May 17th, 2023

Caroline's Picks:

The Vigil #1 - A big week of 1st issues for DC and this one is a part of the AAPI month celebration along with Spirit World and City Boy. The Vigil are a rag-tag team of people with genetic mutations and some science experiments done to amp their abilities up. They don’t really like being told what to do, or when or where to do it, by almost anyone. And their handler is about to retire from the game. Now it's his predecessor, Nia Saha’s, first day on the job and there's a shipping vessel captured by pirates currently taking the world by storm. Oh and the teams lost all government funding as of that morning as well, private money is all they’ve got, but Mr. Lightless seems to have more than enough to keep things going. Nia is learning rather fast on the job that things at The Vigil move at their own pace. They are the people in the shadows keeping the world safe without anyone knowing it. Sure they’re going to rescue the hostages, but they’ve got another agenda to attend to. If Nia sticks around she’s sure to see plenty more unique moments like that day's events in her life.
The Avengers #1 - After the events of the past few months like Judgment Day the Avengers are due for a nice shakeup to keep things fresh. So when the time comes for them to pick their new Chairperson: Captain Marvel is chosen as the right woman for the job. And she’s got some big ideas, no more are The Avengers to be super-powered cops but more along the lines of Firefighters. Their sole reason for existing is to save lives. Period. No politics or nation should be the ones deciding who gets saved or why. So she’s setting off to gather her troops. She has a good little convincing session with each of her new members, some requiring a little more convincing than others, and the new Avengers roster is set. Ms Marvel takes the lead rounded out by Iron Man, Thor, T'challa, Sam Wilson: Captain America, The Vision, and the Scarlet Witch round them out for a new team, each person intentionally chosen for their past and the checks and balances they will make for each other. Their first missions: Terminus. He’s attacking Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S headquarters and the Avengers have to get rid of a black hole creating bomb before it takes a massive chunk of the state with them. Time for them to prove they’ve got what it takes to save the world.
Titans #1 - The Justice League has fallen, now childhood friends and ex-Teen Titans are teaming up to be the new protective force for the world as ‘The Titans’. Personally I am the most excited for Starfire to be back in the spotlight, she’s always been a favorite of mine and I'm consistently wishing for more appearances from her. This iteration of heroes seems to be fun and excited to get to work. They’ve got a great established dynamic going into the series, relationships with each other have already been fleshed out by years of friendship and working together. So of course when their Day 1 debut as the new heroes in town starts with a crisis they’re already ready to kick some butt. And they’ve been working together in their downtime to learn new tricks, or in Beast Boy's case pick up some new alien transformations to try out. The surprise appearance towards the end was a nice little bit of fun to tie into the greater ongoing universe of the DC comics too. And each team member's response to being called on to ‘serve their nation’ was just too good, the little things that show each character's personality and priorities are truly front and center in this issue. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what sort of challenges the Titans will face in this series.
Cyborg #1 - Not only is Cyborg getting a part in the new Titans series debuting this week but he's also getting a solo mini-series that starts this week too! Victor may seem like he’s got the ideal life going to the public but on the inside he’s still a mess. He’s never made peace with the creation he has become. He understands why it had to happen but he’s never accepted it, or what his father did to him to save him. This issue serves as both a wonderful introduction to Victor as a character and his motivations behind why he acts hw he does. We are given a nice little run down of his early life and how he felt he never reached his fathers expectations, as well as a little bit of him beginning to understand just why he’s been holding onto that anger all these years. And now with his fathers death he’s facing all the years of pain and poor emotional management head on, he even starts going to therapy again. His Titans family is always there for him, and despite some influencer efforts he is still incredibly loved in his community. He just needs to start loving himself the same way. Maybe this short trip home will help him with that, maybe he’ll be able to reconnect with his deceased father in a way he never thought possible.


Rob's Picks:

Titans #1 - The Titans are teens no more. With the Justice League disbanded, their former proteges have become the DCU’s premier super team. In this new start from writer Tom Taylor the Titans are confident, capable adults, ready to step up and protect a world still in need of heroes. Nightwing is wasting no time getting (most) of the band back together and it is a pleasure to see just how far they’ve come as individuals and as a team. The relationship of Beast Boy and Raven is a particularly endearing highlight. If emotional growth isn’t your thing, this issue also features a battle with the giant ape Titano, a tense standoff with Peacemaker, and a Titan in deadly peril.
Guardians of the Galaxy #2 - After a strong start in issue 1, the new Guardians series from writers Kelly and Lanzig along with artists Walker and Hollingsworth only gets better. Rather than pick up where we left off, we’re taken back in time for more context on the conflicts at the heart of this story. The manifold territories are being torn apart by alien factions battling over the new element Mysterium. Peter Quill reaches out to an old friend to make a desperate play for peace only to find that time and circumstances can challenge old loyalties. While his plans implode, Gamora and Nebula improvise a profitable, but not so peaceful outcome. In a story built on conflicts both galactic and personal, Drax the Destroyer seems to be the only one at peace with himself. Pick this one up for all the action, comedy, character and heart you’ve come to expect from GotG.
Good Deeds #1 - This year's slate of great horror titles grows yet again with the addition of IDWs Good Deeds. Jean McKnight, a disgraced journalist haunted by the past, takes an assignment in St. Augustine, Florida. A puff piece about America’s oldest city isn’t Jean's idea of a hot scoop, but she’ll do what it takes to get back in her editor's good graces. She isn’t the only new face in an old town. Rebecca Rite and her daughter Cheyenne are the news residents of St. Augustine, making a fresh start by rehabbing a roadside diner. There is little southern hospitality to be found in these parts, Cheyenne finding her new peers especially uninviting. The stories of Jean and the Rites will certainly intersect after the horrific conclusion of this introductory issue. Writer Che Grayson takes her time setting the stage and creating an ominous foreboding, reinforced by the moody art of Kelsey Ramsey. A dark look at the tension between past and present.