February 2nd, 2021

Caroline's Picks:

New Masters #1 - The perfect new issue to kick of Black History Month is here. Written and drawn by two Nigerian brothers this is a beautiful peace of art that has a multifaceted black, female, and disabled lead character named Ola. She’s hunting for treasure and we are immediately drawn into the action and adventure of her post apocalyptic world. After narrowly escaping a deadly situation she takes us on a rather stunning motorcycle tour of her world, hitting all the main cities and hotspots before arriving at the local market of a high tech world (very reminiscent of Wakanda and New York city at the same time). From here we get several different looks and perspectives of the city. A meeting of the wealthiest individuals and the government, the slums. But this book is not what it seems at all, and the turns it takes at the end will have you hooked for more.
Monkey Prince #1 - The latest and greatest new hero miniseries from DC comics is here! But this isn’t your average hero origin story, first few pages in and BAM! Batman is beating out this poor kids' parents in their own home in the middle of the night, that’s something sure to leave a mark on someone. Flash forward a few years, and after several moves later to his parents' employer, Marcus and his family have moved back to Gotham City and Marcusis still just as terrified as ever, if not even more so now. Maybe it’s all the trauma piling up, or maybe it's’ got something to do with that weird golden relic the Penguin unleashed on this world, but either way things have started… changing in regards to Marcus, and fast. Not too long now until his life is permanently changed forever.
Nocterra #7 - Nocterra is finally back after its hiatus and things have only gone from bad to worse for our rag tag group of survivors. This time around the book is narrated by Bailey (the old scientist's granddaughter) instead of Val, thankfully this doesn’t feel like it's going to have a change on the pacing or storytelling aspects we’ve come to enjoy so far. If anything we’ll be learning less about pre-big PM (as Bailey was just an infant when it happened) and more in depth about how things have changed since. The voice of the book may have changed but the pacing and tone definitely have not. They've reached the last known refuge for humanity in hopes of finding more information about 'the place where the sun still shines', but it turns out the smudges have beaten them to it. Now their only option is to chase down the one thing scarier than the big PM. They're going hunting for Blacktop Bill.
Manor Black Fire in the Blood #1 - The family is back together one again but Reginald feels more divided than ever. Their father, Roman, has been spending most of his time training a new girl, an outsider, and Reginald feels as though he is neglecting his family to further how power at a cost too great for him. This issue uses a mix of modern day timeline and black-and-white pages to indicate flashbacks of Romans life when he was young. The outsider, feeling frustrated with how her lessons are going, spends the day wandering the woods and she comes across an old home, burnt to a crisp and overgrown with plants. It's as if she can feel the power of the place, the memories it holds, and while trying to figure out just what Roman is hiding from her she finds the beginning of her tail.

Diarra's Picks:

Sabretooth #1 - I was afraid they were going to try and make us like Sabretooth with some sad origin story, but nope, he is still his chaotic evil self. If you read House/Powers of X, you remember Sabretooth was the first person locked away in Krakoa’s mutant jail. There are three rules on Krakoa, and he broke the ‘don’t kill humans’ one. Due to the wide variety of mutant powers, the Krakoan jail doesn’t just imprison your body, but also your mind. After a bit of that, Cypher and Krakoa decide they might’ve been a little to harsh on Sabretooth and decide to grant him mental freedom. He spends his day dreaming of all the ways he will kill his enemies, but when there are no enemies left, Sabretooth devises a plan for bigger things when he gets out. While he works out the kinks of his coup, five mutants some how land themselves in the prisons of Krakoa. Sabretooth has missed stabbing into non-imaginary flesh, and what I’m sure was a mistake by these young mutants might be their doom! What I want to know is how Sabretooth escapes, and Wolverine ends up chasing him around time and space, because things are heating up in Lives/Deaths of Wolverine!
New Masters #1 - After a recent alien invasion, earth is reduced to more of an …underdeveloped planet? Obsidium has become the most sought after resource, and like most other necessities of life, the elites have taken it under control and are charging way too much for it. Which leaves citizens risking their lives in order to harvest and sell it on the black market. Word is going around the Obsidium supply is low, but there is rumor of something more powerful, The Eye of Orunmila, a powerful gem that holds the secrets of aliens even more ancient than their current colonizers. Word has gotten out and everyone has begun the hunt for The Eye, but who will end up on top of with this huge piece of leverage against their alien overlords? This Afrofuturistic series meshes West African living with advanced tech from suqs (traditional African markets) with flying cars going over head, to the no gear diving to harvest Obsidium (a skill used for centuries to fish). As soon as I read the title, I knew Shobo and Shof were going to give us a raw, beautiful, black sci-fi tale. I’m definitely sticking around for the six part series!
Monkey Prince #1 - There is new hero jumping into the DCU and it’s Monkey Prince! After witnessing Batman beat the breaks off his mom and dad, Marcus had a very different view on the caped crusader. That moment left him with fears that followed him to his teenage years. After their run in with Batman, Marcus’s family decided to leave Gotham, but years later, work brings them back into the city. I bet you’re wondering why Batman would harm innocents, but we later learn Marcus’s parents hench for Penguin! While getting use to his new school Marcus befriends the school janitor…more like the janitor makes it a point to be in his business. Eventually he reveals to Marcus his real father was the Monkey King and with that comes great power. You’d think an anxiety riddled teen would need some time to process all this, but nope! First thing he does is head to the boys locker room to kick some bully ass. What he doesn’t know is, Damian Wayne attends his school (well I guess he knows that but not the alter ego part). When Damian sees a giant monkey beating up teenage boys he makes a call to dear old dad. Now Marcus is face to face with his biggest fear, but he isn’t that same little boy anymore! I’m ready to see where this origin story takes us.

Stone's Picks:

Dark Knights Of Steel #4 - Bruce learns the truth behinds his birth as well as the reason behind his parent's death. A break from all the action and castle politics that will have you as entertained as any superpower punch. Taylor continues to use characters in exciting ways that continually increase my excitement for this series. Lex Luthor combined with Joker powered by a power ring is something I didn’t realize I wanted till it was given to me. Even with this being a comic filled with unbelievable things, there is no way Thomas gets cucked by Jor-El and just lets bygones be bygones. Thomas would have had the whole army rolling up on there little forest house, Gods or otherwise.
Alien #9 - The betrayal by Ambrose has left Jane in a troubling spot as the Xenomorphs overrun Euridice. Some acknowledge the danger while others see it as a test of their faith. The dogs of perdition are unleashed! Marvel surprised me with how well they can deliver a suspense-filled Alien comic. The way Phillip Kennedy Johnson writes this series is perfect, delivering on multiple fronts. Were he able to write this for the screen I would have nothing but high expectations. Hopefully they decide to one day make these stories into movies or tv, but with Disney owning it I wouldn’t be sure what to expect.
Daredevil: Woman Without Fear #2 - Ninjas? Not a problem. Supervillains? Not a problem? But for Elektra Natchios a blind man with an affinity for the color red is her ultimate weakness. But it’s time for her to turn that weakness into a strength. Every time I read Zdarsky's Daredevil I’m disappointed that I wasn’t there from the beginning to enjoy this story. Now there’s Elektra with her awesome Daredevil fit fighting Kraven of all people and the frustration with myself just deepens. Having Kraven being deputized under the law to hunt supes works, and is a natural fit for the character. Here’s hoping next issue the fight between these two is an Epic one!