December 6th, 2023

Rob's Picks:

Transformers #3 This series continues to exceed expectations with an issue overflowing with action. Daniel Warren Johnson has an incredible eye for high-flying, over-the-top fights (as seen in books like "Do a Powerbomb" and "Murder Falcon"), which he puts to incredible use as Optimus Prime battles Skywarp. It is no exaggeration to say this is the single best fight scene in any comic I have read all year. There is a level of drama and theatricality that is more akin to pro wrestling than Saturday morning laser fights. Optimus makes some big plays to protect the humans caught in the crossfire, who are shooting back at Autobots and Decepticons alike. From the first issue, we've seen that no robot in disguise is safe in this title, and as collateral damage stacks up, we're given a dramatic demonstration of how this conflict can have deadly consequences for mankind. I've already praised this series' creative team for their facility with action, but perhaps the most notable thing about the writing is how the spectacle does not diminish or obscure the human drama.

Invasive #1 The creative team of Cullen Bunn and Jesús Hervás ("The Empty Man") has cooked up a creepy medical horror for their four-issue series "Invasive." There is a monster stalking the streets. Not a serial killer, but something much stranger. Seemingly random people are being abducted and subjected to radical and unnecessary surgeries, chiefly grotesque amputations. Hoping for answers, two different investigators sit in on a support group for surgery addicts. Compulsion leads people to do strange things, and a case this extraordinary doesn’t come with a list of usual suspects. For Dr. Carrie Reynolds and Detective Hudgens, this trail is growing colder even as the crimes continue. Each has a professional and personal interest in catching the perpetrators, making them uneasy allies. While they hunt for a clue, the unknown surgeon and his assistants (or perhaps pets) take their next victim. This book is macabre and chilling, a dark procedural in the vein of "Silence of the Lambs" or "Seven."

Birds of Prey #4 The action continues on Themyscira! The last issue ended in a brawl when the Birds' heist plans went sideways, but how many heists ever went as planned? The ladies give as good as they get, and the bare-knuckle fight between Big Barda and Wonder Woman is a real highlight for this issue. Thanks to her trusty lasso, the Amazons learn the reason for the Birds' daring rescue attempt, but they remain unmoved in their determination to imprison Sin. Any debate about next moves is put on hold when the big bad for this series finally makes their presence felt. This current run of "Birds of Prey" continues to be DC's most charming book. Pick this one up for another round of sharply drawn art, engaging characters, and some great action.

Solomon's Picks:

Sure, here are the reviews with some corrections:

The Sentry #1 Jason Loo, Luigi Zagaria, and Arthur Hesli have teamed up to bring The Sentry back… kind of. This first issue introduces a cast of young people who were suddenly gifted (or cursed) with the powers of the original title hero. Chaos follows in their wake, catching the attention of Jessica Jones and Misty Knight. We follow the pair for the majority of the issue as they hunt down these newly super-powered individuals. The story juggles multiple characters and their stories; however, the pacing borders on perfect, and you’ll never be confused about what’s happening. The art is fantastic, with the numerous action scenes being wonderfully illustrated. The cast is intriguing, and with the many interesting personalities and ambitions displayed so far, I really can’t wait for the other character introductions! I definitely wasn’t expecting this book to be an intriguing mystery when it arrived on shelves, but it has captured my attention, and I’ll be sure to keep an eye on it. I encourage you to do the same!

Invasive #1 Cullen Bunn and Jesús Hervás have delivered a spine-tingling mystery novel titled "Invasive." This book follows a series of illegal surgeries that have left dozens mutilated beyond repair. So many interesting themes and plot points are in this book that I don’t want to give away, but I will say that this is hands down one of my favorite debut issues this year. It doesn’t settle for cheap thrills and instead utilizes the full scope of medical horror to its advantage. The art by Hervás hits the nail on the head in terms of horror illustrations and is definitely my favorite thing about this book. The tone and suspense that lingers in the pages will be sure to keep you thoroughly immersed as you and the main characters attempt to solve the mystery behind who or what is causing these disturbingly grotesque crimes that have left a permanent scar on their families.

Nights #3 "Nights" is back on the shelves this week with another fantastic issue! We finally get to dive into a tiny bit of Gray’s past as well as meet some new interesting characters who quickly turn this from a slice-of-life to paranormal espionage. Vince struggles to open up about his feelings towards Gray as she struggles to find the perfect gift for him. I’ve been enjoying how the characters have expanded with each issue, really giving this world a much more believable feeling. The charm in this story is top tier, and the illustrations and designs by Luigi Formisano only help to heighten that. If you haven’t already, please do yourself a favor and pick this book up if you’re looking for a new read, as it’s slowly becoming one of my favorite releases this year!