January 27th, 2021

J.R.'s Picks:

We Only Find Them When They’re Dead #5 – The two best series of 2020 just hit issue #5 so I thought I’d highlight them this week. First up, the sci-fi phenomenon that is WOFWTD. On the precipice of finding the gods when they’re alive, Captain Georges reveals what happened on that fateful day in 2337 when Paula’s fiancé and George’s family were killed. The revelation shocks the crew of the Vihaan and justifies Paula’s hatred of Captain Georges. Cradling the body of his former crewmate, Captain Georges waits for his retribution to come at the hands of Paula when something altogether happens instead. Truly a grand story that has yet to fully unfold – get in now before it passes you by.
The Department of Truth #5 – This is the kind of book you hope everyone reads to see the darker angles of our society. Cole Turner now feels a little lost after the task the director of the Department made him take care of. Still reeling, he heads back to his apartment only to find that the leader of Black Hat. This evil asshole claims that his organization only spreads conspiracy theories and truther nonsense only to combat what the Department does: shape collective thought into an easier means of American grandeur on the world stage. Luckily, Cole doesn’t buy it and after the information his partner has discovered he will probably hate that organization for good. An extremely good series that everyone needs to get down on.
Future State Legion of Superheroes #1 – Full disclosure: I am not altogether familiar with the Legion other than passing knowledge I get from reading other DC books. Luckily, this didn’t prevent me from really enjoying this issue thanks to Bendis’s story and Rossmo’s chaotic cartoony art. After being betrayed by one of their own, the Legion has disbanded and has scattered amongst the galaxies continuing to fight the good fight. The time has come to reunite after Lightning Lad is captured by the betrayer so Ultra Boy attempts to get the band back together, albeit with some mixed results. Jumping from planet to planet, this issue has action and exposition galore to entertain even newcomers to this wide mix of characters.
Post Americana #2 – Skroce is spreading the good word of satire and killing it in his latest installment of Post Americana. The President of the American elite hidden in their post-apocalyptic bunker makes a statement to the American people claiming victory in the wars against his people he is about to wage. He then brutally executes those who were trying to open the bunker to the world they created, though the American people take little heed of their deaths. Meanwhile, Mike and Carolyn have been captured by a sadistic Cannibal Carnivale and things don’t look good. Carolyn has a plan though which mimics the House Party Protocol in the most dope of ways. A great book with a greater message and just plain solid art.

Diarra's Picks:

The Other History of the DC Universe #2 - This second issue was just as impressive as the first! This issue focuses on Mal (aka Herald, Hornblower, The Herald, or Vox) and Karen Duncan (aka Bumblebee). I learned so much about these characters I never knew. The coolest part is it’s written from the character’s perspective, not only on their road to becoming heroes, but how they felt about it all. The last issue was about Black Lightning and his struggle being a black hero during a time of such racial injustice. Mal was introduced a few years before Black Lightning so they share some of the same struggles. From never truly feeling apart of the team (for Black Lightning that was Justice League and Mal had the Teen Titans) to feeling like the issues/crime in predominantly black communities were being ignored. Mal loved fighting beside the Titans, but he always felt like more of a stand in, to be dismissed when unneeded, opposed to a team member. When he felt particularly down, he could turn to his wife, Karen, for a pick me up. She even becomes a hero herself...well she decides to start some trouble because she was pissed at the Teen Titans, but she came around and Bumblebee was born. The best part of this issue is the way the story in narrated. Mal and Karen go back and forth as they tell their story with not only a closeness of a hero team, but as man and wife.
Batman: Black & White #2 - If you want some self contained Batman action, this is the series for you. Favorites like Tom King, David Aja, and Mitch Gerads (just to name a few), have come together on this issue to show the different sides of The Bat. ‘Cats Are All Grey’ was pretty light hearted, but the other stories get dark. The color scheme helps keep that tone, and you can’t help but be impressed by these detailed panels that pop even without color. ‘The Spill’ was my personal fave of these short stories. Here we see Joker and Batman have a “dance” in the rain, and Batman, once again, has to remember his code. All these issues will some how leave you wishing they were full each a full series, yet leave you completely satisfied!
Wolverine #8 - Wolverine busts out his infamous white sports coat, and Patch is back to do a little undercover work! He has a lead on some shady merchandise (and buyers) so he decides to pay a visit to the auction house. Patch makes it in with little trouble, but his team on the outside have lost communication, but we know Patch is a lone wolf. The bidding starts on items like Captain America’s old cowl and one of Green Goblin’s old gliders. They even have Wolverine’s severed arm for sale! He is pretty annoyed by that, but the last item really pisses him off. A brainwashed mutant is being auctioned with the sales pitch “perfect weapon” and “gateway to Krakoa”. To make things worse, Wolverine has worked with this mutant before and decides to break cover to save him...well security figures out it’s him and try to capture him, but that’s here nor there. That’s because Wolverine escapes with his recently brainwashed mutant friend who has no memory of him, hope this goes well! (Side note: Joe Fix-It is currently in Immortal Hulk so I can’t help, but imagining another team up!)

Stone's Picks:

Superman vs. Imperious Lex #1 - The denizens of the galaxy form a peacekeeping organization known as the The United Planets. These planets help each other maintain their worlds and promote unity. On the fringes of this galaxy lies the planet Lexor ruled by its benevolent benefactor, Lex Luthor. The planet makes its living off the manufacturing and sale of robots known as Reticulants. These Reticulants have been terrorizing planets and looting them for their resources. Superman intervenes and in the process puts the planet of Lexor in jeopardy. It’s now up to The United Planets as well as Superman to lend aid to his greatest rival.
Suicide Squad Future State #1 - The Suicide Squad has taken on a new identity. Comprised of villainous versions of the Earth's finest heroes they become The Justice Squad. Under orders from Amanda Waller they attack and capture Brainiac. After returning to their base of operations, Waller tells them that project Home Base is almost complete, and with it, her mission of returning the world to the way it was. There are those on the squad however that believe the ends do not justify the means. They wanted to be heroes but they are out there acting more like the villains. It’s those actions that catch the attention of another group, and they have been watching from afar waiting for their time to strike!
Daredevil #26 - Matt Murdock sits in jail serving his sentence and doesn’t partake in any activities granted to prisoners for fear of revealing that he is Blind. His time is spent listening to the prisoners, hearing their stories of grandeur, or heartfelt confessions of remorse. While sitting in his cell, the battle against Knull spills into the prison causing mass mayhem. On the outside world, Elektra dawning the mantle of Daredevil, guards Hell’s Kitchen. She truly recognizes how much Hell Matt’s life is when she’s forced to protect a little girl from the forces of Knull. Can Elektra live up to the promise she made Matt? And will a man familiar to the darkness be the greatest tool for the Lord of the Abyss?