August 12th, 2020

J.R.'s Picks:

Seven Secrets #1 – An interesting and enigmatic start to a great action series from Tom Taylor, the man who brought you Dceased and Injustice. In seven suitcases scattered across the world the greatest secrets known to mankind are locked away lest they find their way into nefarious clutches. All secrets are protected by a keeper and a holder, two of whom had a child together who is the narrator for our story. They were forced to give up their child in order to continue their lives together protecting one of the world’s greatest secrets. Things go sideways with their secret secret-keeping order, however, and it looks like a family reunion is incoming. A great start to what’s sure to be an action-packed romp.

Something is Killing the Children #9 – The best horror series on the stands hits the shelves again this week and you have GOT to get in on its goodness. Tommy meets some terror in the woods as the monster’s babies run into him and a group of brothers. Things get dicey to say the least. James is still hobbled in the hospital and finally gets a visit from Erica. She tells him that he needs to be bait to lure out the monsters and stop more kids from dying. When he tells her, “Hell no” in so many words, she recounts the origins of her monster hunting and boy, is it a doozy. Not sure how I feel about the octopus now. The first volume is on the shelves so grab it to catch up if you need to, this one’s gonna be a classic.

Adventureman #3 – Claire’s back and her family’s super worried about how in the opening of Adventureman’s newest issue. She’s also grown 15 inches and no longer suffers from hearing impairment in one ear which is medically impossible to say the least. Not to mention, she has flashbacks of fighting ghost pirates which allow her to perform a field blood transfusion with little to no recollection as to how. Luckily, her plucky son is there with the answer to her questions: a VHS tape of one of her favorite Adventureman serials. The questions are going to pile but so is the adventure, so scoop up the first three of this series for a damn good time.

Marauders #11 – Had to give a shout out to this one for making me feel way too many emotions in a crowded comic store. The Marauders and Krakoa say goodbye to Captain Kate Pryde as best they can with the resurrection protocols seemingly failing her. Nightcrawler pens her a beautiful letter for what he believes to be her eventual return and Xavier gives as grand a eulogy as you would expect from him. The clincher for this one though is someone who arrived late to the funeral: Lockheed! After reading his mind, Emma Frost knows who the killer is and the White Queen is about to strike HARD. Do yourself a favor and pick up the best X-book on the stands for all your superhero needs.

Diarra's Picks:

Big Girls #1 - This world is plagued by giant monsters they’ve grown to call “Jacks”. Their origins are where our story gets strange. A person would give birth to a perfectly normal baby, but as infancy progressed they grew abnormally large. As toddlers they are just giant children, but as they mature/grow they become mindless monsters, hell bent on destruction! The only town safe from these beasts is called The Preserve (they have an Attack on Titan-esque town layout). They have a team of agents that protects the city from attacks. This team would be nothing without the Big Girls. See whatever is causing these mutations, only has adverse effects on males, and females infected remain in control of their mind and get as large without being disproportionate. Ember is one of these Big Girls, and she has had a rough day at the office. She doesn’t have time to mope, because an attack like never before has fallen on The Preserve. This unexpected turn of events might be the start of a war.

Seven Secrets #1 - There are seven great secrets kept in seven briefcases. These secrets are guarded by a council that aim to keep these truths out of the wrong hands. Skilled agents are assigned to each case. Their sole purpose in life is to keep the briefcase and it’s contents safe. Sigurd and Eva are in charge of one of these cases, and have grow close in their time together, a little too close for the council’s liking. When they find out Eva is pregnant with Sigurd’s child the council question their loyalty. Despite their feelings for one another, Sigurd and Eva know the case’s secret must be their main focus and the decide to give the child to council for secret keeper training. Now the secrets are under attack, and their child might be the key to saving them all.

Adventureman #3 - Claire has always loved the Adventureman, a fictional troupe of heroes with magical abilities and powers. After a mysterious woman drops off an Adventureman book to Claire’s used book store, Claire can’t wait to dive in. The more she reads, the less she believes these stories are fiction. Claire goes to the publishers address to get answers and that’s when things get weird. After leaving, she finds it hard to recall the events that happened, but something strange must have occurred. She arrives home a foot taller and her poor hearing is resolved! Her family is just as confused and takes her to the hospital. She dips in and out of present day and past memories, and that’s when a patient enters the ER with extreme lose of blood. Claire jumps to action, some how knowing her blood would be a match and begins a blood transfusion. Her family knows she has no medical experience and can’t believe what’s happening. The medical professionals are confused as well, but the patient is responding well so they go with it. Doctors can’t explain the changes to Claire’s body, but she is in good health so they send her home. She tries to go back to her normal routine, and that’s when she remembers everything!

Stone's Picks:

Dark Knights Death Metal #3 – As Batman, Wonder Woman, and Harley make their way to free Superman from his confinement by the Darkseid version of Batman, they are made aware that the Batman Who Laughs has survived the actions taken by Wonder Woman. Meanwhile, Superman is being subjected to pain he has never felt before from the use of a machine that was created by Mr. Miracle. Batman and company burst on to the scene and a battle ensues. While some heroes fight, others have taken to running for their lives as the Darkest Knight searches for the energy required to accomplish his goals. Featuring a special guest appearance from the most powerful psychic in the universe!

Seven Secrets #1 – Tom Taylor grabs your attention and doesn’t let go with his newest series, Seven Secrets. Throughout the ages there has been an order that guards and protects the seven secrets of the world from those who would use their power for nefarious deeds. There are those who have no qualm with using extreme measures to gain this knowledge. With so many sought after items in the world, the lengths to which people will go to both acquire and safeguard the secrets is unimaginable. 

Star Wars Darth Vader #4 – Vader has been caught in a trap and must face off against a gigantic sea creature from the depths of Naboo’s waters. While he remains distracted, those he came with show their true colors and turn on the dark lord, causing Vader to have to defend from blaster fire as well. Thinking Vader defeated, the group known as the Amidalans are surprised to see Vader has escaped the trap and now stands before them. Vader has been having flashbacks to the life he once lived as Anakin Skywalker which is messing with his decisions. Our favorite Sith lord will struggle with the identity he once held as a Jedi knight and must be prepared to face the truth of what caused of the death of Padme Amidala.