January 13th, 2021

J.R.'s Picks:

Future State Justice League #1 – This week’s foray into the future brings us a new generation of the Justice League! The current Legion of Doom plots to take out the new heroes in the Justice League but before they can, someone or something does them in first. The Justice League is on the case though, trying to solve who can dispatch so many powerful foes so quickly. Not only is there a terrific murder mystery, but the Justice League Dark also has a follow up story chronicling the rise of Merlin and his mad mages who burn all other magic users at the stake. A solid issue for those of us seeking a team book set in these future times.
Future State Dark Detective #1 – Rumors of his demise have been greatly exaggerated: Bruce Wayne lives! No longer able to recognize the city he once protected, Bruce has to make his way through the streets after taking a significant amount of bullets to the chest. With no money and few gadgets, how can he combat the new laws that constrict Gotham? Also in this one is a hilarious chaotic story involving Wildstorm’s Grifter. By happenstance Grifter runs into the son of his former employer, Luke Fox. With an offer of $50k to get the both of them out of Gotham, how can Grifter refuse? A must-have for anyone wondering what the dark knight gets up to in the future times and fans of great art- Dan Mora KILLS it.
Future State Superman and Wonder Woman #1 – This one highlights how Jon and Yara are different than the Superman and Wonder Woman that came before them in the best of ways. Yara unlike Diana hails from Brazil which means a different pantheon of gods for her to look after. Never having been exposed to the Brazilian gods of the sun and moon, it was cool to see their characterizations in this one. Especially when Solaris, one of Superman’s baddies, comes into our solar system. Being another sun, the Brazilian god of the sun becomes jealous and chases him in space. The juxtaposition of myth and sci-fi make this one a stand-out and a definite pick up.
Future State Robin Eternal #1 – Tim Drake has had a hard go of things since Gotham banned masked vigilantism. After Bruce was gunned down in the streets, Robin scooped all the tech from the Batcave he could before the authorities swarmed it. Now he fights back against the corrupt government running the city but he gets in a little over his head. Someone is developing a Lazarus serum from the old Lazarus pit beneath Gotham. Tim reaches out to the former Batgirl Stephanie (who now goes by Spoiler) in order to infiltrate one of Gotham’s holdings. She declines on potential of their deaths but, luckily, someone else is very eager to help. This one’s definitely going places with one helluva cliffhanger at the end.

Diarra's Picks:

Space Bastards #1 - After an unexpected lay off, things are looking pretty down for David. He decides to try his hand at postal work, but it’s more of a competitive industry these days. Other mail carriers are constantly trying to steal other’s deliveries for themselves. Luckily, David gets to shadow one of the most badass couriers there is, Manicorn! David finally gets into the swing of things with Mani’s help, but did he make a new mentor or a new enemy?
Haha #1 - Positivity in the face of adversity, that’s how Bartelby the clown rolls. Well, I guess it’s just Bartelby now that he’s been fired, but he still has his supportive family. Although it’s becoming clear his wife has one foot out the door, but if anyone can turn this around it’s Bartelby! When he interrupts a bank robbery while cashing his last check, Lady Luck strikes again, and Bartelby walks away with a new outlook on life. Oh, and a bullet in his brain! He heads home to tell his loving and not at all ashamed family about his day, but it’s the days to come that will really show us the man Bartelby has become! I’m obsessed with Ice Cream Man, so I am beyond excited for this new W. Maxwell Prince series.
Future State: Superman/Wonder Woman #1 - The people of Metropolis think they are on Tatooine when they wake up to two suns in the sky! Luckily, Wonder Woman knows the sun personally, and heads over to his place to discuss this over a cocktail. While Wonder Woman tries to take a more diplomatic route Superman knows this is the work of his foe, Solaris, and flies up to confront him. The sun god, Kuat, doesn’t give a crap about Solaris’s beef with Superman, and just wants him out of his skies. Superman had to race around the globe cleaning up the mess having two suns in the atmosphere created on earth, and he decides it’s time to defeat Solaris once and for all, but it looks like the suns are having a negative impact on ol’ Jon Kent, as well

Stone's Picks:

Robin Eternal #1 - With the Magistrate targeting anyone who engages in vigilante activity, there are few who still dare to wear the mask and protect Gotham from those who would do it harm. Tim Drake is one of those people still fighting the good fight, and he’s doing it all by his lonesome. He’s outfitted with new tech to help him survive in this hostile climate, and he’ll need every tool he’s got to battle the Cybers; Synthetic beings that monitor and execute the Magistrate's bidding. With a shipment of experimental Lazarus resin being imported into the city that will make the Cybers even more dangerous, Tim must stop that transport at any cost.
Teen Titans Future State #1 - The Titans have been obliterated. Nightwing takes a trip trough memory lane as he reminisces of times before the Titans fall, and sifts through the remnants of Titan Tower. Stuck trying to pick up the pieces with the help of some surviving members, they encounter Cybeast - a combination of Beast Boy and Cyborg. Cybeast believes he's found the Spear of Destiny. With this new information there's hope for the survivors that they can bring an end to this apocalypse. Others are not as optimistic and will go to whatever lengths necessary in order to win.
Superman / Wonder Woman #1 - Superman and Wonder Woman are some of the planet's finest heroes. Superman, the guardian of Metropolis, awakes every morning and reassures the people of his city that he is there for them. This morning, when he looked into the horizon he noticed that there were two suns in the sky. Wonder Woman knows of one who is a literal sun god and journeys to his farm where he and his brother, who is a moon god, live. Kuat, sees the other sun and takes it as a challenge for the position of sun. He takes off into the atmosphere to discover that it is actually the sentient sun Solaris who has come to kill Superman. Things are about to get heated!