December 2nd, 2020

J.R.'s Picks:

Overwatch Tracer: London Calling #1 – The wide world of Overwatch opens up a little bit more with this new story installment! Well, at least London does. Taking place before the events of the first game, Tracer is still trying to adjust to life outside of Overwatch even years after its closure. With how big of a hero she was, even when she stops a purse snatcher she’s still stopped for photos and celebrated for her past deeds. It’s during one of these times that she spots another thief and gives chase. Turns out it was an Omnic in desperate need of supplies for their underground refuge. After bonding over dope music, Tracer’s new Omnic friend shows her an unfortunate side of her city she never knew. With beautifully cute art by Babs Tarr, this is a must-grab for anyone with a passing fancy for this franchise.
Hellboy and The BPRD: Her Fatal Hour and The Sending #1 – I love a good Hellboy one-shot and damn does this one deliver. Not only that, it’s a stand-alone follow-up to the Beast of Vargu, another one of my favorites! In the first story, Hellboy is transported to Romania to help the daughter of an old woman who saved his life. She unknowingly made a deal to marry a demon which never works out well. The second story involves a niece inheriting her uncle’s haunted library collection and showcases one of the coolest, most level-headed old men to ever grace a Hellboy book. A good read for anyone looking for a good HB tale without any strings attached.
The Union #1 – The United Kingdom’s getting their own superhero team together, with Brexit warts and all! Opening with an announcement of the formation of this new Britannic super team, the message here is clear: the UK is slapping this team together as a unification publicity stunt. This doesn’t stop Union Jack from doing some grandstanding for them, going up against the new team with a simple game of capture the flag. The organizer of the team, Steve Darwin, is highlighted after the event and seems to be following the characterization of a less evil Elon Musk. Things get wild though as the forces of the King in Black seem to invade and the twist at the end is gonna have you begging for more.
M.O.D.O.K. Head Games #1 – A very funny, very well-mapped first issue from the mind of Patton Oswalt. A.I.M. needs money so the combined strength of M.O.D.O.K. and Monica Rappaccini is sent to capture Stark goods from a grav-train. Things go sideways though when M.O.D.O.K. has a flash-vision of himself as the head of a family. Barely escaping from the onslaught of Warmachine, Monica convenes the A.I.M. board to address M.O.D.O.K.’s failure. M.O.D.O.K.’s rebuttal is insanely clever and recoups all the losses from the failed robbery. The bigger question remains though: what are these flashes he’s having of a better life? This one’s gonna get weird and I love it for that.

Diarra's Picks:

Thor #10 - Oh snap! If you’ve been keeping up, you know Thor is really going through it. From Galactus ruining his coronation in a major way, to his power draining along with his hold over Mjolnir loosening. In attempts to learn more about why this is happening, Thor decides to resurrect Doctor David Blake. What Thor doesn’t know, he isn’t the same man invent by the gods for their worldly pleasure. Blake learned of his existence in his time away, and is reborn with revenge in his heart. While Thor is taking a break from the real world, Blake makes play things out of the Asgradian army, and that’s just the beginning. Maybe his visit to Jane Foster’s office will be enough lightening under the God of Thunder’s butt!
Batman and Catwoman #1 - As we all know, Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle have a very complicated relationship. While we time travel Tom King style, we follow an old case Catwoman worked with the Bat, and a flash forward to a grey Selena visiting an old friend. The old case is about a missing boy, but it doesn’t end well. Now time has passed and Batman is gone, and someone is looking into that same case once again. In her Cat days, Selena made loads of shady friend’s and one of those relationships might be coming back to bite her.
Wonder Woman: War of the Gods #1 - Wonder Woman is left alone to fight in the cannon world, but the multiverse has other plans! Circe has started a war of the gods before, but this time Hecate is pulling Wonder Woman’s strings. Hecate tries to take over Wonder Woman’s mind and body, but our Amazon fights back. The Justice League was on high alert, but let’s down their guard when Diana reassures them she is in control. Unfortunately that’s all a part of Hecate’s plan and unbeknownst to her friends and allies, Hecate takes control. She is able to use her body and influence to begin a war with recently displaced Amazons as her army. Some of our favorite heroes give their life to help Wonder Woman fight back against Hecate’s influence, and manages to take her powers. Still that doesn’t bring Diana back, and a powerless Hecate’s still controls our heroine’s body. Will Wonder Woman return or does Hecate have another trick up her sleeve.

Stone's Picks:

Batman The Adventure Continues #7 - After stealing some meds from Dr. Thompkins, Jason now has all he needs to kick off his mater plan. When The Joker asks The Penguin for some money, he thinks the intimidation of his straight man will be enough to get him the money. However, the straight man will have to deal with an enforcer of the Penguins own, Mr. Wing. Jason will use the ensuing battle to capture what will be the ultimate invitation for Batman to finally confront him. When all the pieces are finally in play, Batman will have to choose between avenging Jason or saving Tim.
King in Black #1 - It’s Finally here. KNULL HAS COME. The forces of Earth have assembled to prepare for the invasion of Knull. For safety, Dylan is stored in a bunker that could survive a nuclear Holocaust while Eddie and the rest of Earths heroe's are swarmed by symbiotic dragons. As the Avengers and X-men try to keep New York from being overrun, Eddie connects to the spire leftover from Carnage’s takeover to establish a connection with Knull. Knull wants to find the one called Brock, so if Eddie has to sacrifice himself to save the others he'll do it!.
Thor #10 - Donald Blake has been unleashed. No longer a captive in his imaginary kingdom created by Odin, Donald has come to realize the truth - he was merely created to be used as a lesson for Thor. There was no consideration given to Donald and because of that he's suffered. Now it is time for others to feel his pain. The despair he felt locked away with no one to answer his calls for help. Donald remembers everything Thor loves and will make sure they experience the same love that was given to Donald. Yikes.