November 11th, 2020

J.R's Picks:

We Only Find Them When They’re Dead #3 – Ewing’s incredible sci-fi effort picks up again this week with another fantastic issue. This time we get a little more insight into the person with the biggest grudge against Captain Malik, Officer Richter. It seems that she was the reason Malik’s parents died, with her ship crashing into theirs. She wants revenge as she sees it as their fault she was in traction for so long. So when Captain Malik drives his ship into the far reaches of space, she follows suit. He has an idea on how to lose her which involves circling around a dead god-being they find when they fall out of hyperdrive. Not even that is as it seems though with this one ending on such a spectacular cliffhanger that I wish the next issue was in my hands NOW. You’re not gonna find a better sci-fi book than this at the moment.
Hellboy and The B.P.R.D.: The Seven Wives Club – The Mignolaverse coupled with Adam Hughes’s art is something I wish happened way more often. Spooky perfection. In the 1920s, a man named Walter Wakeman locked his seven girlfriends in a room, set it on fire and then hung himself. In 1992, a young woman and her boyfriend went into that same house to scope out ghosts. When the boyfriend a is possessed by the specter of Wakeman, the young woman instinctively shoots him in the head seeing the ghost. Now it’s up to Hellboy and Agent Pauline Raskin to prove the paranormal in said house and clear her name. This one definitely stands up with some of the best Hellboy shorts ever and personally, I hope we see a lot more of Agent Raskin in future stories as she’s just plain awesome.
Taskmaster #1 – A surprisingly hilarious first issue with a ton of witty uses for Taskmaster’s power set and how to visualize it in a book. The story starts with Taskmaster being hired to play in a celebrity golf tournament seeing as he can copy the golf prowess of every known pro player. Perfection. Things turn sideways though as a gunman kills his client and tries their best to kill Tasky too. On the run with just a golf cart and the course’s archery course to protect him, Taskmaster gets a call from a mysterious stranger. Turns out a major player in the espionage world has been taken out with Taskmaster framed for the job. Lucky they say they’ll help him and it’s someone y’all might know. A quality first that’s going places.
Iron Man #3 – Cantwell has done such a good job this past year deconstructing the character of Doctor Doom that it should come as no surprise that he’s absolutely killing it with Tony Stark. That being said, I think Hellcat a.k.a. Patsy Walker is quickly becoming the star of this series. Stark feels frustrated with what he views as underappreciation for his do-gooding. All this comes to a head when he arrives home one night to find that Melter melted one of his cars. He socks and then does something wild: flies him up and drops him, catching him at the last second. Patsy does the friend thing and tells Tony to grow the hell up before the chip on his shoulder actually kills someone. They fly to Oklahoma to check on Tony’s latest investment where things get kicked up a notch. Jump into this series now for a classically good time.

Diarra's Picks:

Scarenthood #1 - Cormac has recently enrolled his daughter in daycare, and is still learning the lay of the land. The parents huddle together in the waiting area, making awkward small talk until their children are released. That’s where Cormac meets Flynno, Sinead, and Jen. The relationship starts off rocky but the four parents find themselves sans kids, and decide to play a bit of truth or dare. There has been spooky legend around the school after a boy climbed under the auditorium stage and never came out. Turns out that was Flynno’s brother, and being in the school is just too much for him. The others want to put the mystery to bed, and egg Cormac into taking a trip under the stage. He doesn’t find anything too interesting, but he loses 10 hours and of the day! Strange things continue to happen and the four decide to get to the bottom of this. I mean come on, the terrible twos are bad enough without adding ghouls! (Highly recommend if you like reading in an accent!)
Miskatonic #1 - This 1920s set true crime really covers the shittiness of the times. Agent Keller was about to get fired from the FBI for having a vagina, but she catches a glimpse of light through that glass ceiling. Fearing being stuck behind a desk, Keller shows her boss what she’s been working on. He is impressed (or just doesn’t want bears in the office) and assigns her a secret mission in Miskatonic Valley. Keller meets with her contact, Malone, upon arrival to investigate a recent bombing (a bombing the FBI doesn’t want public). The agents try to blend in, but it’s a tad difficult since years ago a plague “colored” all the residents green. As soon as they start digging, Keller and Malone know there is more to this case. I’m talking klansman, I’m talking Shape of Water fish people (and yes they fuck), if you’re looking for some Lovecraftian ‘ish, you’ve found it.
Iron Man #3 - Tony Stark has decided to treat himself to some humble pie. After being brought back to life, Tony has a whole new appreciation for it. He sells his company and decides to live in a more modest fashion. He recruits Hellcat’s help with his new life since she knows the feeling of being resurrected. What’s really bugging Tony is an issue he faced before, and that’s the simple fact, you can’t please them all. The internet has really been digging into Ironman, and even new “people person” Tony is over it. As disappointed as he is in the public, Tony hasn’t given up on them and decides to use a what he has left of his fortune to fund a sustainable energy project that harvests lightning. Hopefully that doesn’t back fire in his face...

Stone's Picks:

Punchline #1 – In the aftermath of the Joker War, Punchline is preparing to stand trial. But is she a culprit of the crimes committed or the victim? Only the expert testimony from Dr. Leslie Thompkins will decide whether Punchline is fit to stand trial. In the midst of all this, a podcast surfaces that was created by Punchline detailing her experience. From her first meeting with the Joker to the locations she has visited that were the spots for some of the Joker's staple moments. As the podcast gains traction with the citizens of Gotham and beyond, will the court of public opinion be what sets Punchline free?
Taskmaster #1 – Looking for a Bastard? Call Taskmaster! The full time mercenary, part time henchman instructor is available for industrial espionage, muscle work, bodyguarding - anything it takes to keep a roof over one’s head. And those custom threads don’t come cheap, either. So, if it means he has to drop as low as playing golf, he will. But while Taskmaster is aiming for a hole-in-one, another party is aiming for Taskmaster. What could Taskmaster have done to get himself set in the crosshairs of a killer? Killing Maria Hill sure would do it.
Power Rangers #1 – The Omega Rangers warn the Power Rangers about the Empyreals. Beings with immense power who can destroy an entire planet. Even Zordon has no knowledge of what these things are. The Omega Rangers feel like the only way to get ahead of this situation is to get Drakkon to help them since he seems to be the only one with some knowledge of the Empyreals. The risk of letting Drakkon free is to great a risk, so Zordon nixes that as a plan of action. As a new threat rises that even has the great Drakkon running for the hills, maybe its time for Zordon's words to go unheeded.