June 12th, 2024

Rob's Picks:

Blood Hunt #3

The remains of the Avengers and their allies finally rally in the newest installment of this event series. Gathered in the home of Doctor Strange, the Avengers are joined by Dracula and Bloodline, just in time to help save one of their own from giving in to the vampire's curse. This issue features less blood-spattered action than the first two, taking more time to show the effect of these world-shaking events on our heroes. Dracula must overcome some well-earned suspicion before the team will hear his plan, one which depends on Bloodline, but the daughter of Blade might not be so willing when she learns what the King of the Vampires expects of her. Sam Wilson owns his role as Captain America by becoming a symbol of hope, preparing the world for a fight to turn the bloody tide. Blade and his Bloodcoven prepare the final catastrophic stage of his plan. This issue ratchets up the stakes and the tension for the Blood Hunt event, another solidly written book from Jed MacKay.

Heir of Apocalypse #1

The aftermath of the end of the fall of Krakoa begins! The epic events of X-Men #35 have left OG mutant Apocalypse reconsidering his legacy and unique relationship to mutantkind. Rather than trying to bring his children to heel as he’s been known to do, he’s decided to pass his crown to a worthy successor. To that end, mutants have been gathered for a test of their power and resolve. The contestants are many, with the likes of Gorgon, Cable, and Mister Sinister vying for the throne. Adedotun Akande (Akogun: Brutalizer of Gods) is a perfect writer for this title, nailing the epic grandiosity of Apocalypse. An intense reunion with a former horseman is a particular standout.

Batman: Gotham by Gaslight - The Kryptonian Age #1

One of DC’s best Elseworlds gets revisited in this sequel series from writer Andy Diggle (The Losers, Thief of Thieves) and artist Leandro Fernández (Torpedo 1972). On the western frontier, pioneers Jon and Martha Kent witness the fall of a green meteor and discover something incredible. Many years later in the gloomy eastern city of Gotham, an array of rogues are hunting for pieces of the emerald extraterrestrial rock. None are more determined than the widow Madam Selina Kyle. Her carefully orchestrated heist is complicated by the arrival of black-clad assassins and the infamous Batman. This book has expanded its scope beyond the original, incorporating a wider swath of DC lore. If you enjoyed the first 19th-century twist on Batman, you won’t be disappointed by this book.

Solomon's Picks:

Ain’t No Grave #2

The intense follow-up to this wild story has finally arrived! Picking up right where we left off, Ryder is still in pursuit of Death, though she is slowly and painfully learning that her goal, while a noble one, isn’t rare or unfounded. Anyone who has attempted this journey has died, and this issue quickly shows us why and how. Ryder is a walking target and it seems like just about every bandit on the planet wants their hands on her. She gets assistance from an unkempt stranger and a shadow-horse-creature-thing, and we see LOTS of gunslinging. Like, lots. The first issue wasn’t liberal with the violence at all, but this issue makes the previous look like a YA title, so it definitely comes highly recommended!

Into The Unbeing #1

By creators Zac Thompson, Hayden Sherman, and Jim Campbell comes Into The Unbeing, a well-written apocalyptic story about an Australian woman and a group known as S.I.N.E.W. They are some of the last remaining survivors of Earth and have recently made a jarring discovery. At the end of days, new land and life have sprouted, seemingly out of nowhere, and it’s this team's duty to investigate. The writing is top-notch and there are moments that you will pause to reflect on what’s being discussed. The art style is very simple, yet satisfying, and when things are getting intense, you realize that Sherman was a perfect choice for the illustrator. I was fairly impressed with this story and I’m hoping it only gets better from here! Pick it up today!

Lawful #1

A very unique fantasy story about a society cursed to follow the laws or be turned into beasts. This book quickly and seamlessly handles many topics at once, such as the morality behind enforcing legal systems, mental health (namely the clear parallels our main character has with conditions such as OCD), and more. The main character, Sung, has big aspirations of being a part of the Office Of The Champion, but in order to do so he must go through his adolescence without breaking the rules and then pass a grueling trial. This first issue spent much of its time world-building, but that didn’t stop it from being a great read! Excited for the future of this series!