July 7th, 2021

J.R.'s Picks:

X-Men #1 – While I’m sad to see Hickman’s run end, I’m overjoyed that he handed the keys over to Duggan because this first issue builds on the Krakoan legacy and then some. In order to build a better face for humanity after claiming Mars as their own, the X-Men decide to build a beautiful treehouse memorial as their headquarters right next to Central Park. Ben Urich even pops by to check on things and is overwhelmed by its beauty and charmed by Cyclops’s public works. The tranquility is broken, however, as an alien threat descends upon NYC and the X-men jump into action. It’s nice to see a return to form of classic superheroics for our favorite mutants and watch some incredible action. They go full Voltron and honestly it’s something that needs to be seen to be believed.
Wonder Girl #2 – Joelle Jones continues her streak with both the best new character and the best new book in DC with this month’s issue. After being knocked into water last issue, Yara meets a mermaid beneath the surface by the name of Iara who Yara was named after. Jones weaves the mythology of this character beautifully as the mermaid bequeaths Yara’s holy weapon to her after which Yara is subsequently spit out of the water. This sets off a chain of events around the world where Amazons recognize Yara’s presence and see her coming as a prophecy of the salvation or destruction of Bana-Mighdall. The best book Dc has to offer needs to be in your hands for sure!
Magic the Gathering #4 – I don’t know who sold their soul in order to make a good Magic comic but we all need to thank them. After discovering the destruction of the Dimir guild, the trio of planeswalkers make their way to Niv-Mizzet to make their case before the dragon. The Firemind is unfortunately unmoved though as Dimir assassinations took place in their absence and he still believes Dimir to be behind everything. Unable to sway his opinion, the planeswalkers decide rest is the best options until they can gather their evidence. The dreams are unguarded though which leaves an opening for the Dimir gulidmaster himself, Lazav, to converse with each of them in turn and reveal who their real enemy is. Fantastic fantasy on every level which gorgeous page and panel design- don’t miss it!
The Nice House on the Lake #2 – If you think this book isn’t going to be the best of the year then you’re absolutely deluding yourself. Tynion and Bueno are creating an instant classic which needs to be seen by any comic lover. This issue starts with a special lead-in by the Musician after the apocalypse has come to pass. As Walter’s longest friend, the poor man is very shook by his best friend turning out to be a shape-shifting, world-ending alien. Flashing back to the second day of learning the truth, the assembled crowd within the nice house on this lake are understandably trying to reconcile with everything as well. There’re clever subsections within the book as well that show security footage and a written account of what is said, showing that Walter is ever watching them. This just needs to be read by everyone, quite frankly.

Diarra's Picks:

Ordinary Gods #1 - Centuries ago, this realm was ruled by one king and divided into 13 territories. Each territory was controlled by an immortal, and their personal qualities dictate the general vibe of their territory. As you can imagine, it would be cooler to live in the land of Love or Compassion than Sorrow or Worry. All attempts to rebel against these gods failed until five gods decided to help the people. Flash forward to present day and these same gods walk the earth, but there power are dormant and they look like you or me. Christopher doesn’t even know he is a god, but everything is about to change in a gruesome way.
Black’s Myth #1 - Janie “Strummer” Jones and her partner Ben Si’lat are two P.I.s trying to make it in LA, but they aren’t your average detective duo. Janie is a werewolf and Ben a djinn (supernatural creature from Arabian mythology), and best believe that comes in handy when working cases. While working a basic cheating husband case they hit a snag in the form of a silver bullet. Things come full circle when they get their next case, a missing gun and 30 silver bullets. This could be the biggest case of Monica’s career, and she has personal stakes in finding this guy! I mean supernatural private investigators? Yes, please.
The Nice House On The Lake #2 - Wowzuh, that was an intense issue, and if you read the first issue you’d expect nothing less. While the world burns around them the gang settles in to their new life. Some decide to accept what’s happened (with a little coaxing), and others search for answers. Some of the housemates find a statue that, upon touch, shows them the state of their current homes, and as most apocalypses it was a bummer. While this is happening, a couple others find an armory, just the thing these leveled headed folks need. We even see the master mind of this all, Walter, make an appearance, but he only speaks to one of our housemates and we don’t know what is said. What we do know is Walter will continue to keep a watchful eye on his special friends in their prison/oasis.

Stone's Picks:

Clans of Belari #1 - Those who live in the Belari system live in a feudalistic society where clans of different skill sets carry out their preordained tasks. Clans can't interfere with other clans, even to give aid, lest they be outcasts. Clans of Belari is the tale of an orphaned girl growing up in this void-forsaken world and challenging the rules that do more harm then good. Peter and Rob Blackie's writing was ok, but as I kept reading I learned more about the world they were creating and my interest to see more of the clans rose. The only thing that felt out of place was the sudden brutality at the end, but we will have to wait till next issue to see if it works.
Ordinary Gods #1 - Wow! Wow, oh Wow! This book was awesome. Immortals, resurrection, insurrection, and a main character that I feel like anyone can relate to. Written by Kyle Higgins, who is also writing Radiant Black, this story is about a 20 something year old named Christopher who comes to realize that he is the reincarnation of the god who led the rebellion against the one true king. Now he has to learn how to use his powers to save the world, by destroying it. A great blend of new mythology with real world problems and sympathies. Another winner for Image!
Extreme Carnage Alpha - It’s been minimum. It’s been maximum. It’s been absolute. Now it’s time for it to be extreme. After the events of King In Black, the xenophobia is real when it comes to alien species. J.R. doesn't care though, cause Flash Thompson is back as Agent Anti-Venom and that’s his boy. Knull was an incredible threat and gave the Earth a heads up on the power of symbiotes. It makes sense why there would be pushback on them being on the planet. This was a good start to the symbiotic event of the summer that lets readers know what the future for symbiotes will look like. With more books on the way that will be written by different creative teams, it will be exciting to see if the story will continue this strong start!