July 13th, 2022

Caroline's Picks:


Flavor Girls #1 - if you're a fan of Sailor Moon, or really the magical girl genre in general, then you've got to pick this book up. I mean we even get a uniform transformation sequence! Intended to be short and sweet, just 3 issues total, but each issue is a little thicker than your average comic. Aliens have finally made first contact with humanity, and surprise surprise things do not exactly go well for humanity. But that was 12 years ago, and now the Flavor Girls have joined in humanity's fight against the Agartha to help save whatever and whomever they can. They are humanity's last hope but if they've to save our world then we're going to need to give them all the help we can. How would you react if the protectors of the world called upon you to help? Sara is about to find out that answer for herself.
The Mandalorian #1 - There is no such thing as too much Star Wars, at least not for me. If you missed out on the Disney+ series or simply found yourself wishing Madno and Grogu were in the comics while watching the show then this book is perfect for you too. It is a little repetitive reading what we’ve already seen in live action but if anything this book is being used to draw more fans to the series and create more hype for the next season of The Mandalorian. And it seems like each issue is going to cover a full episode of the show. I’m finding myself reading the book in the characters' voices and being pulled into the comic just as easily as I was when the show. I personally really like seeing how both the live action and comic universes are slowly coming together and finding their way to create a common canon and attempting to fill in the gaps that have been sorely missing for years.
Space-Lady #1 - For some reason all I could think of while reading this was Robot Chicken. This book is wildly absurd, takes nothing too seriously and is insanely inappropriate. I love it. Space-Lady is your typical super crime fighter and today she's hungover and needs a day off. No shame, it happens ro the best of us. That's why there's always a backup plan, a Crime Prevention Program, specifically, so Space-Lady can sleep it off while her robots go out and 'cease all crime'. I imagine what follows might be similar to how Tony Stark's suits would react if they gained sentience and had to work while he was incapacitated. A wild ride the entire time, I definitely did not expect to find so much fun in this issue but I'm already eagerly awaiting the next.
Above Snakes #1 - A twisted love tale told by your typical snake oil salesman, Dr. Tomb is inviting us to stay a while, sample his product and listen to his Comedy of Dirt and Dorthea. This series is a classic old west story, bounty hunters are all seeking the men who’ve killed their loved one, all with the tell tale mark of a black bandana: the Snakes Above. Dirt is left alone in this world with nothing more than a golden spectral crow named Speck who feasts on blood to keep him company. His beloved Dorthea was killed by the Snakes Above and since that day he’s vowed to get his revenge, just like everyone else. But it seems that these hunters are all talk and no fight, they’ve never confronted anyone about the loss of their families, just talk a big game at each bar they end up in. Well Speck has finally convinced Dirt to do something, anything, to get him close to his revenge, Speck needs to drink after all. The following ruff and rowdy jaunt in the night is a thoroughly entertaining time. It wasn’t at all what i thought would happen and Dirt is definitely as dangerous as he claims to be. Now I'm extra curious to see who's next on his path.

Diarra's Picks:

