November 24th, 2021

Caroline's Picks:

Joy Operations #1 - The first thing that grabbed me with this series is the main character Joy, she’s a much older woman who is still at the peak of her game and this was a welcome change of pace from the standard in comics. The next is just how high tech this world Joy lives in is, she’s got jumping boots and a retinal screen that pops up at a moment's notice! With all this gear you think she’s gotta be up to something but before we can find out what she’s attacked by a giant floating cloud called a ‘Gerxhart’. Insert a badass fight sequence later and Joy is finally forced to acknowledge Hampton aka the voice in her head. He’s been sent by his superiors to aid/convince Joy in taking down her boss, ‘the world's most’ everything. She’s been planning on building a new trust, one that will make all the rest obsolete and she’s more than willing to risk a few lives to get there. Unless Hampton can convince Joy can do something about it.
Hawkeye Kate Bishop #1 - A perfectly timed release with the new Disney+ Hawkeye series coming out. This issue is an easy entrance to the character, you don’t need to know anything about Kate Bishop other than this series is set in the Marvel universe and that she’s the new (best) Hawkeye to jump right in! Starting up with some fast paced action Kate is more than happy to dig into her superhero work and distract herself from her friends nagging, just maybe next time she won’t forget to silence her cellphone. And after making quick work of some baddies Kate has convinced herself to move back home to New York, but being Kate she’s going to get some work done along the way. As is standard for heroes, what Kate thought was going to be a case turned trap actually turns into the most shocking family reunion she never wanted.
Good Boy #1 - A dark and gritty story about the loss of a life partner and the lengths one is willing to go to to honor their memory. The opposite of how Stray Dogs made me feel this story right off the bat lets you know it isn’t cute and sweet but that the reader should be ready for anything. Flint is grieving after he lost his human, well more like Jon was taken from him violently and without hesitation. After Jon's brutal murder Flint vows to get revenge on those who hurt him, those who just so happen to be keeping an eye on him as he speaks. The secret base Flint has is probably my favorite part of the issue as well as adding in some background information we wouldn’t have otherwise gotten without a very lengthy flashback. So after a quick reup of supplies our boy is off to get his revenge, should be easy right? And that fourth wall break at the end really has me hoping the writer will be keeping the audience on their toes.
House of Slaughter #2 - Aaron has caught up to Jace, and though Jace seems unfazed by these events Aaron is brought right back to his younger self still stuck back where he and Jace were before things changed for them. Aarons memories bring us back to the night of the Gathering of a Thousand Eyes where the entire order joins together in recognition of the Oaths that bind them. This year is different though, the stranger Jace has thrown a slight wrench into the regular order of things and an untethering is needed. This is the moment that Jace officially frees himself of his old house and chooses to become a member of the House of Slaughter. That can only happen though if Jace is strong enough to once again face his monster and defeat it in front of the entire house, but we all already know what's going to happen. The real question for this story is what happens when Aaron finally faces his monster from his past.

Diarra's Picks:

Black Panther #1 - Black Panther is starting anew and T’Challa is handling his role as king a little differently. T’Challa has been spread pretty thin between ruling Wakanda and working with the Avengers, so Wakanda has adopted a parliamentary government. While it was intended to take some of the weight off the King’s shoulders, he just feels left out of decision making. T’Challa agreed to this change but still had a contingency in the form of sleeper soldiers spread around the globe. When two of this soldiers are attacked T’Challa knows his secret is out, but who could be behind this? Not even Shuri knows but our King needs help from those closest to him more than ever. He even defaults on commitments made to the Avengers (to Captain America’s dismay) because this must get his full attention. As T’Challa sets out to get to the bottom of this we get a teaser on the obstacles he will face. From X-Men friends to loyal Wakandians, looks like Black Panther will be crossing many close to him in order to get the answers he seeks.
Hawkeye: Kate Bishop #1 - With the new Disney show, there has been a lot of Hawkeye hype and if you are enjoying that or the Matt Fraction run, this will be right up your alley! Kate is wrapping up her time on the West Coast, but she has to make a stop before she heads home. She recently received an invited to a swanky resort, and decides to treat herself to some R&R. Kate knows the chances this isn’t a trap are slim, but maybe she can get a couple laps around the pool before the gun fight. Upon arrival she quickly figures out who invited her here, and it was the last person she expected. Despite their estranged relationship, they need help cracking a case and Kate rarely turns that down. You see, weird things have been happening at this spa and they think it goes all the way to the top! Kate Bishop makes it clear to folks around she is on the case, but that doesn’t to bother the powers at be one bit.
Grrl Scouts #1 - If you’ve read previous Grrl Scout arcs you know the trouble these gals can get in, and if you haven’t here is a great place to start. After the recent loss of the love of her life, Dio decides to get far away, but traveling the galaxy alone isn’t recommended. So she hires Turtleneck Jones the bounty hunter whose reviews are…mixed. But she trusts his work and before they shove off, Dio shares goodbyes and a cocktail with her good friend Gordi. Turns out some bad folks are after Dio and they kidnap Gordi’s family so he will put a tracker on/betray his good friend. He does, but things don’t go as Gordi expects and now they have caught up with Dio and Turtleneck Jones. They are out manned and out gunned, but Turtleneck makes is clear he never lets down a client…then he shoots himself in the head. Don’t worry, that’s all apart of the plan!

Stone's Picks:

Hulk #1 - Donny Cates and Ryan Ottley are smashing the notion on Hulk's purpose for existing. For too long Bruce Banner has had to sit shotgun when the big guy takes control. The consequences of what transpire when giving into the Hulk fall to him. When the world needs something smashed, he’s the one who gets the call. In Banner's eyes, he’s less valuable then the Monster he tries so hard to surprise. NO MORE! Banner is tired of receiving the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde treatment. Through whatever means he acquired, Dr. Banner has successfully taken control of the Hulk and controls him from his mind palace. Now, the Marvel universe is going to find out that the biggest threat wasn’t the Hulk, but Banner all along!
Good Boy #1 - Man's best friend is let off the leash to avenge the death of the man in whom he found complete companionship. Seriously, it’s just John Wick but John got killed and the dog becomes the badass. Just from the cover, that’s what I thought they were spoofing, but I wasn’t thinking it would be literally the same story but in reverse. That doesn’t mean you should pass on this book however because it was awesome. There’s a moment in the book that sets it self up for a comedic moment but since this isn’t a comedy it wouldn’t have fit. It would have been hilarious if that cashier had to leave, prompting another employee to take over only for them to get their top blown back due to an overly ambitious canine.
Hawkeye: Kate Bishop #1 - like most Marvel shows these days you can get caught up on Ms. Bishop before she makes her small screen debut in the Hawkeye show with this awesome 1st issue. Kate is leaving the west coast and headed back to her roots in New York. She’s a private investigator now, and her newest client is her estranged sister. While this could be a jumping on point for the character, there is still a good amount of history thrown around that long time fans will be sure to enjoy. Some pages get to be a little dialogue heavy but for someone who hasn’t read much of Kate, the info was welcomed. Can’t wait to see what the creative team has in store for Kate!