May 4th, 2022

Caroline's Picks:

Quests Aside #1 - ‘You all meet in the local tavern’, this is often the starting line for a hearty chunk of Dungeons and Dragons campaigns, there are so many jokes and memes based off this line yet it is forever a classic. This time however, we are staying at the local tavern. We see the lives of those who work there, the bartender and the locals and shopkeepers who come in regularly. Instead of being a simple stopping over point in the story it is the main event. It’s a nice balance of seeing what ‘real life’ running a tavern in this type of setting would be like, maintaining contracts with vendors, dealing with rowdy guests, and having an alternate dimension you use for your food storage pantry. There’s even a bard battle! But this story takes a little turn when the King shows up making demands of his old friend who runs the tavern.
Star Wars Obi-Wan #1 - May the 4th be with you! What a perfectly timed release for this new series, on Star Wars day and just a few weeks before the new show drops on Disney+. Personally I am so excited to finally have this much constant new Star Wars content in my life, and getting to explore two key points of Obi-Wan’s life at the same time via comics and live action series. And surprise, surprise they both start out on Tatooine.Obi-Wan has always had one tragic flaw, he is unable to leave a friend in need. Despite all his teaching and scoldings he still holds those close to him with the highest value, a constant since he was a young child. When his only friend decides she has to break the rules to save her own family, Obi-Wan is just a second behind her, refusing to leave someone important to him alone to face certain danger. But what happens when he ends up in more danger than her?
Spider-Man 2099: Exodus Alpha I’m one of those people who didn’t know much about this character until Into the Spider-verse and suddenly everyone I know is obsessed with him. And now, finally, he is getting the attention he deserves, a whole mini-series dedicated to the internet’s favorite spidey variant. (also has anyone else seen the live action rumors starting to float around again?) Set in the far future of Nueva York that is just as bold and bright as the one NYC we know, but this one is overrun with more crime and gang violence than ever before. The Cabal has scared the police into complete inaction and fear. Guess that means its up to Spidey once again to stop the terror they have planned for the earth (insert one massive elemental meteor shower here). Might it be time for him to team up with another classic character?
Metal Society #1 - Set in the distant future, 2420, where technology has vastly improved and robots are a completely normal part of society now. They’re so normal in fact there is an entire league of robot vs robot boxing, and now there's finally a human vs robot championship taking place. Humans have lived off Earth for decades now but they’re finally back. Genetically enhanced and ready to redeem her species, Rosa is going to put everything into her fight against Wol-421313, the fate and respect of humanity very well might depend on how she fares in this battle. Essentially wiped out from existence humans were only brought back to work for and serve the robots of the Earth, Rosa will have the weight of every human on the planet on her shoulders for the fight. Her memories of all her friends and loved ones burn bright in her might, and then the bell rings and the real fight begins.

Diarra's Picks:

Quest Aside #1 - If you are a fantasy fan, this is the new series for you! Barrow is a retired adventurer turned barkeep, and owner of the Quest Aside Tavern. The location is perfect for attracting travelers who are passing through, and the hospitality even convinces some to stay. From an exiled princess to an apprentice mage, Barrow has built quite a family, but he isn’t the only one who sees the value in the place. The King recently stopped by to order Barrow to close shop in order to make the tavern an outpost for the King’s army. We learn quickly, the King and Barrow were close in the past, but that doesn’t stop the King from demanding 30 days to vacate. Barrow isn’t ready to share this news with his crew. He is still hoping he can find away out of this, and he doesn’t want to reveal his shared past with the King.
Twig #1 - Skottie Young is back with this adorable tale! Today is Twig’s first day as the new Placeling! The Placeling is basically a journeyer who sets out to gain and share knowledge for their village. As you can imagine this a very important role, and this position is extra special to Twig because he inherited it when his father passed away. Twig is nervous, but with his trusty pal Splat on his shoulder, he heads off for his first adventure! The first stop is the Pathsayer’s home, this is where every Placing begins each journey to know where they must go next. Twig and Splat arrive to find the Pathsayer dead. Is our hero’s journey done before it could even begin? Looks like Twig is going to have make his own way!
Dogs of London #1 - If you are searching for some Peaky Blinders-esc shenanigans, look no further. The story starts off after WWI following the boys growing up in war torn London, and their growth into the hooligan gang members of Dogs of London! As you can imagine, there are shadey dealings, rival gangs, and all out brawls. The twist comes at the end. The former gang head is an old man now, whose taken his business down a more lawful path. He has kept his former life a secret from his elite friends, but when a former body dumping ground gets discovered, he might have to answer some questions…and the state of the bodies leave him with some questions of his own. I think this “then and now” flashback method will add a fun twist to this crime thriller!

Greg's Picks:

I just wanted to pop in here and say that not enough of you guys are reading Jim Rugg's AMAZING Hulk: Grand Design. It tells the complete Story of the Hulk from issue 1 until now, in super-condenses form. It's a cartooning tour de force from Rugg and the best Marvel comic of the year, hands down. If you buy it and hate it - bring it back and exchange  for something else! It's that good!