Above Snakes #1 - “The world is kinda fucked, everything feels like it’s on fire, everyone feels wrong…Dirt is a hero I wanted for now.” That’s how Hayden Sherman described working on this book, and you’ll agree after reading this issue! When we meet Dirt he is trudging through through the desert while getting a pep talk from a glowing vulture. At first glance, one might think the bird is just the delusion of a dying man, but Speck is very real…although, he probably isn’t a vulture based on the sweet magic ‘ish that comes later! Dirt is a member of the Blood Runners, which sounds badass, but it’s mostly a bummer like being apart of Mothers Against Drunk Driving or something. You see ‘Blood Runners’ is the name given to the group of men who, after leaving home to fight in the war, returned to find outlaws had murdered their families. Most of the Blood Runners are just talk, lonely widows pretending to be outlaws, but recent intel has lead Dirt to this old desert town. Word is The Black Bandana Gang have taken over, and an old woman on the edge of town confirms it. They are doing all the awful outlaw shit you can image in this place, and that’s when Speck, the maybe vulture, breaks out the magic. Turns out The Black Bandanas aren’t the only jerks in this town, but Dirt has given these people a new hope and they gave him some new intel. Now Dirt is back on his road to revenge, and this five issue fantasy-western is definitely going on the pull.
Daredevil #1 - Chip is all over the shelves this month! He is delivering troubled vigilante here and in his new take over starting at last week’s Batman 125. I have to mention his new Image title, Public Domain! It’s a meta tale built for comic fans and creators…but all that doesn’t stop Zdarsky from giving us a double feature in this issue (I mean if you are going to keep restarting at “one” you have to keep it fresh!). While Matt Murdock is saying his goodbyes to New York, Elektra is off finding their new HQ for all the “take down The Hand once and for all” planning. Elektra finds a new hideout in an old WWII stronghold, but unbeknownst to Matt, their former mentor, Stick, is along for the journey. Turns out this place isn’t so much abandoned, as it’s highly sought after by most of the Axis Powers, and then Stick starts giving Elektra crap about “going soft” for not wanting to fight murder with murder! But Elektra’s time protecting Hell’s Kitchen as Daredevil really changed her. While Elektra is breaking out her twin sai to show Stick how it feels to get an ass kicking from a hero, Matt is having some seriously heart felt moments back in HK. Of course, he pays Butch Pharris a visit. As new Kingpin and son of Wilson Fisk, if anyone would know the truth about Fisk it would be him…unfortunately, he has to exploit their mutual love for his ‘recently murdered by Fisk’ twin brother to get that truth. (Hopefully, this new Kingpin handles a grudge better than his dad!) Matt spends the rest of his last night in the city doing some P&P (patrolling and parkour) with his bud, Spider-Man. Between losing his brother and leaving the city, Daredevil reveals his secret identity to Spidey. You might think that’s the craziest thing that happens, but then his old college buddy from Columbia Law School murders his friend/“one that got away” Kristen! …Yeah, read it.
Mullet Cop: The Flavor of Danger - Tom Lintern’s ‘Mullet Cop’ is a series of sci-fi one shots set in a Galleria that leaves you wanting to chef’s kiss at the end of each issue. In a world where Malls contain the last vestiges of humanity, Fred is an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet manager, and when danger threatened Megamall 4472-158 in Episode One, Fred new he must become something more. While his hair is business in the front and party in the back, he keeps the justice—on his hip! Now it’s Episode Two and The Mall is running smoothly under a democracy, but a new chemical filled soft drink might prose a health risk to the citizens of The Mall. While most politicians are willing to vote yes for the installation of these vending machines if it means dumber voters and big bucks, but there is still one woman in politics worth her salt! Linda Miles is a politician for the people who refuses to be bullied into risking their health. From her feather hair and wireframes to the crisp hem on her mauve pantsuit, she is head to toe serving bad bitch, Angela Lansbury realness! But after a murder attempt the bad guys wrote, a friend suggests she hire the biggest badass in The Mall as a bodyguard, and that’s when they head to the food court! Fred takes the job and just like that Mullet Cop is back, but neither he nor Linda know that this isn’t your everyday government funded mind numbing product pushing. It isn’t just a coincidence today is the day Larry Swanson, former president of the soda company who was cryogenically frozen 32 years ago, is being thawed in order to run the company again! With the help of M.I.😭. (A.I. Supercomputer/Microwave), Fred and Linda begin a high speed Segway chase across The Mall, and action hero/ rom-com antics ensue! This series has everything…mutant gangs, discount shoulder pads, corporate thugs, and all the 80s cyberpunk action that can fit in a Mega Mall!!

K's Picks:

Daredevil #1 - To be perfectly honest, this helped me get back into Daredevil. It answered a lot of questions I've had about the series and it touched on some new developments I was lost on. Some clarity on the new Electra and it even presented the man behind the skills. I gave a lot in perspective for a new reader and I'm hooked! I will note that it's a lot darker than I thought it would be, like a lot darker, and that's always a plus in my book. Also, I'm really hoping we figure out more on the current state of Matt Murdock because I get it, the run just started but I need to know what's up with the man who fears nothing!
Flavor Girls #1 - Now I have a question, do you like fruit, magical girls, and  - planetary sized floating space heads? Well look no further because the Flavor Girls deliver straight to ya face! What a breath of fresh air this was, paced so nicely and art that had me excited. Now I'm no stranger to fruit flavored magical girls but I have to say none really hit this level of detail with well balanced pastel backgrounds and soft yet bold designs for the characters. In most cases it'd be easy to explain the team dynamic and Zordonesque figure most of these stories present but successfully it seems a lot deeper than that and I can't wait to see what this team has planned with the next issue.
Worlds Without A Justice League Superman #1 - Easily the most interesting premise this week! Superboy was Always a character I viewed as an enigma but this time it feels like he's treated with a lot care? It's strange that the whole "Robinesque" Superboy is really dope, I was anticipating a more psychological approach for Supernoy but admittedly this worked fantastically! Also, each chapter is titled after the current age of Superboy; honestly a really nice touch. Superman has slowly been creeping in on my radar with a lot of cool ideas and there's no way you can count this one out! Also, don't think I didn't notice you Aquaman, pretty short but a lot of questions I need answers to, and a really awesome character I don't want to spoil so give this one a chance!