March 2nd New Releases

Caroline's Picks:

She Hulk #2 - Jack is back! And to be honest he is not looking so good. After just poofing back into her life after he was presumed dead Jen definitely has some questions. After floating in space for some time Jack awoke in some type of containment chamber, and being not too big a fan of forced isolation Jack broke out and Jen was his first thought. But now that he’s free Jack needs a snack, for the first time in a long time Jack is craving human sustenance again. The scenes of Jen trying to keep up with his appetite feels like a superhero version of the bottomless pit teenage boy and the humor helps to break up the very serious tone that Jack uses to describe his recent past. There’s a million possibilities to where he’s been and why he doesn’t seem to be draining Jen of her radiation anymore but the thought of calling on any of the Avengers for help has Jack almost fearing for his life once again. But they might not be the worst thing out there looking for him.
Rogue Son #1 - New Orleans greatest defender just got wiped out and absolutely no one saw it coming. Now his families have to come to terms with his passing, both of them, even if they have no idea about who he really was. Dylan and his mother were the first family Marcus Bell ever had and after those relationships crumbled he remarried with Juliette and had another son, Brock, and daughter, Aurie. Shockingly Dylan and his mother are invited to the reading of Marcus’ last will and testament, expecting nothing out of this but a simple show and way to move on, instead everyone is surprised to learn that Marcus has left his most prized position to Dylan. He is to take the sun stone and become the next successor of the Rogue Sun mantle. Now it’s up to Dylan to figure out how to save the day.
Cowboy Bebop #2 - Honestly, each issue of this is like a new episode of the anime.I feel like the writers really got the tone and attitude of each of our gang, spot on. This week they’re still chasing after the man in the Quantum Vest, which leads them to Jupiter's moon Cyllene. What was thought to have been an abandoned planet due to an unstable atmosphere post terraforming failure turns out to be a thoroughly thriving planet! It definitely helps that the atmosphere is spewing out massive amounts of Nitrous Oxide and small traces of other chemicals, aka everyone is drunk all the time! Now the team is splitting up to have their own fun on the planet, but if they spend too much time without some clean air, well there's a really good chance they’re never going to go back to their old lives again. But does that really sound like them?
Strange #1 - The highly anticipated follow up to Death of Doctor Strange is here! It's pretty obvious by this point but Doctor Strange is dead, and his realm now needs a new Sorcerer Supreme to keep it safe; enter Clea. She's taken his name and now she takes up his mantle. It's now her job to protect two dimensions! Steven named her his successor to make sure that Victor Von Doom doesn't steal the title. Victor, learning of Strange's final death, arrives to try and claim what he sees as his, only to be thoroughly shot down by Clea in a wonderful, yet small, display of her power. With Wong by her side Clea decides it's time to start enacting her master plan: she wants to try and revive Steven Strange once again, after all she wants what is hers and no one is going to stop her. But before she gets ahead of herself, first a magical shopping trip!

Diarra's Picks:

What If: Miles Morales #1 - Marvel has been having some fun with these Miles Morales What Ifs. This issue Miles becomes Captain America. His dad works for a military research facility, and Uncle Aaron is still on his bullshit even in alternate dimensions. Uncle Aaron steals some of the super soldier serum for himself, but when Miles searches the fridge for a Fresca he finds that instead. Now with this new power he has great responsibility, but not everyone is happy for him. The next issue we get to see Miles become the Wolverine and I can’t wait!
Rogue Sun #1 - Dylan is your average angsty teenager. Being raised by his single mom, he has always harbored some resentment for his father. It isn’t until his father passes and he is invited to the will reading that he learns his father’s secret. He was the super hero Rogue Sun, and even though he remarried and has two other children he raised, he passed the mantle down to Dylan. This would be a lot for anyone to handle, but coupled with being a teen and not knowing his father at all, Dylan doesn’t know what to do. Besides helping people he knows he can make big bucks fighting crime, so as soon as the suit alerts him of a crime, he heads straight for it. Turns out, even in a super suit, fighting crime is hard AF, and Dylan’s first night out is mostly an embarrassment. We got to see Rogue Sun working with the heroes in Radiant Black, but now we get to see how it all started.
Nice House On The Lake #7 - Walter, the alien being who trapped everyone in the house, has now gone from watching to actively mingling with the gang. He is trying to convince everyone he wants to help them escape, but there seems to be sinister motives. Regardless of what the house members are saying, we can’t forget Walter’s ability to alter people’s emotions/memories. We see Walter erase the memory of someone after they ask a question he doesn’t like, which adds more mystery to his intentions. They just built a studio space to do all their escape planning, but is this also a trap? We have five more issues to find out if they ever make it out!

Stone's Picks:

Batman: Killing Time #1 - Yet another Batman comic to grace the new release shelf this week. The hardest working character in comics, ladies and gentleman! This story sees Batman thwarting a bank robbery that Killer Croc would use to finance an operation to help with his condition. Meanwhile, others such as Catwoman and Riddler tend to business of their own. I understand why it’s called killing time. The amount I lost flipping back and forth between pages to figure out where we were in the story left me annoyed. We go from one point in time to 2 hours in the past. then jump back to the present only to swap to another character who is doing something at a different time then the one we were just following. Ridiculous. The art was pleasant to look out and is my favorite thing about it.
Alien #10 - Weeks have passed since the events of last issue and the last of the alpha station survivors have been making there way towards beta station. The group finds that the station has been overrun, same as theirs, but that doesn’t stop Simon from running into the hive to find Sophie. What he discovers is the newest and possibly worst way a Xenomorph can kill you. Just plain disgusting. I’m curious to figure out how Jane has lasted so long after having been impregnated by the face hugger. Maybe something to do with her illness? I really like all these different versions of Xenomorphs they’ve been introducing. From the Alpha to these new nightmarish slug-like creatures there has been good variety with more crazy Xenomorph variants sure to come.
War for Earth-3 #1 - Fighting, Sex, a love triangle, and some fourth wall breaks ultimately make up this first issue. Amanda Waller has had this in the works for a while. She’s storming Earth-3 with her Suicide Squad and to usher in peace, she will have to get violent. What really did it for me was the Crime Syndicate. Specifically Ultraman, Superwoman, and Owlman's interactions with one another. If you didn’t read the Crime Syndicate limited series that came out last year definitely give it a read. There’s also a Knightfall homage between two characters that leaves one donning the other's armor, upgrading their menacing look. A fun read that doesn’t require you to have been reading Suicide Squad, but it wouldn’t hurt if you had been.