to a furry convention, and why not pretend to be someone else when your normal life sucks? Devin agrees but after the two get separated he stumbles across a gruesome scene involving some fellow convention goers. A frantic Devin runs to the first cop he sees…unfortunately, it’s the dude who knocked up his fiancé. Turns out her dad is the sheriff and wasn’t too pleased to hear Devin broke things off. Now before Devin can even tell them about the crime, he is being blackmailed in to staying with the sheriff’s daughter! The side piece deputy is enjoying every moment of this, and when the sheriff leaves he plans on beating Devin to a pulp. But furries stick together…well, bare minimum they want to get the guy who witnessed their crime away from the cops. I can’t wait to see the next turn on this wild ride.
Damn Them All #2 - As this series quickly rises to my most anticipated, I need you guys to get in on this…mostly so we can gush about it! Since her Uncle showed El her first demon, she has been living like a regular ol’ Constantine! He taught her to use and respect the cost that is magic, but she recently saw something she thought was impossible. El tries to ignore it but an old friend (with benefits) of her Uncle wants to get to the bottom of this. You see, all the demons of the under world have been trapped in different tokens, and the holder has full control of the demon inside. Usually, you have to do a lot of chanting and soul selling to get a demon to even come up for a chat, but someone has managed to get them all trapped and obedient…well, all but one older and lesser known demon (you can read all about him in El’s Uncle’s journal). This demon can’t bring his buddies back all by himself, and seeks out El for help. El isn’t really the hero type, which she was trying to explain to the chick following her around, but when she finds out her Uncle gave his life trying to fix this mess, she knows she owes it to him to finish the job. There are still more questions to be answered, but despite her new zeal El has unknown forces working against her. This book is giving strong female protagonist realness and Gaiman level world building. Don’t miss out!

K's Picks:

Justice Society America #1 - I have a lot of strong feelings right off the bat. I really wanted to see what the New Justice Society were about. All things considered, it was amazing, and this isn't just coming from a JSA fan -  it's legit a strong start. Helena Wayne is the daughter of Catwoman and Batman. Years have passed since Bruce's death and in that wake, Helena built a team. This New JSA is unfortunately built after the next generation of villains. A strange but welcomed decision from Helena. My big thing about the issue is that this team was very short lived, definitely a missed opportunity. I'll hold out hope that they appear later on to show their stuff. Also, what the hell is going on with Doctor Fate!? There's a lot of set up to something greater in the background.
Plush #1 - Forced relationships, corrupt cops, and cannibalistic furries? Everything under sun and moon is out for our boy Devin! In a attempt to get a break from reality, his best bud Levi suggested they go out to a fur party. This was only the start of his horrible night as he's drugged and left stumbling around alone in an alleyway. In that dark corner of town a domino effect ruined his life as he knows it. Plush is a nice start to a train wreck you can't look away from. Seeing Devin deal with so much can be a lot, but man is it great seeing where this all goes. Give this one a read if you want something more wild and weird!
Lovesick #2 - Oh how I waited so long for this second issue to hit the shelves. Last time we visited Lovesick there was a lot of intense content. Crude texts in the chatrooms and rumors behind red rooms. There is a lot going on and this time around we are going full-on degenerate! There's no overarching main character in this series but I really find Domino to be a really cool character. Not like we have any other named characters to work with, but I kind of like how we see the perspectives from just some regular people. The things that transpire in this issue alone are batshit insane. Since it's more or less the real meat of the story so far I won't get too into it, but I find it a little weird seeing another gory scene involving furries. Give this one a shot if you are into dark web style horror!