August 18th, 2021

J.R.'s Picks:

The Trial of Magento #1 – I was so terribly sad to see X-Factor cancelled but SO excited to learn that Leah Williams and her team of investigating mutants were returning for this book! The series picks up where the Hellfire Gala left off: after the big party Wanda Maximoff’s dead body was discovered by her son Tommy. X-Factor has been sent to investigate with some higher-ups in the Krakoan government annoyingly tailing them. Meanwhile, the Quiet Council debates resurrecting Wanda as they have backups and the ability with Magneto being the loudest voice for it. Convenient, as it seems Scarlet Witch’s hands were bound…with metal. Some big things are happening in this book that I’ve wanted since M-Day oh so long ago and Williams’s script delivers it with some truly great prose. A marvelous mutant murder mystery awaits you as the groundwork for the upcoming Inferno event continues to be laid!
Superman and the Authority #2 – Grant Morrison’s patented weirdness is on full display with this second issue of their new team book. One by one, members of Superman’s replacement group are coming together. Steel (Nat, not her uncle) is recruited by Supes himself just after she saves Metropolis from an anthropomorphic internet message board. Apollo and Midnighter in all their awesomeness are brought into the fold by Manchester Black but not before they take down some kid-killing mad scientists with extreme prejudice. With the group mildly formed, their next stop is to recruit June Moon aka the Enchantress. Morrison’s heady ideas come together fantastically in one of the better books DC is cranking out these days.
Moon Knight #2 – Moon Knight continues his mission to take down the supernatural in epic ways with this month’s installment. While having a heart-to-heart with Reese, the door to Mr. Knight’s holy mission bursts open with a man named Soldier almost bleeding out. Given her new vampiric nature, Reese has to excuse herself from the blood as Spector mops up Soldier. Turns out someone in an apartment building down the street is using some sort of mind control on old people to hive mind them. Unfortunately for the culprit, they’ve never met a mind like Marc Spector’s. Continuing on flipping the script of the supernatural, this new issue continues just plain good supernatural action. Check it out now!
Kang the Conqueror #1 – Woah, Kang’s got a book now! Everyone’s favorite monologuing no-gooder welcomes his new series with a fantastic opening issue steeped in character development and surprises. Having turned 18, Nathaniel Richards grows bored of his life in the ultimate utopia of the 31st century and seeks out Dr. Doom’s old archives. Once inside he finds the chaos he was looking for: a future version of himself named Kang. Old Kang takes Young Kang under his wing, time-traveling through the ages to show themselves of their mistakes and train Young Kang to be the conqueror they should be. Of course, this goes awry in the greatest of ways but you’ll have to scoop it for yourself to find out.

Diarra's Picks:

Eat The Rich #1 - Joey is a bundle of nerves thinking about meeting her boyfriend’s parents. If that wasn’t stressful enough, they are from very different socioeconomic levels. She doesn’t want to come off as the girl from the wrong side of the tracks, but as a law student, she knows she needs to get more comfortable around the 1%. After making an awkward first impression she tries to befriend the family nanny, who stresses the importance of treating the “help” as such. Joey hopes tonight’s party will be less stressful, but she gets overwhelmed once again and steps out for some air. While outside she stumbles upon some of the male guests, including her boyfriend’s dad, having a little barbecue. She realizes she was wrong to treat the staff as friends, turns out they are food! I can’t wait to see what Joey does next.
Killer Queens #1 - Max and Alex are intergalactic assassins who’ve recently decided to hang up their murder hats. As you can imagine, their past still follows them. They can’t even enjoy a double date without someone showing up to get revenge…to be fair they did use his stolen ship to get there. They seem to be the type to get out of most conflict unscathed, which can make for a pretty boring plot. Just when I was ready to give up on a predictable storyline, Max and Alex get their first non-murder gig, and screw up the stealth portion royally. They can’t rely on shooting their way out of this one, so I’m sticking around for the next issue to see how they sass themselves free! …plus they are in a universe that has Galacti-Grindr, how can I pass?
Radiant Black #7 - The trade dropped this Wednesday so you can easily catch up on this awesome misfit, hero tale! It’s starts with Nathan finding a glowing orb that gives him a super suit. As overwhelming as new powers can be, he still tried to be a hero, but things get a little out of hand. Turns out the he isn’t the only one who found one of these orbs, some are friendly and some are foe. Unfortunately, Nathan didn’t have what it takes to wear the suit, but these strangers with new found power need to put all their differences aside because someone is after them. You can’t help but feel Power Ranger energy when you meet the others with their different colored suits and unique powers. This issue they get their butts kicked a bit, but are able to knock out one of their enemies. I can’t wait for the next issue so we can get some answers, interrogation style!

Stone's Picks:

Kang The Conqueror #1 - With Kang introduced into the MCU, now is the time for him to receive his own stand alone series! The story sees Nathaniel Richards coming into contact with his alternate self from the future, Kang, and the two go on a trip through time with Kang's goal being to shape this younger self into the time traveling warlord he is. After reading Christopher Cantwell’s Dr. Doom run I was hoping that he would write a Kang the Conqueror story since he was in the Doom comic. That being said, co-writers Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing delivered. They showcase Kang's might while also delving into the emotions of the character that help you understand him on a more personal level.
Moon Knight #2 - The geriatric community is putting up a fight in the neighborhood that Moon Knight is suppose to be protecting. His only lead brings him to an apartment complex where he’s forced to do battle with a mind controlling weirdo. Too bad for that person that the mind of Marc Spector is no plaything. I was really hoping to see more of the hunter's moon, but this issue still delivers. The reveal of how the villain controls minds was disgusting. It’s definitely a slower issue in comparison to the first, but I chalk that up to it not really having a fight so much as a mental grudge match. Still, the issue benefits by building upon the environment that Marc is protecting as well putting more time on supporting characters that could be important in the future.
God Tremors - The Devil is with you, and only God can be your salvation. That’s exactly what Aubrey is told as he’s put through many floggings and exorcisms at the hand of his father. Why? Aubrey is epileptic and In the19th century that’s a problem. Well, a problem to those who don’t believe in the sciences that are being discovered. Aubrey doesn’t want to believe that it could be the devil, but when he discovers a statue in the woods that seems to speak to him, Aubrey is unsure what to believe. I started this book and couldn’t put it down. I enjoyed that it wasn’t a complete supernatural experience, but it had the moments where you aren’t sure what is real and what’s not. If you enjoy historical works, devil worshipping, or are epileptic you should give this book a read!