May 24th, 2023

Caroline's Picks:

The Expanse Dragon Tooth #2 - The crew of The Rocinante are finally back on solid ground. And they cannot wait to eat good, non-ration food, drink, and shower. But as if a tradition at this point James and Naomi are snatched up by those in charge while the rest are left to their own devices. Camnia and her second in command have some big questions they need answers. That little gift that was left for Naomi at the end of the first issue is causing some big problems for them, and they need to know if they can really trust Naomi, or if this is just bait to draw them out to action once again. And they aren’t the only one’s having trouble trusting their allies, as is per usual for Averasasl at this point, she seems to be getting herself deeper and deeper into trouble. This issue has me missing the TV series so much, it so easily flows in tone and matches the humor and small moments the series I love did so well.
Storm #1 - Storm is one of my favorite X-Men, I'm still counting the days until we see her again in live action. So when it was announced she was getting another mini-series centered on her I was eager to get my hands on the first issue. We join the X-Men in the middle of the action, Storm and her team are fighting back the brotherhood and showing us just how well they work together with her in charge. Their victory almost seems too easy, but there's definitely some tension between a few of their members. Mainly Story and Kitty Pride, the once best friends seem to be struggling to find their way through Storm's new leadership role. Hopefully their day off at the beach post victory can help them get back to normal, or closer at least. There's some good bonding moments and the classic X-Men hijinks humor, and then the clouds roll in. There's something big coming, something specially for Storm that she might not be able to fight her way out of.
City Boy #1 - The next new series in the AAPI We Are Legends line up is here from DC and it certainly did not disappoint. I think City Boy’s introductory issue might have been my favorite of them all so far. Cameron is a young kid just trying to get by at the end of the day in the city. He’s been alone for the last decade, even longer since his mom left, left to wander the city and keep out of the way to make it to the next day. A somewhat modern Aladdin, looking in all the right places for lost money and goods he can pawn to get a little cash to get to the next moment. Turns out the city was looking out for him all along, and 10 years ago the city chose him. When a mad scientist tried to turn the city into a superpower the city chose Cameron as its host. And since that day his life has managed to somehow get even stranger. Now he’s got a new found friend and a mob boss on his back, looking to add him to the crew. Find the things no one else can, the secrets only he seems to know that could make a man rich. Only problem is he isn’t the least bit interested in joining.
Daredevil & Echo #1 - Another very big first issue coming out this week! Marvel is absolutely starting its hype train for the new Echo Disney+ series and if you ask me it couldn’t come soon enough. Plus it's being written by Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas so you know it's gonna be a good time. There’s a killer loose in Hells Kitchen, two murders have already taken place and Daredevil wants to do everything he can from letting another happen. Turns out he’s already too late, a third body is found while Matt is on patrol, a scream so loud it distracts him from the heartbeat he was just listening to. And a smell that’s even stronger in his mind when he inspects the body has him heading to Echo for a reunion, and some sad news. This is all happening as we are seeing flashbacks to Hell Kitchen and Matt Murdock's ancestors 200 years ago. What seems like a little family history lesson slowly unravels itself to reveal that the monster Matt and Echo are hunting is the same one that his ancestor faced centuries ago. Somehow this entity has been let loose, it's stealing a literal pound of flesh from each of it victime, in what I can only assume is some sort of ritualistic sacrifice. Hopefully Daredevil and Echo can learn what their ancestors did with enough time to save the next 2 victims, or something much bigger and badder is headed their way.

Rob's Picks:

Daredevil & Echo #1 - Despite the passing of time and inexorable creep of gentrification, the bloody history of Hell’s Kitchen won’t stay buried. In a story that takes us from the present to the days when Daredevil's home turf earned it’s name, a brutal killer stalks the streets of New York. Matt Murdoch is already on the case when Echo arrives with the news that these murders serve an infernal purpose. Whatever this unknown evil is, Matt isn’t the first Murdoch to take it on and they’ll both need Echo’s help. Matters are only complicated further by the arrival of a stranger with startling powers. Does time wash away the sins of a city, or a man?
All Eight Eyes #2 - The cast and scope of this tale of Haves, Have Nots, and giant spiders expands. It’s been one month since Vin joined the ranks of the invisible people fighting to survive both the indifference of the city and predatory arachnids. Still under the wing of spider-slaying itinerant Reynolds, he’s found out that his fellow New Yorkers can turn a blind eye to monsters just as easily as they ignore the homeless. This makes their mission to find and destroy the source of the spiders all the more urgent. Meanwhile, city bureaucrat Christopher Godino works to further his political ambitions when a big dead bug gets dropped on his desk. Try as he might to dismiss it as an exotic pet or “fucked-up crab,” his shady dealings lead himself and Parks Department employee Dani Dominguez into the heart of spider country.
Green Arrow #2 - He might be lost on an alien world but Oliver Queen is still on the beat as Green Arrow, fighting crime and cleaning up the streets. After a close call with an alien gangster, his new partner Lain proves her worth by stepping up to save the day. On Earth, the rest of the Arrow family is on the warpath with Amanda Waller in their sights. As always, she’s not an easy person to find. Her new top agent Peacemaker (fresh from his appearance in the excellent Titans #1) isn’t hiding and is more than willing to go toe-to-toe with our heroes. This issue has heartfelt conversation, extraterrestrial bar fights, and plenty of charm. This series is shaping up to be one of the best outings in the new Dawn of DC.