July 27th, 2022

Caroline's Picks:

Star Wars Obi-Wan #3 - Surprise, surprise, another Star Wars book is my top pick. But all jokes aside this series continually hits, each issue has delivered on giving us even more understanding of Obi-Wan as a character and as a Jedi. This issue delves into Obi-Wan’s time as a general in the Clone Wars. We get a summation of the events and how they seem to have impacted both his psyche and how he looks at the universe now that he’s a changed old man, hardened and softened by the war simultaneously. Plus the panel of Clone Wars era Ahsoka was so nice to see included and made me immediately want to start watching the animated series again. Seeing more of young General KEnobi and how he handles what seems to be a losing scenario is great. He throws himself fully at the task, nothing but positivity and reassurance that they WILL get the job done is seen to come from him, but on the inside this man is freaking out. He’s desperate to keep the battle alive and keep the force balanced and the cost that keeps being racked up for the war is almost enough to break him. This fight almost breaks him but all he really needs is to see the light at the end, the dawn of a new day, to know that things will work out eventually and to trust in the force once again.
Ant-Man #1 - Honestly I just picked this issue up because I adore the MCU Ant-Man (looking at you Paul Rudd) so much and figured I’d give his comic version a chance. If you’re nostalgic for the old style art of the golden age comics then this issue will hit you right in the sweet spot. We open up on a future about 200 years from now, a future mystery man is about to enter a ‘temporal displacement montage’ and what was once a hyper futuristic story becomes a blast from the Golden Age past. It's date night for Hank and Janet, but a heckler with some popcorn might ruin the night for the lovely couple. I doubt Hank didn’t realize he’d be practically broadcasting his location to his enemies when he decided to teach the punk a little lesson. I can guarantee he didn’t expect the best of hits of his old rogues gallery to pop up at once either. This is a quirky and fun way to experience some of the best bits of the old Ant-Man and touch on the nostalgia bone that Disney is so obsessed with currently, but I think we’re going to have just as much fun back in the future world saving the day.
Gambit #1 - Everyone’s favorite Louisiana man is back in action, sort of. He’s been put on Ororo duty, after she was de-aged and mind wiped by a villain Remy has been taking her under his wing and enlisting him in his tricky ways. Ro is confused and constantly feels the need to prove herself all while fighting with her inner memories coming back and remembering more languages than she realizes she can speak. She's struggling to feel comfortable and feel capable of caring for herself. So when an opportunity presents itself to prove her prowess she jumps at the chance, Remy of course has no objections to letting his charge go a little loose. He knows firsthand just how powerfully she can really be when she focuses herself. But even if she wins the fight she's bound to make some powerful enemies before the war to come.
DC Mech #1 - World War II has ended and the Justice Society is finally back together and ready to celebrate the victory of the world and themselves. And then an alien attacks and kills half the Justice Society and leaves the rest of the nation forever traumatized from that day. Instead of focusing more on super powered beings the world turned to science to help develop weapons to fight any potential invaders in the future. What do you think happens to a society that turns it back on heroes in favor of science and 'guaranteed safety'. And at the same time a baby Kal-El is being launched from a dying Krypton in a giant mental Gundam suit to Earth in hopes of saving it from the future Darkseid intends to create for it. But in a world where power was replaced with technology things have changed for villains and heroes alike to fight in Mech suits of their own. Guess Ka'ls parents had the right idea when they sent him off into space to fight aliens for the greater good. Hopefully our world sees things the same way.

