August 10th, 2022

Caroline's Picks:

Samurai Doggy #1 - In a post-apocalyptic industrial world a robot vulture saves a puppy from certain death. Yeah the first few pages alone of this book is enough to make any animal lover's heart hurt but I promise you the pain is worth it for this read. The Samurai Doggy is on a path of vengeance 20 years later. He’s going after the man who murdered his mother, stole his brothers, and left him for dead. With his ever constant mechanical companion at his side to help make it happen. Following the only lead he has through a big city gets him practically nowhere, except almost stolen from. A small kid in trouble just looking to have some fun is someone he can’t resist helping right? Wrong. But a new potential lead on his siblings has him switching his mind real quick. Besides, nothing bad has ever happened at a carnival, right?
Deadliest Bouquet #1 - Rose, Violet, and Poppy are three sisters who were all raised by their single florist mother. The years have caused them to drift apart but the untimely death of their mother brings them sharply back together. This issue is one that the more I kept reading this, the more interested and invested in the series I became. Things slowly begin to unravel to show that nothing is really what it seems with these ladies. They’ve lied to their families and run from their problems for years but now they can’t anymore. The sisters are going to have to face the trauma from their childhood soon. That laced with the constant innuendos and flashbacks that make it seem like both they and their mother have some type of physical, almost assassin-like training. I definitely want to see how this mystery unwraps. I’m curious to see if the bouquet of sisters already have a killer in mind or if we’re going to get to see some sneaky recon mission in the next issue.
Love Everlasting #1 - The vintage art style of this series is so fun, and it really helps to set the tone to match the old dialogue and way people used to live. Joan is an ordinary young woman, she’s moved to the city to start her life and find happiness and love. Only she’s hoping to find it in her best friend's boyfriend. Or one of them. But every time Joan is about to reach her happy ending things change. The world shifts and once again she’s starting at square one, looking for love and having swoon worthy moments with new men, but she slowly starts remembering her first love, and the one after that. This issue manages to keep the reader constantly guessing as to what exactly is going on, and Joan herself is aware or in control of the situation. Though she always starts off at the same point in her life she never questions it at first, only when the new lover appears do she seem to remember the last. Is this a story of reincarnation, multiversal travel? I need the next issue already so I can find out.
Ms. Marvel & Wolverine #1 - If you haven’t already watched the Ms. Marvel series on Disney+, go do it! This is one of those attempting to build more interest in an ongoing character series and I am 100% buying into it. The show was so much fun and made me want a new Ms. Marvel anything to come out so I can have more of her fun character in my life. It’s nice to see Marvel going back to this team-up, Wolverine was Kamala’s first partner on a mission and getting to see them work together again after she’s gotten better at the hero gig and see how she’s changed is such a unique experience for the long time Ms. Marvel fan. So it’s Ms. Marvel, Wolverine and a few X-men against some… robot locust? A whole swarm, actually, so many it’s enough to blanket the entire city if they aren’t careful. This issue does a good job of utilizing well known characters as well as some not so well and using all their powers together to problem solve, eventually, and always at the behest of Wolverine. Now I'm even more curious as to what shenanigans Ms. Marvel will get up to with Moon Knight in the next issue.

Diarra's Picks:

DCeased: War of the Undead Gods #1 - Some events come and go, but DCeased was a reader favorite, and I’m stoked to get another tale from this universe! This all started back in 2019, when the Anti-life Equation is released on Earth and our heroes fall. Issue after issue, readers wait for our heroes to get some good news, heck, even the villains pitch in to help, but it all seems for naught. Now there is a glimmer of hope with an antidote Cyborg helped cook up, and the first person they need to heal is Superman. Unfortunately, before the antidote even seemed possible, some heroes had to be put down before they harmed innocents and their friends/family who had to do it are left with guilt. With the antidote in hand and Superman back in action, they head to kick Brainiac’s butt for starting this whole mess. Hope you weren’t feeling optimistic because they find Brainiac clinging to life and he warns them of greater evil headed their way! Oh, another fun twist for this event, they are having Kara Zor-El’s escape pod land during this time. Let’s see how Supergirl handles the welcome crew!
Love Everlasting #1 - Romance comics have been a hit since they appeared on shelves during WWII, a time when reading about super powered beings saving the day stopped appealing to the same young men risking their lives. Now faced with real life deadly foes, it was their life at home they wanted to escape to. Romance comics dealt with love and the complications from it like jealousy, marriage/divorce, betrayal, and heartache. Although theses storylines aren’t passing any Bechdel Tests, they definitely opened the door for a new kind of comic fan. When I saw Tom King was working on this, I knew this novella was going to have a fun twist. Joan Peterson is our heroine, searching for her one true love, but we’ve all thought we found the one and then had to find ‘another fish in the sea’. Well things aren’t so simple for Joan, every time she falls in love it’s like she is ripped from her universe and placed in another, forever chasing love but only finding heartbreak. I can’t wait for the next issue, and see if Joan can break this torturous cycle!
Predator #1 - When Disney/Marvel got the rights to Alien and Predator, they dropped an Alien series right away, but for some reason the Predator series got pushed back. I’m guessing it has to do with the new movie on Hulu, but don’t worry this isn’t just the same story in comic form…although there are definitely some nods to each other. The year is 2056, and humans now able to travel the galaxy freely, and scouts search for new habitable planets. Theta and her parents live on one of these scout ships, but after months with no trouble a Predator attacks the camp. Theta watches all her family and friends slaughtered, and she only survived because with her dying breath, Theta’s mother ordered the ship’s A.I. to get her to safety and the ships been doing that ever since. Now Theta travels though the galaxy, tracking Predator hunting patterns and taking them out, but she won’t stop until she gets the bastard that killed her family. But after a malfunction with the ship, Theta finds herself alone and without guidance for the first time. I can’t wait to see how this plays out!

K's Picks:

Predator #1 - There's no debating it now, it's officially hunting season! Ed Brisson hit all the revenge plot & horror movie notes on this one. I could see Theta's story as a movie. From the direction and switching back and forth from present to past and how it blends so well with the dialogue, great work all around! So who's Theta, and how does the Predator play in all this? The year is 2041 and we start off following Theta Nedra Berwick, daughter to a family of space researchers. Aboard a planet they've studied for months, Theta grows bored of her tired days and does some researching of her own. This became a fatal mistake as her family and their group are drawn out to what appears to be the Predator hunting ground. Theta as the sole survivor is now about to take the hunt to the Predator that's taken everything from her.
Ms. Marvel and Wolverine #1 - Time for some wacky mutant shenanigans! Kamala Khan has been teaming up with a lot of the greats, but how does she fair with "the best at what he does?" I absolutely loved this issue and it's quite chill despite most of the X-Men making an appearance! Kamala stumbles upon the coolest Treehouse and spots a certain mutant wandering from afar. Kamala spots something flying into Krakoa, and from here things obviously escalate. The part that I really want a bit of focus on is the teamwork and coordination of the X-Men, something that felt so small at first added a lot of context to the super-powered team's way of handling the job. Easily the coolest way to handle a team-up and I was rolling over the "Bad Plan."
A.X.E. Judgement Day #2 - What an interesting start. I was turning my head at first but quickly found out there's a lot more going on then what's being shown. Before we even get to the fight there's a montage of citizens and their reactions to Druig's declaration? I love seeing how such a big event affects the masses and the weight it has on day to day society. Tony going for a more peaceful route and trying to let a celestial stop the hex is such a wild and outlandish plan, but you can't help but love it. One thing that stands out for sure -  I can't get over how cool it is seeing the fight on Krakoa and how monumental the Hex really are!