February 16th, 2022

Caroline's Picks:

Rain #2 - The rain has finally passed over Boulder, looks like it's heading to Wichita, but the aftermath has just begun. Everyone is staying inside afraid that the crystals could come again at any moment, only venturing out to handle the dead. With the love of her life dead, Honeysuckle has decided to search for the one other person who matters most in her life, Dr. Rusted (her girlfriend's dad in case you forgot). Which means she’s off to Denver. The journey there is not going to be an easy one either, the amount of death and destruction she witnesses on her way downtown alone is enough to make even the strongest of stomachs turn back, but our girl has a Doctor to find. But the road there isn’t just littered with bodies, it's also filled with people ready to attack! How do you think sweet Honeysuckle will fare out there?
Until My Knuckles Bleed #1 - Do superheroes retire? What happens to the Avengers when they get too old to avenge? This new series is a gritty take on the life of an ex-superhero from the 90s after his retirement. Now working as private security at a strip club Gabin ‘Damager’ Hart is living his life not necessarily to the fullest. He gets a mediocre job working for the Russian mob, an ex-wife he still helps out financially, and loads of unresolved trauma (physical and mental) from his past just waiting to burst out. He’s simultaneously at the end of his rope and just happy to keep making it day by day. This is definitely not your happy go lucky hero gets the life they deserve and wanted after it's all said and done. This story, while being dark and moody, is still a very enjoyable and quick read that has me already invested in Gabins life and just where exactly things are going to take him.
QUAD #1 - Maybe it's just me but I am always down for a post apocalyptic setting comic, they offer a wide range of possibilities for how humanity has reacted to such events. In this world solar flares have wiped out most technology leaving a mess in its wake, not humanity has managed to salvage some old technology and engineers have become some of the most highly valued individuals in society. Terah is one of those mechanics, and this time around she's going to fix some old tech ‘on the other side of the world’ all because they’re willing to pay in cash. Now she just needs to pick up some supplies from her estranged father and a power plant that is heavily surrounded by mutados aka mutated humans, basically they are this universe's take on zombies. Sounds like a piece of cake right?
Iron Fist #1 - With all the news of the Netflix Marvel shows about to be taken off this release is well timed for those who want to get some extra Iron Fist in their life. Danny Rand is no longer the Iron Fist, having given up his powers to save the world he is now just a normal Kung Fu master in a modern world. Still getting himself into trouble constantly of course, but this time someone else is there to save the day! The new, and much younger, Iron Fist has arisen, but he definitely needs some help honing his new found powers. Lin Lie is the new Iron Fist, he was granted his new found powers by the spirit of Shou-Lao after sacrificing himself to save White Fox from certain death. Lin Lie is completely uninterested in any help Danny might offer him, he has his own mission: rebuild his Divine Weapon: the Sword of Fu Xi so that he can keep Chiyou, an evil god, at bay forever. Just a normal day for the Iron Fist of K’un-Lun.

Diarra's Picks:

Iron Fist #1 - Danny Rand is no longer the Iron Fist, but he hasn’t stopped kicking butt. On the way to visit some old friends, Danny comes across a swarm of demons. Newly powerless Danny bites off a bit more than he can chew when a stranger comes to his rescue. He assumes it’s a bad cosplayer, but after checking out his sweet moves (and glowing magical fist) he realizes this is the new Iron Fist. Turns out it’s a certain sword master introduced to us in 2019, but Danny can sense something is wrong with the new Iron Fists’ power. Danny wants to help him control it, but it’s going to be harder than he thinks.
Until My Knuckles Bleed #1 - After a couple delays, I’m pumped to get my hands on this issue. Gavin Hart aka Damager is a retired superhero. He reminisces on his old life, but he is happy with his new life as a bouncer for a local strip joint. What really sucks is the constant pain he must endure caused by cyber-implants from his crime fighting days. He has the opportunity to get them removed, but the procedure is risky and the folks collecting old hero parts aren’t usually on the up and up. This book is giving me Powers energy and I can’t wait for the next issue!
Nightwing #89 - Calling all Superman fans! This Nightwing run has been awesome, and now we get a team-up…well more of a mentor-ship. When young Dick decided to fight crime solo, Superman was there to give him advice. Now Superman is off world and his son, Jon, is under a lot of pressure as the new Superman. Now a seasoned vet, Nightwing is going to take Jon under his wing and show him another side of crime fighting. Jon may be strong, but Nightwing was trained by the best detective there is! They start working a case that leads them straight the doors of Lex Corp. Now the world’s finest sons have three issues (including a Son of Kal El crossover) to crack this case wide open and become the best of friends ❤.

Stone's Picks:

Hulk #4 - The high octane craziness of this new Hulk series by Donny cates and Ryan Ottley continues to barrel forward. While this issue continues with its action-centric story, the door was slightly opened to the discussion of how important Bruce Banner turning into the Hulk was for the Marvel Universe. Showing that there's more to this story than just Hulk rocketing through dimensions getting into inter dimensional fisticuffs. That’s not to say there aren’t problems. With so much being thrown out you it can be difficult to deduce what’s happening on the page before having to analyze the next, chaos-filled page.
Batman: The Knight #2 - I don’t think the story of Batman’s beginning needs to be told since he’s one of the two oldest superheroes. You probably need to leave the modern world to find someone unfamiliar with his origin. However, this story by Chip Zdarsky is the origin story you’ve more than likely always wanted. Actually seeing Bruce take the steps that molded him into the symbol he is today. We're only two issues in but this is sure to be one of those future go-to Batman stories for people wanting to get into the character, and with only two issues out it’s still easy to get into without it becoming a task.
G. I. JOE Saturday Morning Adventures #1 - Holy pork chop sandwiches a new G.I.JOE comic. I can’t help but always think about that cutaway in Family Guy where they make the joke that COBRA is a successful terrorist organization because they have fantastic brand recognition. Top tier comedy. This comic sees Cobra Commander obtaining the lamp of Aladdin. He unleashes a genie and wishes for gigantic battle android troopers. From there if you know anything about this series you know what Cobra Commander is going to do with those. Just a plain fun read that reminds you of the simpler times!