January 20th, 2021

J.R.'s Picks:

Future State Immortal Wonder Woman #1 – Becky Cloonan takes up the writing detail along with Jen Bartel’s gorgeous art in this week’s Immortal Wonder Woman. In the very distant future, humanity has been wiped out by its own devices and the Amazons of Themyscira have held out to protect Swamp Thing and the last of the Green. A dark entity is moving across the galaxy, however, consuming all in its path. Then in the not so distant future, Nubia has taken on Diana’s mantle and must track down all sacred artifacts from a great war of the gods that threatens to upend reality itself. Solid storytelling and great premises make this one a stand-out for sure.
Future State Superman: Worlds of War #1 – I came for Superman dressed in a gladiator costume, I stayed for Becky Cloonan’s Midnighter back-up. In the main story, the people of Smallville have started what appears to be a cult honoring Superman. No one on Earth has seen him for quite some time and most assume him dead. He’s not though, just warring it out on Warworld trying to get back. In a story so good I wish it was its own issue, Midnighter breaks into a satellite station orbiting Warworld in an attempt to help Supes after a mysterious voice from a box tells him to do so. Not only are these stories inside but also part two to Future State Mister Miracle and Black Rider as well! Lots of DC goodness packed into this one.
Crimson Flower #1 – Lesniewski does some amazing things to keep you off-balance with the art in this book which perfectly aligns with the story by Kindt. The currently nameless protagonist has some trouble keeping her mind in one place. Luckily, she works for a prescription company in Russia which helps with her ideations. Using this connection, she tracks patients down for years until she stumbles upon the name of the man who she thinks killed her father. This one isn’t a cut and paste revenge story though as her worlds she sees collide between her past, her present and the fantasies of folklore that surround her. Absurdly good, I cannot recommend this book enough and it’s just getting started.
Iron Fist: Heart of the Dragon #1 – Oh hell yeah, this is my jam. Danny Rand is back and all the other Immortal Weapons seem to be along for the ride as well. Someone is killing all the dragons of the sacred cities and attempting to kill all the Immortal Weapons as well. Iron Fist leaves his ward in the trusted baby-sitting hands of his best friend Luke Cage as he makes off to Dog Brother’s city. Upon arrival, he finds the city under attack by undead ninjas. Awesome martial arts ensue as the invaders are dispatched but the villain may have claimed their prize…This one has a great classic feel to it and is exactly the kind of martial arts beat-em-up we need right now.

Diarra's Picks:

Abbott 1973 #1 - The foxy, bad ass investigative journalist, Elena Abbot, is back! Even if you missed the first series, this new case might be the most important story off her life! It’s a historic election year in the city of Detroit with the nomination of their city’s first black, female mayor. Since Abbott works for a African American newspaper, everyone is putting in over time. On the other side of town, white supremacy flyers are being handed out and Abbott knows getting to the bottom of this will not only stop the spread of ignorance, but also save lives. She gets a good lead and the paper’s new Chief Editor is impressed, too bad he is a sexist perv. Now Abbott has that on her plate, but worse is lurking in the shadows. She had to fight against the dark arts in the past, and the powers at be will stop at nothing to kill her before she knows her true power!
DCeased: Dead Planet #7 - That was a wild ride, but from DCeased to Unkillables to Dead Planet, I have not been disappointed. This series ending was no different. Just as they figure out a cure for the Anti-Life Equation, the one percent send out androids to kill the zombies. So now what heroes we have left must save everyone’s life in order to save everyone’s life! If that wasn’t bad enough, a demon decides to pick at the scraps of this hopeless situation. Constantine has a trick up his sleeve for that, but are the remaining heroes strong enough to stop the Android horde and fast enough to heal the zombie horde? No spoilers, but this was super satisfying ending to an awesome event!
Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman #1 - This issues gives us two multiverse Wonder Woman stories! The first follows Diana as she tries the save a collapsing Themyscira. The land is dying and Diana fears they may have to find a new home. Swamp Thing lives here too, but he can’t help the land because he isn’t doing too hot himself. Now to make matters worse, Darkseid shows up. What they don’t know is he is running from the Anti-Life Equation. In this universe Batman’s dead, Superman is old, and Diana has a high pony, let’s see what happens next! The next story doesn’t follow Diana at all, but Nubia, the new Wonder Woman! She’s her sister, but there seems to be a bit of family drama. Here Nubia foils the plans of a former Amazon trying to steal a museum artifact. Nubia thinks it’s just an art theft, but after touching the artifact in the tussle, she feels the magic within it. The defected Amazon escapes, and Nubia goes off to get some information on the piece. Her shady Aunt is able to help, but the news isn’t good. The artifact is basically one of eight horcruxes, but before Nubia can go all “Deathly Hallows” she is sucked into a portal! What can ya’ do?

Stone's Picks:

Nightwing: Future State #1 - Dick Grayson is head of the Mask Resistance, a contingent of masked individuals who still fight to keep the city safe from the magistrate. He’s also the most wanted masked individual in Gotham. Dick starts to hear reports of a new Batman in town and decides that he will look into it personally. After a nightly patrol he returns to Arkham Asylum, his current hideout. After a little self loathing, Dick is surprised by the new Batman talk about joining the resistance. While the two get to know each other, a large force of Magistrate soldiers have gathered outside the gates of Arkham. Though they are not the original dynamic duo, can the two work together well enough to survive the assault on the Asylum?
Maestro: War and Pax #1 - The Reign of Maestro continues! Now the undisputed leader of Dystopia, Maestro makes strides to enlighten survivors in the wasteland of his new found dominion. His efforts, though sometimes futile, are to obtain true peace for this world. With the world having been brought to ruin by the human race, Maestro deems them no longer fit to rule the planet and thus institutes a new form of government - the Post-Apocalyptic Existence, or PAX. His next move is to take over Washington D.C where he knows a large amount of survivors are held up. They will either submit to the rule of Maestro, or fall to his might!
Iron Fist: Heart of the Dragon #1 - The rich Karate Kid is back to protect dragons from being hunted for their hearts. A journey down to the Under City with his pal Fooh turns into an invasion of murderous undead ninja. Upon meeting up with Dog Brother, Iron Fist learns that all Under Heaven is being assailed by an unspeakable evil. Iron Fist is told to go to the citadel of the Under City and protect the dragon that lies within. Upon his arrival, Iron Fist runs into Taskmaster who has been hired to steal the dragon hearts. Fearing for the safety of his ward Pei and her pet dragon, Iron Fist returns home only to be greeted by Lady Bullseye.