July 22nd, 2020

J.R.'s Picks:

Wynd #2 – Following up on a stellar first issue, this one shows this story is going to big places and fast. The King, father of Yorick, is dying and wants it most to be known to his son to follow through with his racist ideals of keeping all weird-bloods out of his kingdom. In secret, his advisor plans to sneak Prince Yorick and his boyfriend Thorn out of he kingdom. Thus, this same assistant goes to Wynd’s adoptive mother with this warning. She explains to Wynd that he must travel with them or face horrible prosecution from the king’s murderer, the Bandaged Man. Wynd just wants to change so he can stay but it seems that Oakley, his adoptive sister, has a plan to keep him in town. Pick up this excellent fantasy while you can, it’s sure to blow up in a big way being this good.

Empyre #2 – Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal! Turns out the Cotati were just using the Avengers to stall the Skrull/Kree armada only temporarily. The former Avengers baby Quoi explains all the horrible shit he and his people have down throughout the cosmos in the name of revenge against the Skrull and Kree. A lot of those loose ends from Incoming get tied up pretty quickly. The Swordsman turns as well, cutting She-Hulk harshly. While the big three Avengers are trapped in a tree, Captain Marvel goes to entreat with armada and uses her powers in a dangerous way to save them all. Not to mention, she receives a hella huge power upgrade. Tune into this one to get tabs on what’s shaping to be a truly excellent Marvel event!

Decorum #3 – Huddleston and Hickman continue to knock my socks off with the latest addition to their grand epic. Madame Smith-Morley takes her newly dubbed apprentice Neha Nori Sood to the greatest assassination school in the universe: The Sisterhood of Man. Along the way, the two travel through some truly jaw-dropping scenery as provided by Huddleston. Once there, Neha meets her classmates: a bird killer, a snail monster who speaks gibberish and the most bad-ass cyberpunk assassin you can think of. With a grand total of 0 kills, Neha doesn’t impress her new teacher in the slightest, but something tells me she’s gonna shine. Don’t miss this book, I can catch you up and it’s just too damn good.

Empyre X-Men #1 – Ever wonder where Scarlet Witch has been during all this? Public enemy number one of Krakoa had been on Genosha, trying to right her wrong of depowering and killing so many innocent mutants. Having thought she had found a way, she releases a spell that causes something that’s some how worse: mutant zombies. When the Cotati land there, they face wave after wave of powered zombies trying to eat brains and plants. Yup, Alien Plants Vs. Mutant Zombies. Xavier sends a team of Angel, Monet, Magik and Multiple Man to check out the broken gateway and that’s what they find…yikes. A huge tie-in for not only Empyre but Dawn of X itself.

Diarra's Picks:

Chu #1 - If you were a fan of Chew this book is full of nostalgia, but if you didn’t you’ll have no trouble beginning with this issue! Writer of both, John Layman, described it best saying Chu is to Chew like Better Call Saul is to Breaking Bad. Same time line so we get to see some familiar faces, but it’s before they faced the food fight of their lives! Here we are following Tony’s sister, Saffron, and what different lives they lead. Tony the cibopath cop and Saffron the cibopars criminal. Saffron and her crew just had a robbery go very wrong, and of course her brother gets assigned to the case. Let’s just say family dinner at the Chu house is about to get a tad awkward.

Wynd #2 - Wynd is a boy with magic blood, but pretends to be human in fear of persecution. After the war, humans and magic folk decided to live separately, but Wynd’s “family” and friends are humans. They keep him safe and conceal his true identity as long as they can, but when The Bandaged Man (notorious magic exterminator) comes to town Wynd’s caregiver knows it’s no longer safe here for him. She arranges safe passage out of the city for him, but when time comes he and his sister are no where to be found. While Wynd is trying to figure out how to stay in a town of people that fear him, the prince is trying to figure out how to leave a town that will soon worship him. Two young men on the run from trouble their fathers created, whose paths, I’m sure, will cross soon.

Bliss #1 - Perry stands before a judge in defense of his father. The court accuses his father of being a “mass murderer” and these aren’t facts Perry is denying. Perry was an extremely ill child, and his medical care was very expensive. His father found himself searching for any work he could get, and in the not-so-great part of town he found some. He became some sort of hit man, but not for your typical mafia (these guys are a bit more magical). After years of service, he uncovers the secrets of a doom that is coming to destroy the world as they know it. Now Perry has to convince a jury to put their trust in a murderer on his road to redemption!

Stone's Picks:

Wolverine #3 –Logan reflects upon the many lives he's led. Beaten, battered, and bruised are only a few words to describe what Logan has gone through in his career, not only with the X-men, but the countless armies he has fought for. No stranger to conflict, he will unleash an attack upon a Russian group hoping to make off with the valuable Krakoan petals to sell on the black market. That’s not the only motive however, as the pale girl will be there, and Logan wants to have a face-to-face. This is but a small part of the bigger war to come over the coveted Krakoan petals.

Empyre #2 – The Death Blossom blooms granting a power boost to the Cotati, enabling them to assault and disrupt the attack by the combined Kree/Skrull forces. Quoi captures the Avengers and offers them a peaceful existence under the rule of the Cotati, or to die away with the rest of the animal life. Meanwhile, the plant life controlled by Quoi is battling the Kree/Skrull forces as well as the Fantastic Four. The only hope for stopping the plants comes in the form of Captain Marvel and a familiar weapon that she'll have to wield. She must not let the new power she has found sweep her away.

Batman #95 – Part one of Joker War is finally here! With the takeover of Wayne Enterprises by the Joker, he now has access to all the wonderful toys and gadgets the dark knight and Lucius have been making throughout his years of crime fighting. With his newfound wealth the Joker has gone on a shopping spree through Gotham to buy up all the movie theaters in town so he can put on a show of his own. As Batman tries his best to get a step ahead of the Joker and his antics, he is met with difficulty at each turn, and in a moment of weakness a voice will call out to Batman to lend aid in what is only the start of a tumultuous time.