May 18th, 2022

Caroline's Picks:

I Hate This Place #1 - Anyone getting a little deja-vu from the title? (I hate Fairyland?) Gabrielle has inherited a cattle ranch from her aunt in the middle of nowhere, and of course she thinks this is the universe telling her to take Trudy and kickstart a new life. Start a new life in the middle of nowhere, where a military base is nearby and weird things have been happening lately. Sounds nice, but it's probably also a good thing Trudy is a bit of a doomsday prepper. The ladies decide to take the rest of the day to settle into the house, unpack and rest, the tour can wait until they've rested. Things really get interesting in the middle of the night though, a few Moo’s isn’t anything too abnormal on a cattle farm but the ghosts that suddenly litter the property and the UFO beam-me-up Scotty style lighting might keep you awake if you aren’t careful. I guess that’s why there's a tape labeled ’ watch me’ in the safe room.
Batman/ Superman World’s Finest #3 - I love a good ‘pretend to be knocked out to catch the villain by surprise’ gag, apparently so does Superman. After handling their situation with speed Batman and Superman are off to try and save the other Supes currently being attacked. While the boys are handling things stateside the Doom Patrol is paying a visit to an old adversary to see if he can help them find the Tomb of Nezha. That might be hard considering the Immortal man has developed dementia and can’t seem to even remember who they are, but all they need is a few moments of clarity and a location. The moments in this story that mention the Kryptonians are weak against magic make me so happy, I feel like this is something often ignored in the comics and to see both Superman and Supergirl fight against magic wielders in this series and have to find creative ways to defeat their antagonists is such a good way to show how smart and quick on their feet our heroes really are. Unfortunately for them fast thinking might not be enough if they’re outnumbered by Nezha’s pawns
Han Solo & Chewbacca #2 - Poor Han is stuck working with his father AND Greedo, two of his least favorite beings in the universe. But all that matters is the payday at the end and getting Jabba off his back for the time being, so after he gets in a good punch he’ll shut up and pout about it but play nicely for now. The sassy Han in this series is an absolute joy to follow along with, perfectly sassy and unapologetic as he should be. He has no room for Greedo questioning him, fake or not his confidence is always unwavering and on full display, just like his father. Greedo however is not so confident especially when security changes and he’s faced with something he wasn't prepared to crack. Guess they’ll just have to do things Han’s way then and improvise, but that can only get them so far when the safe is empty and they have nowhere to run. Yeah Han really doesn’t like Greedo.
Marvel Voices Identity #1 - Marvel celebrates AAPI month with the new Marvel Voices Identity issue. Written and drawn by members of the AAPI community and focusing on those characters, this issue has a story for everyone to enjoy and gives characters we don’t always see in the spotlight a chance to shine. The main theme running through each of the stories seems to be strength; in yourself and others, and trusting those on your side to do what's right in the end. Despite their differences each of the teams ends up coming out on top and showing how they can each offer something different, even if it isn’t their powers being used to help. And if you’re craving for more from each of these characters then get excited because the Ms. Marvel show is right around the corner and we’re finally getting to see more of Mantis in the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Plus we all know that Phase 4 is really the Wong Phase!

Diarra's Picks:

