July 26th, 2023

Caroline's Picks:


The Ribbon Queen #1 - Garth Ennis is back with a new horror series here to keep you up at night. Three years ago one of the worst serial killers the NYPD had ever seen was stopped just before killing his last victim. Now she’s shown up dead, and Detective Amy Shu is on the case. That is the previously suspended from the force Detective Amy Shu. It seems her reputation more than precedes her at her precinct and that simple fact that she’s begun to look into one of their own as the killer is already causing problems. She believes the very man that saved the victim is the one who just killed her, she thinks he felt he was owed something as her hero and she wanted nothing to do with him. It turns out Detective Shu isn't the only one that needs convincing otherwise.
Darth Vader Black, White & Red #4 - Less than a month until the Ahsoka series drops so everything Star Wars is hot right now and so far this mini series has been no exception. If there's one thing to know about Darth Vader it's that he is never without a weapon, even when he is unarmed he is the single most dangerous person in the galaxy at the height of his power. And he isn’t even remotely bothered by showing that off in the first story of this issue. He will always have power over those who aren’t him. But does he truly have power of his own mind? The next of the stories in this issue explores just that. A parasite that makes Vader fight for his life in his own mind shows us the true potential of the power Darth Vader wields. And of course no story about Darth Vade would be complete without at least one Rebel spy attempting to rid the galaxy of Darth Vader without him even knowing. Another all around fun issue for any Star Wars fan.
What If…? Dark Spider-Gwen #1 - We all know the tragic story of Gwen Stacy in Spider-Man’s story but this series turns that moment on its head. Instead of witnessing her death at the hands of Green Goblin Spider-Man saves the day, and Gwen, but sacrifices himself instead. Now Gwen has to go through her own emotional struggle with revenge and hatred for the Green Goblin after Peter's death. So she dawns the mantle of Spider-Man and with the help of the grieving Harry they plan their revenge. It’s a well timed release with all the excitement around the character of Gwen after the Spider-Verse movie’s popularity. This one shot gives us another look at how there will always be a ‘Spider-Man’ there to save the day in every universe, no matter what.
Spider-Man India #2 - Another great week for the Spider people. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the exploration of the Spider-Man variants and seeing the takes each author has for their Spider. Pavitr is dealing with some big problems in this issue. Doctor Kuhmar, the now giant green lizard, is running around looking for more ‘test subjects’. While he’s on the hunt some local kids are dressing up like Spidey, being his eyes and ears. Pavitr seems to have no luck with the adults of this universe though. Their social media is constantly buzzing with everything he’s doing wrong. Despite working so hard to protect his community it seems that he’s made an even bigger mess of the place. Giricorp is of course taking full advantage of that and doing everything they can to drive him out. And it really starts to get to him. Every hero has a crisis of faith to face and now its Pavitr’s turn.


Rob's Picks:

Venom #23 - The symbiotes have grown over the years into an extended family of alien anti-heroes. Writer Torunn Grønbekk begins to explore their family dynamics with a story that see’s Dylan Brock hunting for his father. He’ll need allies to find (and possibly fight) Eddie and makes his first in Bren Waters, current host of Toxin. The reunion with grandpa Venom highlights the dysfunction of the symbiote clan, who have become the target of a mysterious new force with an ax to grind. Check out this issue to see which Marvel legend will be the next to wear a symbiote.
Knight Terrors #2 - Deadman and Sandman are on the case! Last issue saw JSA founding member Wesley Dodds resurrected to provide information on the Nightmare Stone. The stone, and Insomnia, are loose ends from a case that went cold, but a few decades in the grave haven’t made Sandman any less of a detective. The two dead men follow the trail of clues all the way to Arkham Asylum, while Insomnia dispatches his Sleepless Knights to stop them. The plot for this event series takes big leaps forward as we learn more about the connections between Insomnia and long standing characters like Sandman and John Dee.
Hulk #2 - Klien and Johnson’s horror inspired take on the big green guy is only two issues in, but it’s already feeling like the most exciting refresh for a classic character since Superior Spider-man. Closing the Green Door, in addition to pissing off the Hulk, has awoken monsters of all kinds. Still trying to outrun the Hulk and those who hunt Hulks, Banner continues to drift along the backroads of America. Already tormented by visions of his other half, Banner has acquired another unwanted companion in Charlie, a young runaway more afraid of the world’s all too human monsters than the Hulk. Accepting the offer of some small town hospitality brings them to a church practicing a different kind of old-time religion. Whether you prefer horror of the psychological or bodily variety, this series will absolutely satisfy. Anyone who is a fan of both superhero and horror stories will love this, but if you are a horror fan who doesn't read capes, or cape fan who doesn’t read horror, get this book and expand your horizons.