February 9th, 2022

Caroline's Picks:

Suicide Squad: Blaze #1 - Any series that starts off with a fourth wall break is almost always a good time and I'm expecting this series to be no different. There's some creature on the loose, has been for as long as anyone can remember, and now the world has finally taken notice. The only thing is that it isn’t just some random creature at all, it’s just a person. Now Dr. Waller has been given approval to start the GEMINI-BK protocol - aka project Blaze to annihilate this super powered threat. We all know that basis of the suicide sqaud at this point: do dangerous mission get time off record, but this time things are a little different. This time they aren’t being offered time off, this time they are being offered power. A genetic mutation (the Blaze) that will make them just like any other super powered freak on the streets, no more little leagues. There's just one drawback to this power, a guaranteed death 3 months later. How can anyone turn down an opportunity like that?

Hawkeye Kate Bishop #4 - I really like the tone of humor that Nijkamp uses when writing Kate’s inner monolog to herself; she’s quippy and fun in a similar way to Spider-Man. She’s been taken captive by the new ringleader of the circus running the resort and I’m with her on this clowns ARE the worst. Now she’s got to figure out how to save the guests and her sister from infinity stone powered mind control before the whole place goes up in flames. Insert one well down countdown timer over a fight sequence and every panel has me hooked wondering just exactly what Kate has up her sleeve to get her out of the next situation. Hopefully next she and her sister, and Lucky of course, can catch up with the circus before it moves onto the next town.

Monkey Meat #2 - Juni Ba’s as weird as can be anthology story is back! This time they aren’t trying to cover up any sketchiness at their facilities but they’re giving you a direct look into an incident to show just how transparent they can be! A young man spends too much time with his head in his books so his family sends him to work at monkey meat island after failing his first year of school. One misunderstanding with a monkey man later and our boy is being convinced by a talking can of soda to drink it for his powers to enact some revenge… This issue relies heavily on the aesthetic and styles commonly used in manga and they definitely reference some incredibly famous characters throughout the issue. This was definitely a fun and unique mix of comic and manga styles and one of the faster reads for the week. I can’t wait to see what wild adventure Juni thinks up to keep us on our toes for the next issue.
Norse Mythology III #1 - Neil Gaiman is back at it again with the next volume of the Norse Mythology series. You don’t need to have a large working knowledge of the Norse gods and goddesses to enjoy these books, each issue teaches you what you need to know as you go along in the tale. And if you’re interested now is the time to grab the first two volumes to catch up on all the adventures you’ve missed out on. This time we see Thor going undercover to try and get access to a cauldron big enough to brew enough beer for all the gods! Of course no adventure with Thor would be complete without some unnecessary violence and a little excessive drinking. A stunning story that leaps off of the pages as you read and treats you to some of the lesser known mythological beings that deserve their time in the spotlight.

Diarra's Picks:

Faithless III #1 - The beginning of the final arc of this spooky sexy series! I definitely don’t suggest coming into this without reading part I & II. Luckily, this series has been such a hit, we stocked up on the trades. But I will say, if you want a chance to see those erotic variants, you have to act fast (and you definitely want them). The main character, Faith, starts the series as a meek starving artist, but a chance encounter changes her life completely. What was thought to have been luck might be darker forces at play. This issue, a friend from Faith’s past, who hasn’t seen her since her fame, comes by excited to see her old friend and leaves with suspicion. Faith might not be in control of her carefree life, and her new lovers plan to keep it that way.
Rick & Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons: The Meeseeks Adventure - Rick and the gang have gotten into their fair share of D&D mayhem, but this one shot tells the tale of a Mr. Meeseeks box lost in the forgotten realm. Two adventurers get nothing from an insight check on the odd box, but after a couple pushes they know they just found an awesome item. With a Meeseeks box by their side, adventuring has never been easier, that is until they request something that’s going to take along time…and XP! He even has to rope a couple more Meeseeks into this, but it’s all worth it in the end. With their task completed, the Meeseeks poof from existence. Leaving the box for the next lucky adventurer…or alcoholic grandpa.
Batman/Catwoman #10 - The first issue, Selina Kyle does to Joker what Batman wouldn’t. Now an old woman on the run, Selina’s daughter has to take her down, but her claws are already out. Flashbacks paint the picture of Catwoman’s relationship with Batman and Joker. She operated often on the wrong side of the law, and Joker wasn’t only an ally but a friend. This issue depicts some darker sides of their relationship, and how close she came in the past to taking down Joker. Bruce the moral compass would never let her go too far, but now Batman is dead and Catwoman is done playing games. Selina might be at peace with herself, but started a war with her daughter! Two more issue left and I can’t wait to see how this plays out.

Stone's Picks:

Devils Reign #4 - Two weeks have passed since the last issue. Drones now police the skies looking for anyone who goes against Fisk's zero tolerance policy as the heroes remain underground. The search for the Purple Man's children continues and now Jessica and some of the other heroes set out to stop them from being captured. Fisk discovers he is able to restore his memory, so watch out Murdock. This is a slow issue that really just has people dealing with family issues. Matt fights with his brother, Fisk argues with his son, and Fisk and Mary open up to each other. Not much more than that, but now that his memory is restored, next issue is sure to have some climactic response to this revelation!
Apache Delivery Service #2 - During the end of World War II, Admiral Hideyoshi went rogue with his ship containing stolen Nazi gold. He sailed to Vietnam where he spent weeks with his crew unloading the gold. After, he kills his crew then he himself is killed, losing the treasure to the jungle. It is this reason why that mysterious man in the jungle took took Ernie. With a little persuasion he joins the man for the search and ends up in the middle of a firefight. This is why Ernie is doing all this in the first place; he just wants to get away. ADS continues to be a good read although at the end there was talk of witches that just didn’t meld well. Hopefully it doesn’t end up making the story stray too far into the supernatural, because it does well maintaining it’s war drama vibe.
Monkey Meat #2 - If you read the first issue of this series then you may expect for this next issue to be just as chaotic? You would be right, but this time around the story is more focused. It’s basically any Shonen Manga you’ve read about someone who feels like life did them wrong and they find acquire power just to hurt those who caused them pain. The ending was funny and I’m a big fan of them telling you what the next issue will be about on the last page. I've never continually followed an anthology series but this one has definitely impressed me with both issues.