August 31st, 2022

Caroline's Picks:

Star War Obi-Wan #4 - Look. I just really like Star Wars, ok? Every month I’ve been looking forward to having more Obi-Wan in my life since the TV show ended and this series has yet to disappoint me. It's constantly introducing the audience to new aspects of his life while helping you to understand how the young Obi-Wan we recognize becomes the older and wiser Jedi of the original trilogy, all without disturbing the already existing cannon of the live action series. This time we focus on Obi-Wan’s relationship with Anakin, the bond they shared and how they helped each other without needing to say a word. To say this issue hurts on an emotional level is an understatement, especially after watching the TV series would be a lie. They had such a strong bond and protected each other through so much that it makes Anakin's betrayal that much more painful. The small mention of a previous mission in this issue as a call back to the second issue was a nice little touch by the writers. The thing i liked the most about this issue is that they decided to focus on an enemy that isn't just the Empire or the Separatists but a smaller faction which gives the live action adaptations options to use them later or even as a reference or call back in a greater plot. Whatever the reason for the new addition, I will happily keep devouring this series. Any Obi-Wan is welcome in my life.
Harley Quinn The Animated Series The Read Sidekicks of New Gotham Special #1 - A new one shot set in the animated universe and just in time as the new season is starting back up! If you haven’t already, I highly suggest you read the Harley Quinn Eat, Bang, Kill Tour series as it is set right after the last season of the show ended, and the graphic novel just dropped (how convenient of DC). Tawny is back and bigger than ever with her new talk show: Tawny Talks. She’s bringing ‘live coverage’ of Harley/Ivy and their shenanigans with interviews and audience participation all a part of the show. I doubt anything can go wrong. This week we tune into the true life of dating a hero while going for a double date with your girlfriends good friends who just happen to be villains anti-heroes, a pretty normal day for the citizens of Gotham nowadays. There’s a handful of little one-shot vignettes in this issue with lots of minor characters being given their chance to shine for a few pages. Definitely a fun read that keeps in line with the tone and humor from the show and first comic series. A must read if you’re as into Harley’s animated universe as I am.
Phantasmagoria #1 - There's something about a black and white horror comic that just hits all the right notes for me. Everything feels heavier in this style. The blood and gore are both somehow more violent and more diluted, allowing the reader's own mind to fill the voids with whatever they imagine. In this world Demons are real, they can possess your body and make you do unspeakable things. And what would demons be without their cults of followers wishing to free them into this realm, obviously there are warnings everywhere but who has time for that when power is so close.. Professor Hawke is not a member of one of these cults, per say, but he has definitely seen his fair share of possessions. He's currently attempting to save the life of a young woman who was used sacrificially to bring a dark power to our world. He's saved the young lady from certain doom and now it's time for him to visit an old friend to get some information. But is the young lady really safe, and has the darkness been defeated this time. Nah, that would be too easy.
Thunderbolts #1 - Marvel is definitely in peak ‘we’ve mentioned this in a show or are making it into a show so we’re going to release a new comic series about it’ mode. Thunderbolts has been confirmed coming to the MCU and though the team for the show is wildly different there’s still plenty of familiar faces to get you interested in reading it. Luke Cage is the new Mayor of New York and he’s determined to do some rebranding, starting with the Thunderbolts: what used to be a rag-tag team of villains is now (supposedly) a team of New York’s finest heroes. This week the team is facing off against some baddies headed by Taskmaster and let me just say America Chavez is shining in this round, that girl can take a hit like no one else. There’s a good switching between the story as we see that team’s first mission together we’re getting flashbacks to why each member was picked and their ‘appeal’ to the public. Honestly it's like getting a little glimpse into how Marvel picks the characters to highlight in their movies and shows. This issue is a really good mix of characters for the comic fans and the MCU fans alike, lots of intentional draws from recognizable and recently featured people from live action and some old call back characters thrown in for some fun.


