February 3rd, 2021

J.R.'s Picks:

Future State Swamp Thing #2 – Ram V brings us a helluva a conclusion to this Future State tale. As it turns out, Woodrue the Floronic Man banded the last remaining humans together in a compound in the Artic. Swamp Thing and the children he created move in to stop Woodrue’s nefarious scheme. Thinking he’s on the side of the Green and marring his body with plant abscesses, Woodrue stole the body of Obsidian to create a device that would drown the world in darkness. Swamp Thing rushes forward to help save humanity but will it cost the lives of his newly formed children? A dark and beautiful story awaits you in these pages.
Fear Case #1 – Another damn good first issue from master scribe Matt Kindt. In the Secret Service, there is a case that is handed off to every greenhorn that comes through the office. You are only authorized to work on it for one year for fear you will become obsessed over it and never stop you investigation. The case itself is about a physical case that has passed around some of the greatest assassinations and genocides in history. Winters and his partner Mitchum have three weeks left on the case and a damn big lead that may put them right on target…Seriously, you will be doing yourself a disservice if you don't read this one.
Star Wars High Republic Adventures #1 – Take a step into the past of Star Wars with a new all ages book form IDW. Lula is a Padawan at the top of her class and about to save a whole ton of people. After receiving a distress call from Trymant IV, Yoda and his ship full of Padawans are the only ship close enough to help. ON the planet’s surface, a young acolyte named Zeen from a cult against use of the Force is trying desperately to save herself and her friend from the oncoming apocalypse. What’s going to happen when she runs into force-users bent on rescue? Pick this one up to find out!
Deep Beyond #1 – Humanity is trying to survive in a world that wants it dead in this new book by writer Mirka Andolfo. After inviting the president’s son and other elites to a swanky party, a rebellious young terrorist gives the signal and breaks the ceiling of their party. Turns out the Earth’s atmosphere is considerably toxic and prone to cause nasty mutations. Various colonies have been set up but many don’t try to even leave their newly made environment. One who did, a research scientist named Pam, has a lot of people looking for her and not a lot of time. If you’re looking for tense sci-fi, this may be the book for you!

Diarra's Picks:

Luna #1 - When Teresa passes out in the desert, strangers from a near by community come to her rescue. She awakes confused, but is quickly put at ease by the commune’s members. The more Teresa learns about them the more she loves it here, but things are starting to feel a bit cult-y. From the weird cave no one is allowed to enter to the bloody sex rituals, things are undeniably creepy. Teresa decides to join the group, and I’m sure things are only going to get stranger from here! I love the Faithless series, and I know Maria Llovet will bring here sexy spooky vibes to this series, too.
Maniac of New York #1 - There’s a serial killer on the loose in New York City. The media dubbed “Maniac” has almost 500 kills under his belt, and the police are no closer to apprehending him. The edge they need might be coming in the form of a new lead detective on the case. Other officer’s have given up on catching The Maniac. Even the citizen’s believe this is their new normal, always in fear they’ll be his next victim. But the new department head, Gina, is ready to put an end to The Maniac’s reign of terror. Gina’s only connection in the department, Zelda, is just as jaded as her fellow cops, but Gina’s drive might be what Zelda needs to get her fight back. Just when they start making some progress, The Maniac strikes again in a big way!
Fear Case #1 - All the top government agencies have been stumped on the mystery of the Fear Case. The ‘case’ is actually case, a black box noticed near almost every major historical event since the beginning of time. Since the Fear Case is such a difficult/mind-fuck of a case, new Secret Service agents are assigned this case their first year. It’s suppose to test agent’s commitment, but it’s such a complex assignment agents must hand over the case after one year. Agents Winters and Mitchum have three weeks left until they must pass on the assignment, but they are confident they can solve it. When they get a lead on a recent holder of the case (who went totally mental) they realize their might be something supernatural at play. The agents aren’t too sold on the paranormal aspects, but a lead is lead. Now they are off to find the current case holder before he suffers the same fate.

Stone's Picks:

Man-Bat #1 - Dr. Kirk Langstrom strives to find a cure for the hearing impaired -  such as his sister. His years of research led to the creation of a serum that causes him to transform into a full grown humanoid bat. His fixation and addiction to the serum hinders his progress into perfecting the serum, and aids in alienating those around him who want to help, like his wife Francine. During a night when Langstorm lets loose the Man-Bat, he runs into the Blackout gang trying to steal some weaponry. He tries to thwart their robbery in an effort to prove to Francine that he has control and can help others. Batman interferes and the resulting chaos causes problems for some unlucky Gothamites. Langstrom is restrained and learns from Batman that his cells are deteriorating due to the serum. Only Langstrom believes himself to be capable of solving this problem, and if not then he will die a free bat rather than a caged man.
Avengers Mech Strike #1 - When a giant monster attacks a city it’s just another day for the Avengers. This monster, however, is unlike any they have seen before. Not even Captain Marvel, in all her space exploration, or Thor, in his journeys through the 10 realms have they seen a creature such. It’s designation is Biomechanoid-3, and its objective is to consume. Through consumption it takes energy and forms it into its own mass, continually growing bigger and bigger. The one thing it seems to have a problem consuming is Vibranium. With the combined genius of T’challa and Tony Stark, the two are able to create mechanized suits akin to Gundam to do battle against this new threat.
Harley Quinn Future State #2 - The Black Mask is unhappy with how his money is being spent by Senator Hanssen and decides to have a little chat with him over a meal to die for. Black Mask continues to be a thorn in the side of Crane and his investigative unit. Harley tells him the only way he’s going to get to Black Mask is for him to become Scarecrow again. Crane is appalled by the idea, but struggles with the decision. Harley decides to confront Black Mask herself, until Crane appears dawning his Scarecrow garb. Will the master of fear be able to do what Johnathan Crane couldn’t and finally put the Black mask behind bars?