March 9th, 2022

Caroline's Picks:

Captain Carter #1 - For those of you who enjoyed the What If? Disney+ series then this is the comic you’ve been waiting for. Much like the Captain America we all know, Captain Peggy Carter sacrificed her own life to the Arctic waters to save the world, now she’s been found; once a frozen Capsicle, now a living breathing woman once again. Of course once word gets out she's been found everyone is going to fight over ‘who she belongs to’, but not one to be controlled Captain Carter handles the situation in the matter those men understand best and then she’s off home! Home isn’t even remotely how she remembers it, not everything is bad though the new foods are great, the technology is a struggle for her though. After a few short months of settling in she finally meets the new Prime Minister, Harry Williams, who seems to have BIG plans for the old Captain, but for now he’s happy to return her shield. Sadly it looks like she’s already going to need it.
Naomi Season 2 #1 - If you are loving the new Naomi TV show and want much more of her in your life then look no further! Taking place right after the end of her first series coming off of her… chat with Black Adam. High school is already tough enough without everyone spreading rumors about your powers and seething with jealousy behind your back. A quick meeting with her therapist serves to catch the reader's up on everything that happened in the first series as well as letting us know where he current stresses lie: her relationship with her (adoptive) parents, more specifically her father. One quick chat with some friends later and she’s got her head back on straight-ish, but when one of them misses family dinner it time to suit up and head out.
Broken Eye #1 - It's 1970 and young Seamus is living a regular life just like the rest of us: working to pay the bills and avoiding all socialization he can in his free time, minus Church, always gotta make it to Church in Ireland. The most noticeable thing about Seamus are his eyes; one is a normal sea blue but the other is strikingly blue with a large and dangerous scar over top. A regular day of work takes an interesting turn when Seamus goes to save what appears to be someone drawing but instead it's just a severed hand floating in the water. A quick introduction to the local Judges office definitely lays the seeds for something deeper to be lurking beneath the surface. Back in church Seamus has a unique experience, his eye starts glowing, and he seems to space out for a moment. Nothing too out of the ordinary. But back home the severed hand waits for him, and we see that glow once again.
Han Solo & Chewbacca #1 - All these new Disney+ Star Wars have me wishing they'd bring back Han and Chewie, and if you’re anything like me then this new series is going to hit the spot. An appropriate start for the series in the ever broken Millennium Falcon, a little extra broken at the moment, and a just in the nick of time arrival is perfectly on par for those two. Perfectly sassy and overly confident in his skills, Han manages to get the crew out of a sticky situation and back to Tatooine safely, only a few more enemies made along the way. But how safe is working for Jabba really? After all, his next job for Han and Chewie is a special type of personal revenge, both the job and the partner he’s chosen to join them. And the little not to the movies, perfection. Next stop, Corellia; home of Han Solo.

Diarra's Picks:

Little Monsters #1 - The dream team behind the hit sci-fi run Descenders are back together again. Lemire and Nguyen have a knack for building complex stories around children. This time we have elementary school vampires! While that’s how they appear, they’re over a hundred and left to fend for themselves. Surviving on wildlife, they are sure there are no other people around (alive or undead). When they do their daily sun up round up, one of the group is missing and what a member finds when he goes searching may change everything!
Punisher #1 - We are all super excited to see a new Punisher run, and curious to how he got all mixed up with The Hand. After attacking him in his home as some psycho initiation, they make Frank an offer he can’t refuse. Frank’s always been plagued by the loss of his family, but dark magic can make anything possible. So he decides to hang up the skull and begin his training. He has always been bad ass, but Frank could use some practice with a sword. In the end, we learn why he chose to join The Hand, but what will it cost to get back what he lost?
Doctor Strange #1 - Steven Strange is dead, but before he died he passed the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme to his wife, Clea. They’ve first got hitched in 1988, but her being from the dark dimension and Dormammu’s niece probably drew a wedge between them. So don’t start crying “ugh, they made Doctor Strange a girl” because it’s canonical and it makes sense! Anywho, with Steven gone, Doctor Doom shows up to assume the title of Sorcerer Supreme but Clea isn’t having that. She sends him packing with his tail between his legs, but I’m sure that won’t be the last we’ll see if Victor. Clea is doing a good job in her new position, but she and Wong are devising a plan to bring Steven back!

Stone's Picks:

Spider-Gwen: Gwenverse #1 - Gwen Stacy can’t change the past and some don’t like the future she’s headed towards. She seems stuck disappointing those closest to her. Where most would wish to escape to somewhere else and leave their troubles behind, Gwen Stacy can make it happen. That is until some social media influencer-type called Finale decides to send her temporal profile through time, causing Gwen to get blown off course from traveling to our world, and changing hers. Now there are multiple timelines in which different versions of Gwen exist. The fact that the goal of the villain of this story is to become the ultimate meme is ridiculous, but in the world we live in today I suppose it shouldn’t be a shocker. Having things like the Terminal six instead of the Sinister Six, and Dr. Cephalopod as opposed to Dr. Octopus were the shining moments of this book to me. Even the alternate versions of Gwen should be interesting. 
Punisher #1 - Frank Castle unleashes the beast! Castle has been the most effective killer the Marvel Universe has spawned and now takes his place as leader of The Hand! Enticed by the ability to dish out more punishment in ways once incapable, Frank Castle will show us just how lethal he can be. I haven’t read any Punisher that didn’t feature Daredevil, but this was everything I would have expected to see In a Punisher comic. I stayed for the carnage, yet the story behind it also was interesting. Could there be more to Frank Castle than we once thought? I think fans of the Punisher and those trying to give the character a chance wouldn’t be disappointed with what Jason Aaron has produced.
Broken Eye #1 - In 1970's Liverpool, a dock worker named Seamus has the ability to see into the past after coming into contact with items associated with himself. Inadvertently, he finds a severed hand in the water that may put him in the middle of a criminal conspiracy. I can’t help but have this feeling that I’ve already experienced this concept before, but I just can’t put my finger on what it was. The art is nothing special, and the story has nuggets of interest but overall was meh.