Diarra's Picks:

Thunderbolts #1 - The MU is still recovering after the events in Devil’s Reign. Luke Cage is now “Mayor Man” of Hell’s Kitchen, but the previous Wilson Fisk administration is still effecting the city. Fisk’s biggest political move, with some help from Purple Man, was banning costume vigilantes. With vigilantism being legally questionable in the first place, Luke knows reversing the law immediately could come off as bias to his constituents. But even Fisk had his own team of government sanctioned supes to clean up the streets. Now Luke is assembling one of his own, and he gives Clint Barton a ring. This is perfect for Hawkeye, who has been trying to get the West Coast Avengers back together, but Luke’s P.R. team has already picked a team for him. Persuasion, America Chavez, Power Man, and Gutsen Glory will be his new team, The Thunderbolts, but they still need to get their teamwork down. That is proven after a recent mission to apprehend Taskmaster amongst other villains attempting to escape prison. Things get a little out of hand, but that’s when Monica “Spectrum” Rambeau shows up to save the day. Despite needing an assist, Hawkeye is excited about his new team, and he even got to get some much deserved revenge on US Agent in the field. What he doesn’t know is Spectrum is more of a babysitter, and there is something terribly wrong happening to the Thunderbolts! Plus, this book is rich that Clint Barton wit we all love!
Variants #3 - If you aren’t reading this series you are definitely missing out! Jessica Jones is finally getting some normality in her life. She and Luke are planning their wedding and Kilgrave is finally out of the picture…or so she thought. The Purple Man’s influence wears off after time, but when one of his old victims kills her family years after last seeing him, Jessica learns he might have one more trick up his sleeve. In fear she might also be a ticking time bomb, she sends Luke and their daughter to stay with family and invites her pal Jennifer “She-Hulk” Walters over to keep an eye on her…but when she arrives home she finds more “hers”. From Captain America Jessica to a Jessica that’s still Jewel, she is visited by different versions of her from across the multiverse. They butt heads at first but when they start working together they realizes, none of them know what’s going on, and wonder how many more Jessicas are out there. That’s when Jessica gets a subtle hint these Variants might not be on her side, and at the safe house, Luke gets a less subtle clue they are up to no good…and their daughter might be the real target!
Nightmare Country #5 - Neil Gaiman’s Sandman was a game changer fantasy series when it hit the shelves in 1989, and from the star studded audiobook to the new hit Netflix series, the fandom continues to grow! Corinthians (you know, the nightmare with mouths for eyes) has faced punishment for the time he spent walking amongst the living, but he might’ve done more damage then anyone originally believed. He has returned to his old life in The Dreaming, but during a recent nightmare he finds paintings of himself in the real world. The weird part is Corinthians has never been in the artist nightmares. So Corinthians breaks the rules again to find out where this woman saw his face…and things just get weirder from there. There is another optically toothy creature walking the earth, and Corinthians won’t let some copycat ruin his bad name. They both want answers so they team up and the closer they get to answers, the more the forces at be try to keep their secret. The real fun has just begun as Corinthians recruits more of The Dreaming to help!

K'S Picks:

Thunderbolts #1 - The Thunderbolts are back in business and I think we're long overdue for more Hawkeye. It's really cool that we're getting more light on an older super squad and I think there's no better choice then the Bolts themselves! It's not well known that Hawkeye and Cage led a full team of capes but I can appreciate how this opens the door to new heroes and abilities. These guys are a lot more deep than you'd expect. Let's break it down! Mayor Luke Cage has offered Clint the chance to lead a "project" which entails promoting a fresh new team of heroes. It's simple, not too complicated and is very straight to the point. Give this one a shot if you want to see Hawkeye take center stage in Thunderbolts!
Phantasmagoria #1 - If you love Bloodborne's dark Victorian style and a seasoned occult hunter like  Van Helsing, you'll adore this first issue! Full disclaimer...if you aren't the biggest fan of gory, detailed art this may not be the series for you. If you're into seriously twisted, dark artwork then boy are you in for a treat! This series is muted, dark and grimey that comes from illustrator Joe Bacardo's use of charcoal shading blended with very detailed line work. Enough about how amazing the art is, the story has feels like something straight out of a Bloodborne side quest. The character's grief and fear really paints an image that this world is dark and in need of a character like Professor Francis Hawke. He's a man shrouded in mystery and somehow doesn't feel out of place in this story, it's weird but the world building is excellent! An absolute recommendation and something any horror fan can fall in love with.
DC's Saved By The Belle Reve #1 - You never realize what you really need until it pops up in your life. I never knew I needed a high-school anthology for DC Heroes and Villains? I was perplexed at how much time has gone by while reading this 80 page issue, like, I sped through what felt like 2 issues! We've got something for everyone here, from the Suicide Squad becoming school staff to Superboy and Robin forming a friendship, it's just really cool. We also get a wide range of writing styles and genres amongst eight really talented creative teams. If one doesn't click there was easily seven more that had me really in the zone. Give it a shot if you want a cool collection of stories based on DC's students!