November 25th, 2020

J.R.'s Picks:

Monstress Talk-Stories #1 – After the crazy climax of its latest arc, the newest offering from Monstress offers some flashback stories on the lighter side of things. The battle hit Ravenna extremely hard, so Maika visits Kippa in the kitchens to check on her. While cooking, Kippa inadvertently asks Maika what her favorite meal was which is hilarious considering Maika’s driven to cannibalism because her demon friend. Kippa then tell her a story of her youth while growing up in the camps. It’s one of her family which somehow manages to be heartwarming and heartbreaking all at once, showing off Marjorie Liu’s storytelling power once again.
The Department of Truth #3 – This issue is essentially a take down of Alex Jones and all the filth who listen to his words and I’m super hear for it. A mother tries desperately to ignore the masses outside calling her a liar after her son is killed in a school shooting. It is beat for beat the same story after many other shootings we’ve seen were called false flag attacks by right wing media. There’s even clips of an Alex Jones-esque man screaming about the conspiracy. Unfortunately in this comic universe, conspiracy theories have the ability to become real and this book details how such a horrific thing can happen in this world. Incredibly well done and researched, Tynion shot for the stars with this one and hit them.
Scumbag #2 – This book is absolutely hilarious and shouldn’t be missed if you’re looking for a good time. Ernie returns back to his favorite bar after injecting himself with the special spy serum, unknowingly giving him the power to save the city. Sister Mary, a total bad ass spy, busts in at that moment to explain the situation to Ernie and make him an offer he can’t refuse to do it: a Hunter S. Thompkins style briefcase full of drugs. The two go in search of the leader of Scorpionus, who’s seeking to blow up the city with a gold bomb while his Nazi-like goons chant, “Death To Beta Cucks!” It’s a wild book for wild times so get the first two while you still can.
Colonel Weird Cosmagog #2 – Lemire can’t stop/won’t stop tearing it up with these Black Hammer books. The continuity of Colonel Weird’s life continues to be super jumbled without an explanation as to why just yet. We see him at various different points in this one: being bullied by kids down by the river, fighting aliens in an alternate dimension while on coms to Houston, waking up in a corn field surrounded by crop circles, waking up next to his love and fighting a Glactus-sized supervillain threat. It’s beautifully woven together while asking the same question: why hasn’t he seen his death? The answer’s probably not going to be good for Colonel Weird but we’re going to have to read on to find out.

Diarra's Picks:

I Walk With Monsters #1 - Jacey and David are on a mission to find a very important man. The only problem is they don’t know his name, but Jacey knows she will never forget his face. The face of the man who has her brother, Jake. Once you get a glimpse into Jacey’s childhood you understand why she might've block some things out. Jacey and David travel as a father daughter duo, although David isn’t the man Jacey grew up with. All we know is they bro around going all “Hard Candy” on a bunch of horrible people while they continue their search. Oh, did I mention David is a werewolf? Yeah, a pedophile eating this book.
Kaiju Score #1 - A crew has been assembled, and they are given the details of their next heist. Blackie Mendoza is the seedy, financial backer of the job. While he won’t be playing and active role, his muscle man, Pierson, will be there to make sure his investment is secured. Next, there’s Palmiero, who wants desperately to prove himself after a string of bad luck. Gina (“Gina”) is well known for her stunning looks and amazing safe cracking skills, and a key member to the crew. Finally, we have Marco, the brains behind this whole operation. Marco is known for having elaborate heist plans that never go as intended. This time Marco wants to hit a heavily guarded museum when the city is evacuated for Kaiju (a Godzilla-like creature). The crew thinks he is nuts, but once he tells them the score they are back in. Maybe this will be the heist that changes this band of misfit’s reputation in the crime world.
The Other History of the DC Universe #1 - This issue follows Jefferson Pierce from 1972-1995, on his journey to become Black Lightning. You see, Pierce was a hero before he ever put on a costume. Teaching and mentoring at Carver High School, while giving the youth a positive role model. Despite his good work, gang violence riddled his community, and when his students started getting hurt he know he had to do more. There were other, more experienced heroes but Superman and the Justice League weren’t doing anything about problems in his neighborhood. This was an awesome abridgment of the Black Lightning story from his point of view. Giving you Pierce’s perspective not only as a black man, but a black hero, and the struggles that came with both.


Stone's Picks:

Kaiju Score #1 - There's no better time to pull of a heist than when the world is inhabited by giant monsters. When a bunch of down-on-their-luck criminals can’t find any work their only choice is to take a job that nobody else wants. When they meet up, they learn that the job is to rob an art museum that holds a piece of art worth 30 to 50 million dollars. Normally it would be impossible, but with the Kaiju heading to shore, mandatory evacuations are required. This leaves the museum with minimal security, and the perfect time for the criminals to strike.
The Witcher: Fading Memories #1 - Geralt of Rivia finds himself in the land of Poviss. What’s a monster hunter to do without any monsters around? Coin is all that matters to a Witcher, so if there are no monsters to kill then taking up some manual labor will have to suffice. Geralt joins a man on the high sea to engage in some fishing. Simple times don’t last long though as the town of Badriene is falling prey to a group of Foglets, and the mayor requests Geralt's help.
Batman: White Knight presents Harley Quinn #2 - Harley starts her search for the newest criminal by going to a familiar spot that is now occupied by the Neo Joker. After acquiring information related to her target, she leaves and takes a trip down memory lane, reminiscing of happier times with Jack before he was turned into Joker. Harley reveals how she made a mistake in the past and that it could have been the catalyst for the Joker's creation. Harley teams up with a man named Quimby and they begin to figure out who this killer might be. Meanwhile the killer strikes again and not even the Gray Ghost can stop them!