March 3rd, 2021

J.R.'s Picks:

Demon Days X-Men #1 – Peach Momoko does the whole kit-and-kaboodle for this issue and man, she knocks it out of the park! This story contains character references to Psylocke, Hulk, Wolverine and Jubilee but takes place long ago when the Yokai of Japan traveled freely amongst humans. Sai a.k.a Psylocke is a traveling swordsman who stumbles upon a village with a big problem: a Yokai named Orochi that the villagers have nicknamed Venom has taken residence in their temple and has been eating villagers. Sai goes against the villagers’ wishes and contacts a red Oni who’s been taking their crops- a red oni named Hulkmaru. A fantastic elseworld take on the Marvel U that’s only going to get deeper come June!
BRZRKR #1 – A stellar new series from up and coming comic book writer…Keanu Reeves?? Not to mention he has back up from Matt Kindt! The first issue starts off in a familiar place for some: the classic Keanu meme of sitting on the bench but this time, he’s much angrier. The currently unnamed protagonist is picked up from there and flown to a warzone to capture a fleeing president. What ensues is some of the goriest and most brutal action you could hope to find betwixt two covers. Turns out the protagonist is immortal, unstoppable and berserker rages with the best of them. If you’re looking for a bloody good time, crack this one open for sure.
The Swamp Thing #1- After an excellent short series for Future State Swamp Thing, Ram V returns to the jolly, green giant but this time with a new avatar of the green! The story starts In the desert at the crime scene of a murder. As a CSI guy combs over the body, the grizzled sheriff’s deputy goes over a story of a soldier in the Civil War who never died and began to consume human flesh. It’s there the story cuts to our protagonist, Levi Kamei. On a plane to New York, Levi has a horrible vision of turning into the Swamp Thing and destroying the plane. It’s clear something’s awry in his head and things only get weirder for him that night. A great start to bigger things to come!
Dead Dog’s Bite #1 – An obscenely excellent indie book that reads like an episode of the Twilight Zone written by David Lynch. Opening with a strange narrator in a sky blue suit climbing out of a manhole, the book only gets weirder from there. Joe’s bet friend Mac has been missing for three days and though the town of Pendermills is sending out search parties and holding candlelit vigils, Joe doesn’t believe they’re doing enough. It doesn’t help that everyone in town seems a little off, from an overly charismatic mayor to a deputy who thinks pasting her picture to the backs of every milk carton will be enough to combat the issue. This mystery is only going to get deeper and weirder and I am so here for it.

Diarra's Picks:

Jonna and The Unpossible Monsters #1 - One year ago the world was turned upside down by the sudden appearance of monsters. Villages were destroyed and families torn apart. Although resources are scarce, folks are starting to settle into their new normal. Rainbow isn’t giving in so easily. When the monsters first attacked she was separated from her sister, Jonna, and has been searching for her ever since. Rainbow has had luck meeting kind strangers that have fed and sheltered her during her travels. They even try to convince Rainbow to stay, but she knows deep down her sister is out there somewhere. Luck strikes, and a new lead sends Rainbow off to Dewey Caverns. Hopefully she finds Jonna before the unpossible monsters do!
Dead Dog’s Bite #1 - The small town of Pendermills is turned upside down after the disappearance of 18 year old, local Cormac Guffin. Her face is pasted on milk cartons and the mayor hosts a candle light vigil in the town center. The local police don’t have many missing persons cases, and those closest to Cormac don’t think law enforcement is doing enough. Her best friend, Joe, decides she will have to conduct her own investigation. Joe and Cormac’s boyfriend go to the last place she was seen to hopefully find clues, but their alone time gets a bit...awkward. Joe’s mental health was unstable before her friend disappeared, but hopefully she can hold it together long enough to find some answers and Cormac.
BRZRKR #1 - Whew, this is an intense read. A very Keanu looking soldier is on an assassination mission, and you can’t help but think “what a fucking badass” as he tears through his enemies. Slowly you realize it’s something more than that...that he is something more. He continues unfazed by the damage done to his body, and completes the mission with half his skin melted off! So is this merely super strength and regeneration? When he returns to base we learn more about this super human as he learns more about himself!

Stone's Picks:

Nocterra #1 - A girl who is blinded by cataracts receives surgery so that she can see again. When she looked upon the world with her new sight, she was greeted with the darkness she had grown accustomed to. The Sun has been obscured by an endless night. 13 years later, that same girl is now a ferrymen, someone who transports anything to an from an outpost. In this new world, those that stay too long in the dark transform into horrible creatures called shades. She receives a job to transport an elderly man and his young compatriot to a supposed safe haven. It’s a long journey ahead and unbeknownst to them, they are being followed.
Suicide Squad #1 - Amanda Waller is tired. Tired of losing, and tired of having to constantly rebuild a squad that usually ends up getting killed before they reach their true potential. Operating under orders from the president, she sends Task Force X into Arkham Asylum to recover an inmate. Things start off smooth but take a turn when the inmate ends up killing a member of the squad. If that’s not bad enough, the entire facility is being flooded with a joker gas. While things fall apart for the Squad, Waller seeks to appoint a new leader for the team.
Crime Syndicate #1 - Earth-3 is reborn from the ashes of Death Metal. Ultraman reigns over Metropolis as its self proclaimed only salvation. Superwoman as the ambassador of Themyscira spends her time in Washington D.C. twisting the president's mind. Emerald Knight plays judge, jury, and executioner in the skies above Coast City. Owlman is snapping necks on the streets of Gotham. Quick and Atomica are busting up thugs in Central City. Everything’s going as normal. That is until Starro shows up to enslave super powered beings!?