Diarra's Picks:

Detective Comics #1062 - It’s not just the Batman series that got a new creative team this month! Now begins the Gotham Nocturne Overture and the perfect place to jump into Detective Comics! Bruce is doing his usual patrol of the docks when he sees Maroni’s boys up to no good. He starts kicking butts when he notices something is off. One of the henchman is like a roid-ed up zombie! This guy is giving Batman a run for him money, when Talia Al Ghul shows up to save the day. Our ol’ detective is full of questions, but Talia just leaves him with the warning “They’re coming, and you are not prepared.” Since that wasn’t much of a clue, Bruce takes Maroni’s score for further analysis and hits up Nightwing for an assist. Meanwhile, the unidentified “they” are finalizing their play on Gotham, and unfortunately they already walk the streets. But after a recent nightmare Bruce fears the dark forces might have made their way inside the cave! And if that wasn’t a cool enough start, we are getting a bonus crime noir at the end of each issue featuring a recently retired and very bored Commissioner Gordon.
The Hollows - The Hollows was first published by IDW as a four issue mini series in 2012. Now a decade later, Sam Keith and Chris Ryall are partnering up with Image to drop it as a One Shot. So if you’re looking for a post apocalyptic tale without the commitments of an ongoing series, look no further! The streets are filled with Hollows (people, turned soul sucking zombies) so the remaining living are forced to live in trees. These aren’t your run of the mill tree houses either, I’m talking skyscraper sized trees that house entire cities! The disgraced scientist responsible for The Hollows, spends day and night trying to fix his mistake. In a recent research trip to the ground, the scientist finds there are still people living down there, and they might have a thing or two to teach him. I’m excited to see what other blasts from the past Image has in store!
Sins of the Black Flamingo #2 - The Black Flamingo is a thief with style! He isn’t interested in joining Ocean’s Eleven, he is more of a solo act plus he isn’t after riches. The Black Flamingo only steals magical items, and most of them are stolen so he is more of a repo man. On his last heist to steal blueprints from Nazi’s, he finds a prisoner chained up and decides to switch gears to rescue mission! As a seasoned thief and proud gay man, The Flamingo knows the perfect place to get lost in a crowd, One Night In Heaven the hottest gay bar in south beach! But the flashing lights and sea of hot men aren’t the only reason Flamingo picked this party. His recent rescue has wings! Even though the Flamingo deals in magic, he never believed in the idea of heaven or hell, but now he is face to face with an angel. Who ever was holding the angel captive will stop at nothing to get it back, and this might be the end of the Black Flamingo! (PS: Since issue one last month I’ve been trying to convince my buddy, Neal, to cosplay this! Wish me luck and lots of glitter.)

K's Picks:

Iron Cat #2 -  I adore the Iron Cat design; easily one of the best suit concepts! Iron Cat has a strong visual appeal and presence, similar to Robofortune for any of the Skullgirl fans out there. It's amazing how on point everyone feels in this issue, from Tony being all sassy to Cat, to Black Cat casually talking about robbing Tony - it's a treat to see these two interact more. Also, it's kinda cool how Tony has a jail for evil A.I. - like that's cool detail and makes so much since given how many times his suit has been jacked. And speaking of jacked suits and A.I., we get some clarity to Tamara Blake and how she got the Iron Cat armor. Powered up and with aid of a J.A.R.V.I.S. like figure in Madame Menance, she's a way bigger threat than I assumed.
Gambit #1 -  New developments around every corner and a cool card slinging mutant to kick off this run. The X-Men have always been a enigma for me so it's nice to get a grasp on the simpler things like Remy Lebeau (aka Gambit) a cool mutant thief. Also, Ororo is now a child - yeah, a very interesting development. Breaking it down to its simplest form, I get a master and student traveling the world kind of vibe and I'm here for it! Also, Shadow King plays a bigger role in all this and he's always a psychic that keeps me intrigued.
Sonic #51 - IDW does not get enough praise for there interpretation of Sonic! The blue blur has always been struggling to keep up with other of its video game counterparts, but that all changed when IDW gave the hedgehog a new coat of paint and some new stylish villains. Last issue left us with the long awaited battle between Sonic and Tails...and Kitsunami! With the battle going south and Sonic finding value in his new rivals, things have spiraled in into a heated struggle to rescue the real victims of this new dark arc! This issue was full of nonstop action and we got to see the inner workings of the Eggperial Army. I highly suggest what Sonic has to offer this time around!