November 10th, 2021

Caroline's Picks:

Robin & Batman #1 - Well I certainly was not expecting to enjoy a book written from a teenage boy's point of view but here we are. The art style that Dustin Nguyen works in makes this DC book feel like another indie, this actually works in the book's favor by taking you away from your preconceived ideas of what this world and characters look like and letting you take in a fresh new version of them. Jeff Lemire once again writes an enticing and deep first issue that lets you connect with his characters and invest in them in such a short period of time. Young Dick just wants to prove himself capable and ready to go on missions but Bruce still thinks he’s too young and unprepared. Bruce feels Dick needs to be stronger both mentally and physically before he can join him by his side but after a disappointing display Bruce is reconsidering the deal they made all together. But Dick is still a young boy and he’s not interested in living by Bruce’s rules, he’s ready to prove himself and do whatever it takes.
A Righteous Thirst for Vengeance Issue #2 - Another casual day in the life of a killer for hire. First we come home and think about what we saw when we went to our last job, then we sign up for the next. But what happens when two killers accept the job and big boss man says they've gotta work together? I'm really loving the lack of text in this series, I'm a massive fan of the 'show me don't tell me' method for storytelling when it comes to comics and the fact that Araujo is doing the heavy lifting for this series makes me so happy. The pacing is so well done for the book and even though there isn't much text there is still plenty of information on the page that you aren't going to zip right through this book without getting anything from it. Another series I'm looking forward to the monthly releases on!
Regarding the Matter of Oswald’s Body Issue #1 -. If you’ve got a Department of Truth shaped hole in your life right now then this is the book you didn’t know you’ve been waiting for. This series focuses on Lee Harvey Oswald and the conspiracy that he was never killed and a double was murdered and buried in his place. No one can pinpoint where it started but it doesn't matter because his body is being exhumed and the circus has only just begun. The world is about to learn if he really did die that day, and if he didn’t then what else could be true? And if he is alive, where is Lee and what has he been up to? But the real conspiracy is about our secret man in the trench coat and all of the people he has been collecting for his team. After all, conspiracies don’t just begin with one man but many.
My Date With Monsters Issue #1 - Monsters from our nightmares are real. A few years ago when the government attempted to create a way to weaponize dreams to attack our enemies things broke bad, a rift was broken in the fabric of reality and now monsters can pass through whenever they like as long as you're asleep. Now people are required to take ‘blanket’ pills everyday to keep them safe from the nightmare monsters but sometimes people forget or intentionally skip, sometimes the pills don’t work so well on people. Now Risa, one of the original scientists on the weaponized dream project, is the only one who can save the world from their nightmares. She just has to fall in love, real true love, and of course the government is more than interested in helping her out.

Diarra's Picks:

What’s The Furthest Place From Here? #1 - The issue opens in a record store which is the home to a crew of teens. Based on the record selection, they are definitely in our universe but something has gone very wrong. Once you “grow up”, which I’m assuming is 18+, you aren’t allowed to live amongst children. These kids aren’t alone, there are other gangs of teens all around, but we still don’t know why adults aren’t allowed. A recent member of the group, Slug, left and was assumed dead, but here he is at their door. The only issue is Slug is an adult now and they risk retaliation from from other gangs if they let him in. Their friend is hurt so they risk it and Slug shares some pretty important info about the outside world before he dies. Weirdly Slug’s body disappears, but they still throw a funeral for him. While everyone is distracted and mourning, one of their members goes missing. I’m excited to learn more in the next issue! This is from the people who brought us 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank, so we know things are going to get intense for these kiddos!
Robin & Batman #1 - If you’ve read the sci-fi Defenders, you know Lemire and Nguyen make a great team. This story focuses on a young Dick Grayson, and what the early days of being Robin were like. Heck, when the story begins he isn’t even Robin yet, just a young boy who has to prove himself to not only Batman, but Bruce Wayne. Most stories depict Bruce raising his sons/partners with tough love, and this story isn’t any different. During Dick’s first mission he makes a couple mistakes and Batman benches him. Dick is pissed and decides he is going follow Batman on his next mission. Things go sideways and Robin runs into Killer Croc. Batman has to run to his rescue subsequently letting the bad guys escape. Now Dick’s in even hotter water, and he doesn’t trust Bruce just as much as Bruce doesn’t trust him. I don’t think Croc was ever going to hurt Dick, turns out he might know this little birdie.
Phenom X #1 - I’ve been craving a new indie comic featuring a hero of color AND written by that demographic, and who new John Leguizamo would be the one to deliver. There is a real world aspect that you can’t capture unless you’ve walked in those shoes, and this book highlights some real issues in the Latin X community (although I wish they paid closer attention to editing). Max Gomez is in prison serving time for a crime he didn’t commit, and after a recent denied appeal, feeling lower than ever. That’s when Agent Potter, a very Amanda Waller-esc character, comes in to offer Max a chance at freedom. I say chance but he doesn’t have much say in the matter. Potter has been on the hunt for Latin X candidates for human trials of a new meta human drug. Something about their genes plus a certain level of radiation they were exposed to growing up is the perfect combo to withstand the drug. Potter is desperate to make a new super human after a group of rogue cops took the drug and have been wrecking havoc. Now a wrongfully imprisoned man has the task of beating up dirty cops, what’s not to like?

Stone's Picks:

Alien #8 - The ship that contains the Weyland-Yutani corporate lawyers crash lands with no survivors. Jane knows what she saw but the others aren’t so easily persuaded. After a horrible incident befalls one of the members of the community, tunes begin to change and a hunt begins for whatever caused the mess. It seems like it took a while for this second issue of the new arc to come out, but that didn’t halt its momentum from the previous issue. I have a theory as to how/why all this is happening but there has yet to be any evidence to support it as of now. Things seem to be moving faster story wise than the previous arc and I don’t mind that because I’m primarily here to see the Xenomorphs wreck shop!
Batman Imposter #2 - There is a certain cinematic feel that comes along with this book. It almost seems like an appetizer for what we can expect from Robert Pattinson's new Batman film. The variant cover alone looked as if it could have been a movie poster. I’m sure the relationship between detective Wong and Bruce will end in Wong's death, as it’s mentioned that she basically has the exact same mission as Bruce. The events that forged her mission are very similar to Bruce’s own troubled past. That sets up her (possible) untimely demise propelling Bruce deeper into his crusade. Birds of a feather will flock together, I suppose. Great series. 
Venom #1 - After what occurred at the end of the previous Venom run, it’s still surprising to see it get crazier. With Eddie in his new position as the symbiote god, he's trying to clean up the wreckage left behind from Knull. The other half of the story focuses on Dylan and his feelings towards Eddie's abandonment of him. After what Donny cates was able to do, story-wise, it’s hard to imagine what the next level for Venom could be. It seems to be starting off fairly even with an engaging story following both characters. The fact that there seems to be another big threat so soon seems weird to me especially after how much Knull was built up, but you have to take the story somewhere so we will just have to wait and see!