February 17th, 2021

J.R.'s Picks:

Future State Immortal Wonder Woman #2 – This Future State series closes out with a strong issue on both story fronts. In the Diana section, Wonder Woman finds herself endlessly drifting through space as the Undoing has taken everything from the universe. It’s a tour de force showing what an immortal would go through at reality’s end. The Nubia follow-up shows her gaining even more Wonder Woman powers and fighting against the likes of Circe to wrestle control back over an omni-dimensional key capable of wiping out existence. This one gives you a little bit of reflection and a lot bit of action so I’d suggest you pick this book up and soon!
X-Men Legends #1 – Fabian Nicieza returns to a storyline about the inner-working of the Shi’ar empire left alone since 1995! Havok and Cyclop’s grandparents are abducted by a crazy Shi’ar cult and will only return them on the condition the “forsaken one” is returned to them. Cue the return of Adam X, an unsuspecting mutant whose story hasn’t been touched on in decades. Nicieza does a masterful job of getting everyone up to speed, which is great because this story is fantastic. Some of the weirdest elements of the 90s are on full display here with cameos and a shocking revelation at issue’s end- you don’t wanna miss it!
The Immortal Hulk: Flatline #1 – A phenomenally good one-shot for Hulk awaits you courtesy of Declan Shalvey. Bruce Banner is working as a dishwasher in a small town that doesn’t ask many questions. This is a particularly good thing as at night he tends to change into the hulking form of the Devil Hulk. His relatively calm existence gets a monkey wrench thrown at it though as his old professor, Dr. Noolan, pays him an unexpected visit. As the two of them catch up, the obvious reason for her visit comes up: the Hulk. Not so much the Hulk though but how Bruce feels about his situation which is…complicated. This one is a hella good think piece but also turns into a slam-jam action book pretty quickly- very high recommendation.
TMNT: The Last Ronin #2 – After being saved from himself last issue, the Last Ronin wakes up in the underground sewers he used to call home. There’s a new tenant now though – April O’Neill has taken up residence after the mysterious events from long ago. The two friends are very glad to see each other as each had thought the other dead for so long. Their talk lasts for most of the issue only broken up by flashbacks about how each of them have come to this dark time in their lives. One of the flashbacks also tells of how one of the turtles fell and how the Last Ronin came to be. A solid issue in a series that has already become a classic.

Diarra's Picks:

Hollow Heart #1 - So I’m getting a clue as to what’s happening in this series, but I’m still not sure why. I originally thought these characters where in space based on there sci-fi attire and sentient robots, but turns out it’s just a high tech facility here on earth. That is confirmed when facility worker, Mateo, clocks out and heads to a hotel bar (plus I don’t think there’s Grindr in space). Mateo is trying to get his mind off a stressful work day, and a leader who won’t take his opinion seriously. So here’s the part where I’m if-y, the sentient robots I brought up before are also made up of organic, human parts. I just don’t know who is responsible for this mash-up, but the robots/people they were before don’t seem to be too happy about it. Mateo decides he will help one of these bots escape, but I’m still unsure what side he truly is on.
Shadow Doctor #1 - I love a good nonfiction story, and this is shaping up to be a favorite! This is the story of Nathaniel Calloway, and who better to tell it than his grandson Peter. Nathaniel was black doctor in the 1930s, who couldn’t find a hospital to hire him because he was black. When tried to get a loan to open his own practice, which would’ve greatly helped a community where black hospitals where nonexistent, he was denied by banks for the same reason. Fed up and with nowhere left to go, he turned to old connects in the Chicago Mafia. In a world where he is looked down on for the color of his skin, these “gangsters”, although white, treated him with respect (I guess they only see the color green). Peter makes no excuses for his grandfather’s time with the mob, but it shows a bigger picture in America that still hasn’t been fixed. The system is broken. When people are denied basic human rights they do what they can to survive, and sometimes crime is the only way they feel they can get a leg up. It’s Black History Month and this series is just another black story that has been lost in time. Pick it up, maybe you’ll learn something!
Abbot 1973 #2 - Elena’s light powers are growing, but the darkness is coming for her. She thought this was over after Bellcamp died, but she now knows her fight continues. After an old friend is possessed and tries to attack her, she fears for all who are close to her. She wants to dig more into the forces working against her, but duty calls and her new boss invites her to a work party. Elena tries to explain she has other plans, but her new boss, in turn sexist form, silences her and tells her to wear something nice. Besides his inappropriate behavior in the office, he is constantly undermining her efforts to protect their community. Feeling obligated, she goes but half way through the party she escapes only to find her worst fear is realized. Her apartment has been ransacked, her partner is no where to be found, and her apartment is graffitied with homophobic slurs. I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for the next issue!

Stone's Picks:

Nightwing Future State #2 - While assembling her forces outside Arkham, Peacekeeper-06 brings a camera crew to record their assault on the compound. Their assault will be broadcast as though it was live and will be used for propaganda to make the resistance the menace. Nightwing is aware of what she is trying to do and deploys an EMP to destroy the cameras. Peacekeeper-06 forces are sent in to dispatch the new dynamic duo, while outside, she is forced to deal with the resistance. Nightwing and Batman are able to escape, but it isn’t long before the Peackeeeper catches up with them resulting in an all out brawl that all of Gotham will have the pleasure of witnessing.
The Immortal Hulk Flatline #1 - Bruce Banner is never able to wake up in his own bed. When the Hulk takes over at night, Bruce has no clue what happens and is always made to wake in awkward places. At least the Hulk makes it possible for Banner to get to work on time. While working his shift as a dish boy at a bar he runs into his old professor, Noreen Noolan. She says she’s been keeping tabs on him ever since his accident, and she too has been affected by Gamma giving her extraordinary powers. The Hulk and Noolan square off both with the intent of helping Bruce, but only one can prevail.
The Last Ronin #2 - April lies in her bed remembering past events that have led to the present. The Foot struck ferociously and without warning. These two factors contributed to the downfall of the turtles. They were able to escape but had suffered injuries with Master Splinter left in serious condition. They retreat to April and Casey’s residence and inform them of what has happened. Ralph, furious with the situation, heads out to seek revenge for this horrid act. In the present, Michelangelo awakens to the shock that he is still alive. It’s assumed that over the years his Mutation has evolved increasing not only his strength and speed, but also improving his healing factor. Mikey is introduced to Casey Marie Jones, April’s Daughter. She’s part of the resistance and wants to help Mikey fight. With having lost so much already he can’t put another life in danger, but being the daughter of both April O’Neil and Casey Jones, She’s not taking no for an answer.