Sammy Harkham’s: Blood of the Virgin - Move over prestige plus format, there is a new over sized comic book in town! SHQ always has something fun for us and after reading Crickets last month, I know Sammy Harkham will be serving up period piece realness. The story starts in 1915 Arizona, and Joe is living the lackluster life of a farmhand in pre-dust bowl America. Today starts like any other as Joe heads to the stables, but things get interesting when a fellow farmhand passed along his task for the day. They are shooting a movie on a near by farm and they need some horses for the film. Joe arrives on set and is in awe. Even though Joe isn’t very worldly, these are the early days of film and anyone would be excited to be in Joe’s shoes. These city slickers didn’t do too much stable work so Joe even got to be in few scenes as a horse back riding double! They get the shots they need and head back to LA, but not before leaving a lasting impression on Joe. He packs up and heads to LA, but even with the director’s info, it was hard to get a meeting. When hope seemed lost, Joe gets to speak to the director and is put to work on set design. From there Joe quickly climbs the ladder in the movie industry. They say when the gods wish to punish us, they answer our prayers. This is a story of dreams, betrayal, and the introspection of an old man as he reflects on the many days past and the few left.
Savage Avengers II #1 - The series isn’t technically dubbed “volume two”, but the first Savage Avengers book was in 2019 and this book continues in the same universe. The series about a bunch of antiheroes/misfits was a huge success, with tie-ins in X-Men (Conan taking over The Hellfire Mansion) and a surprise visit from Deadpool! But now besides Conan The Barbarian and Elekra, this is a whole new set of Savage Avengers! Events from the first run teleported Conan from the Hyborian Age to modern day and Deathlok has finally tracked him down in order to reset balance to the time line. Across town, Flash Thompson and Elektra break into a lab to snoop around, only to find a building full of dead scientists. They appeared to have died from snake venom poison, meaning who ever was in charge is finished making whatever they were working on…btw, what they were working on was a bomb to make everyone crazy. Fortunately for us, most of our Savage Avengers are either sociopaths or have wicked PTSD which makes them the perfect bunch to get to the bottom of this (trauma tolerance, who knew)! They put their differences aside, but Deathlok couldn’t give a shit about this time line and continues try to apprehend Conan. In attempts to save Conan, they are all teleported back to the Hyborian Age! You’ve already seen the crazy line up in the cover, this series is going to be awesome.
Duo #1 - Milestone Comics has been impressing us since their recent relaunch, but this will be the debut series for their Earth-M line! Greg Pak has made a name for himself in sci-fi storytelling, and this superhero origin story is definitely out of this world. Dr. Kelly Vu and Dr. David Kim are research partners working on nano technology that can repair organic matter. Have a broken leg? They inject you with nanobots and you’ll be walking out the office good as new! Well, that’s the goal but they can barely get a plant branch to grow back! They believe if someone were to pilot the bots entering the body they would be more successful, but they still need to test the theory and pitch this idea to a new investor. This investor has some concerns about the total access the ‘nanobot pilot’ would have over patients personal information, and tells the doctors he isn’t sure the good applications outweigh the risk of exploitation. They leave defeated, but turns out the investor has sinister motivations behind not wanting to heal the world. He sends a bunch of buff slender men to destroy their research and kill them. David is badly injured when Kelly finds him, and knows it’s now or never to try out the bots. They worked but needed too much of Kelly’s organic matter to help rebuild David so they are one person now! That’s right, one super strong person with two consciousness. I didn’t mention before they were also betrothed and now they are about to know everything about each other! I’m here for the rom-com style antics that are sure to ensue.
Fables #151 - Well, this was a nice surprise. Fables began in 2002 and when issue #150 hit shelves in 2015, we were all sure that was the finale. For those who haven’t read Fables, it’s a long running fantasy series that has inspired shows like Once Upon A Time. The general premise covers the goings on in a town occupied by fairytale characters, but their days weren’t all singing and frolicking. The Grim tales are just that, and these storybook characters faced their fair share of evil through the years. This issue picks up right after the last, and the people of Fabletown are trying to find a new place to call home. After a long journey, they think they’ve found the perfect location to rebuild. Things are finally starting to look up, but in a morgue across town, a dead woman isn’t taking this sitting down! Maybe this is just a celebration of the 20 year anniversary of the series, whatever the reason, I’m glad to have more Fables in my life!

K's Picks:

DUO #1 -  Do you like interesting concepts? A simple and digestible narrative, and a surprisingly cute and corny couple? Well look no further than the new series DUO, a nice beginning to what I hope to become fairly cool series! First off, I'm no expert on comics but there's a lot to unpack here and it's best to begin with what I really like. I've always loved the idea of characters fusing together. Individuals forming one sentient mass rule, so I was already a sucker for this origin and the many possibilities they could explore. The couple amassing and constructing thousands of nano-machines is so out there and I'm here for it! The color direction and choice for certain points really pop. This works especially well during the cloudy brain dream sequence. Honestly, what it's trying to do it does very well. Due has fun art and an interesting story so stop by and give it a read -  I'm giving the K seal of approval!