June 7th, 2023

Caroline's Picks:

Loki #1 - If you, like me, are starting to get a little impatient and excited for the next season of Loki then I highly suggest you pick this issue up. This new miniseries is looking like it is going to be yet another wild but fun adventure in the line of accidents Loki has created. The ship he created to withstand the force of the gods and lead his forces through Ragnarok has been broken. Two idiots tried to steal his ship back from Asgard after Loki decided it was a good idea to teach everyone to read. Now pieces of it have been spread across the Realms of Reality, slowly causing chaos and violence where they land. It's fun to see how Loki handles his new role as King while simultaneously wanting to be left alone and have no responsibilities. So far it looks like it isn’t going too well for him. Or his ship.
Fence Redemption #1 - Boom! Studios is bringing back the all ages favorite ‘Fence’ for a new issue that's debuting to celebrate Pride month! For those unfamiliar with the series, or those who it's been a bit since they last read the trades, there is a nice little summary on the first few pages to get you back up to speed and ready to join the Kings Row boys at the fancy summer training camp! This first issue is a fantastic reintroduction to the different members of the team, we get some insights into where they are all at mentally and emotionally and how this seems to be impacting their Fencing. They’ve all got their own inner battles they are fighting, though it may just be ‘high school drama’ to us the stakes could be more real for them. It's a fun read that really breaks up the reads this week and add something unique and joyful to the mix.
Steelworks #1 - Another new series out from DC! They have definitely been ramping up their production and offering a wide selection of new characters and types of stories for everyone to find something they like. This series takes place in Metropolis, showing us the coming together or Steel, and his company, and the Super family. And how they’re no longer necessary. Honestly this is giving me some strong Age of Ultron vibes. Steel wants to see his city and people protected, always, even if a Superhuman isn’t around to save the day. And eventually he hopes this safety can extend to everyone in the entire world. But when you want to give something to everyone, for free, there’s always going to be some collateral damage. Someone who disagrees with everything you stand for and will do anything to stop you from achieving your goals. For Steelworks that is Charles Walker III. He has big plans, potentially bigger than Steels, he just needs everyone else out of his way.
Star Wars Empire #1 - This one shot was such a unique addition to the expanded Star Wars universe. What I expected to focus more on the planet and the attempt to overtake Endor by the Empire turned out to be a solo story based on an unknown character with the single greatest tie into the main live action plot so far. We focus this issue on Rilo Grenth, a young technician whose family business was just taken over by the Empire. Now he’s been sent to Endor to help get their systems running smoothly so their business can be conducted in the expected flawless and expedition manner of the Empire. Of course, being the loyal servant to the Empire he is Rilo begins to focus less on interpersonal relationships and instead begin trying to move ahead and prove his worth. One accidental hologram later and he’s just hoping to stay alive and make it home. This one shot is absolutely worth the read for any Star Wars fan, expanded universe or live action.

Rob's Picks:

Steelworks #1 - John Henry Irons is back in a new Dawn of DC title. Steel has fought beside the Kryptonian defenders of Earth, but underneath his armor he is still a human being, not a demigod from space. In this first issue, from writer Michael freakin’ Dorn, John is on a new mission to show the people of Metropolis that they can be their own heroes. If there is one theme uniting all the Dawn of DC books it is heroes reckoning with legacy, either their own or that of superheroism itself. This is the first time we’ve been asked to consider mankind's relationship to that legacy. Dorn has a great ear for dialogue, these characters sound and feel like people with real, lived-in relationships.
Groot #2 - Things continue to heat up on Planet X. Mar-vell has come to the rescue of Groot and friends, but the situation remains dire. The men of the Kree Starforce are in over their heads and no closer to discovering the mysterious Spoilers. Worst of all they’re surrounded by gigantic fire-breathing chainsaw dinosaurs. How many times do I have to type “gigantic fire-breathing chainsaw dinosaurs” before you read this book? Lively and endearing art by Damian Couceiro makes this series one of Marvel's most charming
Hairball #3 - Anna declares war on Bestie the evil cat and things escalate quickly in the third issue of Hairball by Kindt and Jenkins. Day by day her obsession with Bestie grows and, as a series of violent vignettes unfold on her aunt's farm, she considers more unconventional means of cat disposal. Now that Anna is driving the story, the plot is moving fast without sacrificing the atmosphere of quiet tension. In the final pages of this issue, the story takes a left turn promising things will get even stranger from here.

Solomon's Picks:

TMNT VS Street Fighter #1 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs Street Fighter is here, and as the title suggests,  it has everyone’s favorite crime-fighting turtles going head to head against iconic Street Fighter characters. The story opens up with a 1v1 with Guile and Rafael doing whatever they could to overwhelm their foe, sparking a fitting rivalry between the two. After the turtles were informed of strange events occurring with numerous participants, the story has Chun-Li and Michelangelo share an absolutely hilarious moment. While this issue definitely didn’t provide anything that will leave you at the edge of your seat, if you’re a fan of both TMNT and Street Fighter like I am, you will definitely walk away with a smile on your face. I recommend giving this a peak if you haven’t already and I’m curious as to what the next issue will provide.
Feeder #1 - Feeder debuted this week with an amazing introduction to the world! The story follows a former action star turned bounty hunter named Lee Kidd. Opening up with him collecting money, we see much of his personality in the first few pages with him throwing people around, threatening, and doing anything else needed to intimidate those around him. The story has a very fierce tone that’s further complimented by a captivating art style which plays with the lighting when certain themes are referenced. Lee is a very intriguing character- impulsively snapping at people who reference his past in Hollywood or who treat him as an amusement park attraction. You see that over time, he grew uncomfortable with starring in the repetitive role famously known as “The Royal”. When he distanced himself from that role, he found himself alone; no help from the public, his family, or manager. His life is now spent hunting down whomever his manager demands, as long as he receives his undisclosed “Medicine”. For a first issue, this story had me extremely immersed and I can’t wait for the next issue to release. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for an enjoyable new story.
Batman #136 - Dawn Of DC Batman #136 is a very compelling issue. It sees Bruce Wayne returning to Gotham after the events of his multiversal adventure in an extremely injured state. In typical Bruce Wayne fashion, he rushes back into action despite the warnings from the rest of his comrades. He arrives at the door of an expanding criminal operation and swiftly handles one of the ring leaders. Leaving them injured but free is what Batman considers a warning to Gotham that he's returned. I love that we see into Bruce’s mind and his insecurities this issue. We see how deeply he loves those in his life, and how haunted he is at the idea of losing them, as well as these issues impacting how he preforms his duties as Batman. The final page of the story, showing the inside of Bruce’s mind was chilling to say the very least. I will definitely be keeping my eye on this run as it continues and I recommend you do the same!