January 26th, 2022

Caroline's Picks:

Saga #55 - Saga is finally, FINALLY back, and it is just as amazing, obscene, and absurd as it was before the hiatus (if not somehow better). A part of me wonders if it was all part of Brian K Vaughn's twisted master plan to make the time jump in the story match the time we've been waiting for this series to return. It took less than 3 pages for me to be brought back to the painful emotions from the end of issue 54 and the dark humor that the story does so well is carried right on throughout. No spoilers here but this issue is exactly what I've been missing. It feels like BKV and Fiona Staples jumped right back into stride without missing a beat. A welcome addition to my monthly pulls and if you're wondering what all the hype is about the pics up the trades or compendium ASAP!
Batman/Catwoman Special #1 - It's never too late/early to get into the Christmas spirit, and this week DC decided to extend the holiday season just a little longer (let's be honest, with all this snow we’ve had staying in the winter spirit isn’t too hard)! This issue begins with a young Selina in the Wayne family orphanage. This gives Selena a nice and consistent connection from a young age to Bruce while also showing us that hard life she led well before becoming the notorious villain she is today. Then again we see her when she’s in prison, once again celebrating a Christmas sponsored by the Wayne Family Foundation, these people are everywhere in her life and she doesn’t even know them. But she will one day, after their lives constantly intertwining their intimate relationship between Bat and Cat begins. The rest of their relationship is followed until the very end, not even old age can stop these two from being together and fighting crime, nothing but death that is.
CowBoy Bebop #1 - If you felt personally attacked by the live action reboot then this might not be the comic for you to pick up this week. However, if you simply love Bebop and want as much as possible in your life then you have come to the right place. My personal recommendation is to put on a playlist from the anime, sit back, and get ready to enjoy the wildness to come in this issue. The gang's together again and as per usual they need some cash, pronto. While tailing a mark at a casino on Mars things go south, big surprise there, and what was supposed to be easy money has turned into a hold up! Definitely not a good day, or an abnormal one, when their mark gets away. The action in this feels perfectly in tune with the anime and I'm 100% hearing the words in the voice actors voices. Definitely the book I needed to bring Bebop back into my life the right way.
Peacemaker Disturbing the Peace #1 - Listen, everyone is obsessed with the new Peacemaker show and rightfully so, it is phenomenal, so of course DC is trying to build on that hype and garner some support for a new series for him. If you haven’t started the show or this is your first introduction to the character then this is actually a pretty good place to start. He is being looked at being selected for a very top secret mission and he needs to be approved of both medically and mentally speaking before this can happen. So he meets with a psychiatrist in a cemetery, as one normally does, and basically just goes over his whole life story. We learn about every major event that has happened to him from birth up to that day of the meeting. Garth Ennis does a wonderful job of delivering insanely dark content with the perfect amount of light humor twisted into it, and Garry Brown's art is spectacular throughout.

Diarra's Picks:

The Human Target #4 - It’s been four days since Christopher Chance was poisoned while working for Lex Luthor. He has 12 days to live, and with six left, he is no closer to finding his killer. Lex tends to operate on the wrong side of the law and Chance can’t help but suspect it was a Justice League member. Superhero, Ice, has been sticking by Chance’s side to offer aid in his investigation, but Chance can’t tell if she wants to help or guide him away from the truth. Either way, he plans to keep her around (…I really hope she didn’t do it). He is crossing off heroes that might want Luthor dead (it’s a long list), and last issue they visited Booster Gold. This issue Chance and Ice go visit Blue Beetle, but the day needs saving so their interrogation goes on the road. There is always someone who needs help, and Ice and Beetle team up once again…then again, and again. You’d think this would annoy a man on borrowed time, but Chance enjoys watching Ice work. But Chance is still collecting clues while just observing. Will he find his killer or will he end up frozen in love? We have six issues to find out!
Saga #55 - The issue we’ve all been waiting for has finally dropped! If you’re the one person who hasn’t read Saga, we have trades galore and a soft back compendium that has 1-54! This issue takes place three years after #54. It was a jam packed issue, but it looks like the gang have gotten things back on track. It’s so nice to see so many familiar faces after the series’ four year hiatus (and like usual, we get to see more than their faces). Seriously, I know jumping into a series that’s already 54 issues deep seems daunting, but it’s such an enjoyable page-turner, you’ll be caught up in no time. This issue gave long time fans everything we’ve been missing, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who plans on re-reading the series.
House of Slaughter #4 - People who read Something Is Killing The Children have been sleeping on this spin-off series! SIKTC is jam parked with monster murder without having to fall on the crutch of an underlying romance, but this House of Slaughter love story is full of action! We learn how Aaron and Jace fell in love while training at The House, but here we are and Aaron was sent to kill Jace. Each issue we learn more about the Slaughter House universe and how Jace betrayed them, but they might’ve had it coming. Between present day and flashbacks, Aaron has to make some serious decisions, and I can’t wait for the next issue!


Stone's Picks:

Peacemaker: Disturbing the Peace #1 - What a miserable life Christopher Smith has lived. His whole family was killed by his mother and step-father and he was then kidnapped by a criminal couple. His life is basically just stumbling from one hell to another. That was until he joined the military, and became the elite killing machine he is today; a funnier version of the Punisher. Each page was more traumatizing than the last. A great mix of humor and gore that perfectly sums up the character. With the new show out and now this, Peacemaker has never been more popular.
Harley Quinn #11 - Can Harley sacrifice the life of her best friend to save Gotham? Keepsake has taken Kevin hostage and strapped him to some train tracks miles away from Gotham. A train with a bomber on board is heading to a train station in the city. Harley must choose whether to keep it hurdling towards downtown or to send it barreling towards Kevin. What this series does best is show that Harley is a psychiatrist. The best moments are her having her group therapy sessions, or in this issue when she criticizes the villains ultimatum as being nothing more than a version of the “trolley problem” used to examine Kantian Ethics. I haven’t been keeping up with the series but I was lucky enough to read this issue which was starting a new story arc, so it was easy to just jump right back in and enjoy. The art remains the standout in my eyes as it’s just so unique yet perfectly encapsulates the vibe of Harley.
Devils Reign #3 - After learning that Fisk is using the Purple Man's power to influence the voters, it’s time to take him out for good. Daredevil, Captain America, She Hulk, Spider-Man, and Iron Man head out to Fisk Mansion where they run into some superior forces. Meanwhile, one of New York’s finest lawyers may be making their final appearance as Fisk tries to keep lips sealed. Something this issue made me contemplate was just how many of Marvel's superheroes and villains are centered in New York. It’s like Gotham, but whereas Gotham primarily houses Batman’s shenanigans, New York is the play ground for the entirety of Marvel. That homeowners insurance is probably bonkers!