December 22nd, 2021

Caroline's Picks:

Hawkeye Kate Bishop #2 - Welcome back to the Resort Chapiteau where you'll have such a good time, unless you're concerned about the little girl that has suddenly gone missing. While her sister is still concerned about the ring she lost Kate is ready to dive head first into looking for the little girl and hoping she learns more about the 'weirdness of the resort in the process. The staff is hardly doing anything and the rest of the guests are off in their own little worlds seemingly unordered by the whole ordeal. Time for Kate to do what she's does best and put that PI/hero title to good use and save the little girl by whatever means necessary.
Ms Marvel #1 - If you’re looking for an easy starting point to introduce you to the character before her new show comes out next year then this is a great book to grab. It doesn’t rehash her origin story, it just offers a simple little round up of how she got to be who and where she is when the story starts (think how the MCU did Tom Holland's Spider Man without the origin story). Kamala is visiting her cousin in Chicago for a few days and while she’s enjoying her time off it seems her cousin has decided to mess around with the science of the multiverse, because that always goes well. One not so sneaky science lab break-in later and it’s back to hero work for Kamala before she jet’s back home. Oddly enough Kamala can't help but feel like things have been just a little off since she got back, any ideas why?
A King's Vengeance #1 - King Olric’s life has been cursed by Mozdial. His wife was driven mad and enchanted into giving up their only son to be the ‘Dark Lord’s’ new vessel. Now Olric seeks only vengeance for what Mozdial has done to his family. This is his only desire in the world so much so that he is willing to pay any price to get it, after all he’s already let almost every man in his kingdom die to see his revenge brought forth. His commitment is put to the test when his last men fall and it is finally up to him (and only him) to save the world. He must face the man who destroyed his family and return the world back to the way it was, all without losing himself in the process. How much would you be willing to sacrifice if it was your family, your kingdom, and your peace on the line?
Nubia and the Amazons #3 - Things have gone from bad to worse rather quickly for the women of Themyscira. Medusa is still loose, plotting her revenge and taking control of a few unlucky ladies. Some of the Amazons have begun to question Queen Nubia’s care for the situation at hand and her overall ability to lead. Things are only made worse when Bia has an unprompted vision showing the old Nubia, the champion back in her heyday, and a woman falling into a pit of stone statues. Now Nubia is forced to come face to face with the monster from her past, Doom’s Doorway has haunted her since the day she left it and its finally time for the reckoning to come. But will the Queen be able to save everyone, will she even be able to save herself when all is said and done?


Diarra's Picks:

A King’s Vengeance #1 - “Seek revenge and you should dig two graves, one for yourself.” This quote really sums up the beginning of this tale of vengeance. King Olric is ready to end this four year war against Mozdial the Fallen One and his high priests. Like any good King, he leads his army into battle, but no one follows. When he gets inside he is instantly wrecked and thrown out with the trash. This would be the end of his story if not for a passerby who collects the half dead king. Now Orlic must recover, but I doubt vengeance is far behind! This issue is giving me big Head Lopper energy, and if you are a fan of fantasy, make sure to scoop one up!
Black Panther #2 - T’Challa has been away from Wakanda, fighting with the Avengers, and has relinquished his leadership role. He is still king, but an elected prime minister runs the show. T’Challa doesn’t want to be completely hands off, and to not totally undermine the new leader he has placed sleeper agents around globe. Last issue one of his agents was murdered and it was very clearly a targeted attack. How could anyone know they were working for T’Challa? Well that’s what he needs to figure out, and in the meantime he is pulling all his field agents. Some are happy to return home, but others have planted roots they refuse to abandon. One of these agents and her family are attacked, luckily T’Challa was there to intervene. But Black Panther is still no closer to finding out who in his inner circle has betrayed him.
Catwoman: Lonely City #2 - If you’ve been reading Fear State and the Batman/Catwoman run, this is like an awesome mash up of the two! We get to see older Selina and her pals while also getting flashbacks to her roof jumping days. Those days have come full circle now that Two-Faced is mayor of Gotham. Somehow he has gained the trust of the city and he has outlawed masks/vigilantes. Selina knows he is up to something and she has a plan to put a stop to it. That’s where the pals come in! Croc, Riddler, and even Poison Ivy make an appearance, and it’s nice to have friends at a time like this (especially with their unique talents). But Two-Faced knows Catwoman is on the prowl and is done being diplomatic, now he is ready to use his other side!


Stone's Picks:

Nightwing #87 - Every week a new Nightwing issue drops it's easily is my favorite thing to read that week because the story has just been fantastic to this point. Tom Taylor has done a great job with the character. This week brought it to a whole other level with the Artwork. A seamless transition from page to page of rooftop parkour to the up close and personal combat of fighting in apartment buildings. It takes the cover they did a couple issues back of Nightwing and turns it into an entire book. This was just so pleasing to read and could quite possibly be take the top spot for best issue of the year for Nightwing!
Darth Vader #19 - This issue sees Vader doing a little good for a change! There’s a showing of how brutal and villainous the Empire can be, but before the most horrendous action can happen, Vader steps in. Now he claims he knew they weren’t who they said they were and that’s why he acted; I would say he just got lucky. Plus, who is really going to reprimand Vader on his actions short of the Emperor? What I'd really like to see is a Vader issue with no words. I feel like it would be a really cool issue and simple to do with a character who can be quite stoic. Maybe it’s already been done and I just need to search that out.
Batman: One Dark Knight #1 - Whoever this Jock person is, they delivered. I found the art to be really nice and Batman’s costume design has a nice mix of blue and gray which I find aesthetically pleasing. The story is like a hardcore version of Get Him to the Greek, except the Greek is Blackgate prison. I’m interested to learn what motivates Vasquez and I want to hear more from Alfred. The bit with the marshmallows made me laugh. RIP to that legend. Also can someone tell me if Batman goes to get Edward out the back of the van did he get hit with that missile or did it just land next to him? I mean, yeah we’re made to believe he can survive getting punched and thrown around by beings stronger than him, but if the implication here is that Batman can just take a missile that’s crazy.