July 21st, 2021

J.R.'s Picks:

Superman and the Authority #1 – Everyone’s favorite sorcerer has done it again! Grant Morrison absolutely knocks it out of the park with this first issue with one of the more somber looks at Superman I’ve ever read. The story opens with Superman receiving sentimental motivation from JFK to make sure future generations don’t have to fight for a better tomorrow. Cut to modern times which finds Manchester Black waking up in his own sick as his flat is being raided. The police do their brutality to him and cripple him until Superman comes in and takes him away. Turns out Supes is losing his powers and is assembling a team of people to take up his stead even if the rest of the world doesn’t trust them. Featuring drop-dead amazing art from Mikel Janin, this story of Supes working outside the law but still for the betterment of man is exactly the kind of story we need right now.
Blue and Gold #1 – YES YES YES. The best of the best buddies of the DCU team up once again to save the world and their social standing! When an intergalactic threat rolls into NYC and captures the Justice League, it’s up to Booster Gold to fly in and save the day! Until he utterly fails while live-streaming the entire thing because of course this due is vying for social media clout. With Booster in trouble, Skeets zooms off to find Blue Beetle who is wallowing in his thoughts after being resurrected once again. Self-deprecation won’t stop him from saving his best buddy though as heads off to save Booster and the League. Hilarious on every page with the running live-stream chat adding to the already great dialogue- grab this for the goofs and epic heroics!
Bermuda #1 – I haven’t seen John Layman and Nick Bradshaw team up before but if this book is any indication, I hope it happens a lot more. When flying over the Bermuda Triangle to meet up with their very rich father, Bobby and his sister Andi crash land on a mysterious island after an even more mysterious storm pops up. Upon waking, Bobby meets a girl named Bermuda whose knowledge of the land helps get him out of trouble. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to get Bobby’s sister away from merman slavers who scoop her up as Bermuda and Bobby make their retreat. A great story with colorful, highly-detailed artwork from Bradshaw that shouldn’t be missed.
Moon Knight #1 – Holy hell, what a great week for first issues. Moon Knight makes his triumphant, cowled return to his own series with a first issue that opens up many doors for down the road. Marc Spector has created the Midnight Mission which essentially operates as part church to Khonshu and part vigilante for hire against supernatural threats. The first of these threats- a vampire MLM/pyramid scheme which exists on the notion of creating more vampires for their downline. Genius and absolutely hilarious when put into practice. McKay manages to fit in multiple encounters like this throughout the issue somehow and all of them are a delight to read. If you make yours Marvel this is one you absolutely cannot miss out on.

Diarra's Picks:

The Many Deaths of Laila Starr #4 - We have plenty copies of issues 1-3 if you haven’t started this series yet! Once you read the first issue, I know you’ll be hooked. It all started when the god of death is laid off. You see, a child by the name of Darius Shah was to be born, and he would bring immortality to all. The god of death was given a human form of Laila Starr to live out the rest of her days (talk about a severance package), but that wasn’t enough. She wants her job back and decides to kill the Darius. Her attempts fail epically, ending in her death, but she has friends upstairs that are able to resurrect her. The process takes time so we get to watch young Darius grow to the man he is today. This issue he finally confronts Laila, and the god of death felt something new—guilt. How are you not reading this yet?!
Moon Knight #1 - I’m so pumped for a new Moon Knight series. There was a recent Avengers event where Marc Spector kicked everyone’s butt for the love of the moon, but now Khonshu is gone. Well you can’t really get rid of a god, but he is locked up on Asgard. Marc knows Khonshu isn’t the most merciful god, but he respects the powers he was given. Now Moon Knight keeps the city streets clean by night, and works on his mental health during the day. The Avengers hooked Marc up with a psychiatrist who works with heroes to help with his dissociative identity disorder and probably PTSD. Marc suffered from this before he ever came across Khonshu, but his shrink is more concerned about the changes becoming Moon Knight has had on his brain. They better figure out something quick because Marc isn’t the only loyal follower of the moon god in town, and this guy takes Khonshu’s message a tad more literal.
M.O.M. Mother of Madness #1 - From the Iron Throne to writing for Image, Emilia Clarke is definitely showing us her range with this thick, 3 issues mini series. People always say Moms are like superheroes, but Maya Kuyper actually is! A scientist by day and a crime fighter by night, all while still making time for her family. This issue we get to see Maya take down a sex trafficking ring, but we still haven’t seen her full power. We do learn a little about her rough upbringing, and how she became the strong, witty woman she is today. Maya has no problem breaking necks or the fourth wall, and I can’t wait to see what the next issue has in store. Although this concept was Emilia’s brain child, her all woman creative team is dishing up some sweet sci-fi with an uplifting message mixed in!

Stone's Picks:

Alien #5 - The Alpha is loose! There's only a short amount time for Cruz to get his son to a hyper-sleep tube before the chestburster inside him erupts. Meanwhile, Iris and Bishop make their way to the escape pods where more information on Cruz’s past is revealed. We get a glimpse as to why he's so dedicated to his job over that of his family and friends. This issue also informs readers that while a facehugger is attached you can still be conscious, and be able to see through other Xenomorphs. There is some action between Cruz and the Alpha, but it wasn’t anything to rave over, just some panels of him firing a gun down a hallway as he tries to escape. The ending was unexpected, and I’m intrigued to see what type of hero Iris is expecting will help them.
Gamma Flight #2 - The Son of the Hulk has returned, and he’s not looking to catch up with old friends. With half of the team transported away from the action, Skar doesn’t have much holding him back from causing some havoc. Have no fear though, as American tax dollars are hard at work in the form of all new Hulkbusters! The story continues to be a great companion to the Immortal Hulk storyline adding components fans have asked to see in Immortal Hulk. The best part of this issue was the reveal of a character that hasn’t been seen in a while and is sure to be a big problem in the future. Also, if you want to learn more about Skar why not come pick up his 1st appearance in “What If? Planet Hulk” up on our wall now!
Moon Knight #1 - I have a friend whose favorite character is Moon Knight, and he’s told me about how crazy he is. The dissociative identity disorder, carrying out the will of an ancient God, killing people. Still, I had never read any of his other solo comics. This first issue of this new run was awesome and it delivered on everything my friend told me about the character and more. Jed MacKay’s Marc Spector goes to therapy. He’s not just smashing peoples skulls, he’s trying to figure out why he is who he is. A renegade priest to a God he himself has imprisoned, Marc Spector and his midnight mission are here to help people from the horrors that come out at night. If you want to gear up on some Moon Knight knowledge before his tv show comes out then this would be a great jumping on point for those new to the character.