March 29th, 2023

Caroline's Picks:

The Ambassadors #1 - This first issue was a phenomenal start to the series that has me hooked and already wanting to know what happens next. Mark Millar starts off with a good bit of world building establishing that the world of this series is almost exactly like our own with one major difference. This universe has had a scientific race between the leading countries similar to the one in Marvel that lead to the creation of the Super Serum, in hopes of making superheroes real, and something we can make as many as we need whenever we need. But things definitely don’t go the way anyone planned. There's a secret base that popped up in the Antarctic, hiding among the ice caps, paid for by an eccentric billionaire, but the mind behind this place has been trapped in a solitary prison for the last five years. A South Korean woman named Doctor Chung, framed for fraud by her husband in an attempt to take her research and beat her to the creation of the first superhero, is back. She’s powered herself up and she’s ready to help the world. She isn’t asking for money or power. No, she wants to be the next Willy Wonka, she wants to give the ‘most altruistic people’ to create a team of 6 Ambassadors, a rescue squad she intends to save the world.
Unstoppable Doom Patrol #1 - The Doom Patrol is finally back headlining their own series once again! If you’ve been a fan of the TV series then the humor and overall tone of this issue are going to feel familiar and welcoming to you, and the old fans of Doom Patrol will be just as pleased to see their favorite found family back together to save the day once again. This series is going to see them running around and trying to help those people who have been affected by the events of the Lazarus Planet series. People's new found mutant powers are causing quite the commotion out in the world, and if they aren’t being killed by their own awakenings they are being studied for military research or hiding in fear hoping they aren’t next to be in the line of fire. The mutant awakening and subsequent treatment of those people with powers is very similar to how the X-Men are treated in Marvel or the Band Babies of the Milestone universe. With a new leader of the Doom Patrol and a second new member added to the roster it seems like there’s nothing this team isn’t prepared for. But there are lots of people with powers awakening out there, and they’re just one team, how much ground can they really cover, how many people do they really think they can save?
Indigo Children #1 - Five years ago something incredible and unexplainable happened. Now a journalist named Donovan Price is trying to uncover the secrets of the children like the one that manifested his powers that day. His source has been feeding him information on one of these specific children, a young man named Alexi. It all started when Donovan was sent a video file of a young Alexi, a renowned mathematics professor at his side, explaining that the reason he is so intelligent and advanced is due to his past life, his past life on Mars. He’s here on Earth to prevent the downfall of our world happening just like it did to his world. Or so he says. Since that video came though he’s thought of nothing else other than finding Alexi and uncovering the secrets he knows, and what exactly the Indigo Children are. But no one can start digging into Russian State secrets without executing a little resistance and an assassination attempt or two. The bigger surprise is who awaits Donovan in the town that is not a town, and he’s definitely going to need to call in a few more favors to make it out alive.
Saturday Morning Adventures: Dungeons & Dragons #1 - IDW is definitely trying to capitalize on the hype around the new D&D movie with this new series. It might be marketed as an all ages series but this was an issue that everyone can find a fun read to break up the week. This series gives off major Die vibes, but significantly less dark in tone, mixed with the new Jumanji movie. A team of six kids, 5 friends and one little brother, have started playing D&D together. But instead of just mentally being transported to new worlds they actually were, and in the bodies of their characters to boot. Now the kids are faced with the possibility of never returning to their real world and spending the rest of their lives in this new fantasyland they’ve found themselves in. And based on the recaps of the lives they’ve lived it doesn’t seem like too bad a trade off, high school isn’t nearly as fun as dungeons and dragons after all. But when evil finds them once again they’re presented with a chance, a new portal to someplace different. Should they take it or stay where they are and fight one more?

K's Picks:

Venom Lethal Protector #1 - The brain eating nemesis to Spider-Man is back and now it's everyone's problem! Eddie Brock is on the run. Civilians, villains, and most notably, heroes are at his back with only the intention to either detain or crush the symbiotic relationship. With an intense inner conflict between vengeance and fixing his now fractured life, Eddie is faced with a bevy of problems. More recently, we saw the now anti-hero caught up in a huge battle between Fury's men, led by the eccentric Silver Sable and a unknown super militia. In the midst of it all, Venom spots an old friend, Pablo, at front end of a rifle. This was a mistake as Pablo is now dangerously attempting to aid Venom in his recovery. The issue concludes with the teaser idea of Eddie joining Silver in the mercenary biz. So far, a wild issue and I'm excited to see what's next for the Lethal Protector!

Unstoppable Doom Patrol #1 - The Doom Patrol are back with a brand new story! It's so refreshing seeing this group of rejects and badasses giving it their all against the most insane villains in DC. We have two stories running parallel to one another. The main story following the team and the villainous counterpart following Braniac and Mallah. Doom's little adventure is set in the streets of Gotham, which in turn is terrorized by a being infected by the metagene caused by the Lazarus event. We're introduced to a new character to join the Patrol, a newcomer under the alias of Beast Girl. Not a whole lot is known about her but damn, is her power super exciting! Honestly, I'm super down for anything Doom Patrol, the team is the most realistic and I'm stoked to see what will come out of the new members and developments!
DC RWBY #2 - A new chapter begins in this new Grimm-infected Gotham! Super dope issue! We get a lot of revelations and cool little info dumps for the DC exclusives. I know this is a partly exposition, but wow they really break it down for the people who are unfamiliar with RWBY. I think that's my only gripe -  everything else is fantastic! The main center piece is the conflict at Arkham. Villains are taking Grimm and we get to see a nice reference to an earlier volume of RWBY with Nuckelavee. Check this one out if you're a fan of RWBY or the idea of Batman with a semblance interests you!