May 8th, 2024

Rob's Picks:

Geiger #2 - The Ghost Machine relaunch of Geiger hits its stride in issue 2, which serves as a great showcase for this series' unique blend of superhero, western, and post-apocalypse genre tropes. With his new traveling companion, a former Nuclear Knight by the name of Nate, Geiger travels the wasteland chasing rumors of another glowing man who was cured of the radioactive affliction. This glimmer of hope combines with a sidekick who sees the heroic soul under his calloused exterior, challenging our hero's cynicism. The pair arrive in a dusty town seeking information, but Geiger's reputation and Nate’s past career make them unpopular with the locals. They’ll have to get their hands dirty to get out alive with what they’re after, testing Geiger’s shifting morality. A solid issue that evokes spaghetti westerns with its desert landscapes and moral examination of violence and the men who do it.

The Boy Wonder #1 - Damien Wayne takes on his many legacies in this fun and thoughtful book from writer/artist Juni Ba. Batman has taken on several wards who have fought beside him, but of all who wore the mantle of Robin, his own son Damien has proven to be the most challenging. Raised in the League of Assassins as the heir to Ra’s al Ghul, Damien Wayne received an education in fear and death. He has all the skills required to battle crime in Gotham, but none of his fathers restraint or compassion. This has often put him at odds with Bruce and the rest of the Bat family, making his tenure as Robin an exciting challenge to the Batman status quo. This issue begins by retelling Damiens origins and awkward early days as Robin. Juni writes him as a realistically complicated young adult; prideful, easily slighted, desperate for his fathers approval, jealous of his adopted siblings, and acutely aware of his status as the odd one out. When rumors of a demon stalking the streets begin, Damien strikes out on his own on a mission to prove himself. This book is working on all levels, written and presented in a way that is accessible for a young audience, but with more than enough depth and heart to satisfy adult readers.

Dracula: Bloodhunt #1 - What a time for vampires in the Marvel universe. We just wrapped up a fantastic ten issue arc for Blade, leading into the epic crisis that is Blood Hunt. Marvel has wisely brought Danny Lore, writer of Bloodline: Daughter of Blade, back for this event, bringing the same sharp dialogue and tight plotting. The whole world is going dark and vampires are running amok. Surprisingly, the world's most famous blood sucker and ruler of the vampire country Vampyrsk, isn’t involved. He doesn’t even know who is, so Dracula leaves his tomb to learn the truth and put a stop to the Sun Death, because no vampire is going to rule the world if it’s not him. With betrayal all around him, Dracula reaches out to a new ally; Brielle Brooks, daughter of Blade. Just as he needs an ally, Bloodline could use a mentor as the Sun Death has super-charged her powers. This issue was fast, fun, and dripping with blood, my favorite of the Blood Hunt titles to release this week.

Solomon's Picks:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Black, White, And Green #1

A fantastic anthology series for our favorite heroes in a half shell! There were three wonderful stories in this book, but the one that resonated with me the most was the first one, where we see Donnie in the middle of creating a new algorithm to help the turtles stop crime faster. Every story inside is noteworthy though, and the quality in storytelling is consistent throughout. The themes vary as well, so while one story may not be your cup of tea, the other two offer something you may be looking for. As most Black, White, And [Color] stories go, this is definitely geared towards fans who are already familiar with the characters/universe. With the success of the new movie, The Last Ronin Pt.2, a reboot with the comics and talks of a new game- the Turtles are going through a bit of a renaissance so this book has come at the perfect time as fans are constantly looking for new TMNT stories! Grab a copy today!

Ain’t No Grave #1

By Skottie Young and Jorge Corona comes an immaculate Western-Fantasy titled: ‘Ain’t No Grave’! This first issue did a wonderful job at immersing the reader in the opening pages, quickly setting up the characters, their motives, and what type of world this is. Our main heroine, Ridge Ryder, is an infamous gunslinger known for her merciless behavior and unmatched cunning. Years have passed since her outlaw days, and she peacefully lived away from it all with her family- until she has to deal with an issue she thought she had buried away. Not only does this book offer exceptional story-telling, it’s paired with jaw-droppingly gorgeous art and the colors (By Jean-Francois Beaulieu) take this book to another level. This was definitely a must-read and I am confident that anyone who reads this book will be a fan!

Deadpool #2

The next installment of Deadpool hit shelves this week and I am loving this story so far! Opening up a business to distract himself from his personal issues, Wade employs Taskmaster and Doug Siravanta to streamline the process. The trio works well in this issue, with hilarious exchanges and overlapping goals (money), this is a group I hope we can see more of as this story progresses. The other half of this book deals with Wade’s children, one of whom are taking matters into their own hands, hacking S.H.I.E.L.D tech and discovering a few hidden talents they didn’t know they possessed. All in all, I loved this issue and I have high hopes for the remainder of this run!