January 25th, 2023

Caroline's Picks:

Saga #61 - I honestly don’t think I'll ever be prepared for the emotional whiplash Brian K. Vaughn puts me through every issue of Saga but I have absolutely zero complaints about it. In fact more would be welcome. We couldn’t start the new year off without a new arc of Saga and man did they deliver with this issue. Finally reuniting us with characters we haven’t seen in years was so nice, even if just temporary. It seems like the magic of Saga is really going to be front and center in this arc and I’m so excited to see that part of the world expand. Given the fact that Marcos' entire race uses magic and the universe is always being invaded it only makes sense that in some of these places magic would be fairly commonplace. And a mixture of the technology and magic of the era is something I’ve been hoping to see more of. Hazel and Prince Robot finally find ways to blend in more easily, and Alana is always off making new friends and connections to help her family stay safe. This time she’s found a witch to aid her. And that last panel, BKV sure does know how to keep you waiting on the edge for the next issue to drop.
Bulls of Beacon Hill #1 - Christopher Boldt is one of the most upstanding citizens you can find. Raised by a single mother, worked his way through college and debt to become a brain surgeon, and now he’s getting ready to announce his run for Boston’s City Council. He wants to do what he can with the money and influence he has to help the city that raised him. Only problem is the rumors spreading about how his father is. Orin Page. One of the greatest mob bosses to ever gain prominence in Boston. And though Chirs swear’s his ‘father’ was never involved in his life or finances there are still those looking to take him down. His reputation may be clean as can be but dear old dad has some hangups about Chris’ sexuality and chosen life path. But Chris is prepared for this, his campaign manager has been prepared for months. Now he just has to tell his boyfriend, although the daily news might have beaten him to it.
Sandman Universe Dead Boy Detectives #2 - After the events with Dom and the monster everyone is a bit shaken up. They’re scared that if something so terrible can happen to someone living and helping them then something worse could be after them at any moment. And now they’re on their own, no real guidance or knowledge about what's going on in LA to keep the spirits there. So they split the party and start searching around for clues at a friend of Tanya’s parents, supposedly there's an amulet they need to find that can fix things. Despite all being ghosts who’ve been dead for years they’re all still kids. They’re scared and emotional and just trying to figure out what’s going on and why they’re suddenly trapped on this side of the world. Even though they’re all working as hard as they can they’re still coming up short. Everything has been a dead end for them, literally, and they’re slowly starting to run out of ideas. And if they aren’t smart Death is going to catch up to them before they’re ready.
Darkwing Duck #1 - This was definitely a surprisingly enjoyable read for this week, but DuckTales was a phenomenal show and this comic is so similar in tone and humor that it’s practically impossible not to like it. Darkwing Duck is about to be honored by the city, they’re unveiling a new Statue of DW to show their thanks for the many times he’s helped their citizens. Now if he can just stop worrying about people getting him and his special entrance on camera (despite his refusal to get his daughter a phone) the ceremony can begin. But of course things can never be easy and Megavolt arrives just in time to cause some technology based chaos for our mallard friend. Cue one phenomenal, albeit unnecessary, rescue of himself and DW is eager to jump back into the fray to save the citizens, and be recorded dining it of course. Meanwhile Gosalyn is working on a plan to save the day and help her dad be a hero once again. This time though, he might have to be her hero too, not just the city’s.

Diarra's Picks:

One Bad Day: Catwoman - Since the first Riddler story, Black Label has been serving up awesome stories with our caped crusader as a mere background character. Here we follow Selina Kyle on one of her many heists, but this one isn’t just for the money. We flash back to her childhood, growing up as a poor child in Gotham. Here mother takes Selina and her sister to a pawn shop to trade in a family heirloom in hopes to make rent. She gets hit with the pawn star classic “that’s the best I can do”, then we flash to present day Gotham and that same heirloom is being sold at auction for six figures! Selina remembers her mom’s heart break having to sell this piece to feed her family (btw, she got nowhere close to the sum), and she decides to bring it back to its rightful home. Catwoman nabs the piece with ease, but that’s when things get even more complicated. She runs into an older woman at the gallery who manages to outwit our sly Cat, and as she follows the woman around Gotham she runs into the Bat who is also following the woman. You have to pick this up to see how it all plays out but like many of the other OBD one shots, it ends with a happy ending!
Bulls of Beacon Hill #1 - Christopher Boldt is a successful physician who has recently set his sights on running for local politics. The odds are highly in his favor, but whenever anyone runs for office their personal life is dissected. Boldt is a gay and he is out and proud, but it’s his estranged family that might cause some issues. His father is local crime boss, Orin Paige, but Boldt stopped speaking to him because of his career choice and his homophobic father is ok with this arrangement. Now Boldt’s political opponents have brought this info to light and while he believes he can talk his way out, it's his father who is more upset about this exposure. Orin believes if his street rivals find out about his gay son, they’ll take it as a sign of weakness, and he decides to have his estranged son murdered. Turns out his son is tougher than his sperm donor gave him credit for and Boldt doesn’t plan on rolling over without a fight!
The Last Ronin: Lost Years #1 - If you haven’t read TMNT Last Ronin we have the complete story in hardcover, but the way the single issue flew off the shelf I don’t know who hasn’t! Last Ronin was a unique turtle tale because we are down to one left to avenge his dead brothers, but here we learn about the road that brought us here. I don’t want to reveal the remaining turtle’s name in case you’re that one person who hasn’t read it, so I’ll refer to him as the Lone Turtle/LT. The issue opens with our LT, who has given up on living on a walk to nowhere. He plans to roam without food or water to eventually meet the death he welcomes when he comes across an abandoned hut. There he remembers something Master Splinter told him and decides to make a home here and live the rest of his days away from the world that stole his family. He spends three years there in isolation when some thugs come by to cause some trouble. At first LT takes the beating, accepting the death he once wanted and then he remembers he is MFing ninja and gives these dudes the beat down. He sees one thug fleeing towards the nearby village and LT is shocked to see the town ablaze. LT heads towards the town and kicks the butts of the remaining pilagers in town, and that’s when he realizes these aren’t just thugs…they are Foot Clan! The locals thank him for the help and tell him to run because these guys are unbeatable, but they don't know our turtle’s history with The Foot. Something changes in our retired turtle and he decides he must return to his mission to defeat The Foot and avenge his family or die trying!

K's Picks:

Darkwing Duck #1 - The Dark Duck returns in an all new story! It's so nice to see D.W. and Launchpad again and I'm happy it's not just limited to Ducktales. We follow Darkwing, who if you didn't know, is the coolest caped Duck in the game. He's also happens to be the recipient of a grand unveiling for a statue in his honor. This is all fine and dandy until it's completely ransacked by the dastardly, rat-faced Megavolt! It's a dope little short story that perfectly displays everything Darkwing, all in one issue. It's so nice seeing Darkwing and gang back in actio. It's funny, cool, and I want a whole lot more of not just the comic but a show reboot is long overdue! Also, I can't be the only one wondering where the hell did Megavoltt go?
Sins of Sinister #1 - How many mistakes can everyone make? That's no understatement at all - Sinister is a gene splitting super baddie and everyone kinda just let him in with too much trust. I would have been keeping a close eye on the guy who ordered  his team of mutants to massacre a bunch of innocent sewer-dwelling mutants! I loved this issue, it's a solid one-shot that displays the true terror of the mad scientist. He's also drawn in a strangely charming way this issue. Oh wait! It's Lucas Werneck; that checks out, this guy oozes attractive comic designs! This issue really should have been called "Mr. Sinister destroys Marvel" because god does he some damage. We see Asgard in shambles by Magik and Iron Man completely murderize everyone's favorite cosmic Villain. Definitely check this one out if you are down for some mindless, evil fun!
Plush #3 - Pretty damn good ish this week! I'm not surprised at all, but this series is full of cool, mysterious characters and a whole bag of assholes. Devin is struggling. With his girlfriend cheating on the poor guy and being the target of ridicule by the entire police force, we can more sympathize with him. Against Devin's will, we are somehow now ganged up with a squad of cannibalistic furries. I'm here for it and I need to know what the hell is going on with Keebler the red doll-faced weirdo and their Satanic goat leader? It's outrageous and I'm loving the direction they're taking. Also, I love Edie as a character. Maybe I'm biased to the archetype, but I genuinely want her to talk more and do more because she's the gateway to Devin taking back his life!