April 7th, 2021

J.R.'s Picks:

Magic the Gathering #1 – If I’m being honest, I’ve been waiting years for a comic like this. Magic has a deep treasure trove of lore that hasn’t been touched upon (well) in comics. That is, until now. Ravnica is one of the most interesting settings in Magic as well and luckily that’s where our story starts. Assassins are sent to three of the ten guildmasters who help to govern Ravnica. These three also happen to be planeswalker: those with the ability to travel between realms. One of these assassins is taken to the Azorius for questioning and it’s there that their darker purpose is fully unfurled. There’s a particularly good section which characterizes the three planeswalkers individually by how they each view the space between realms differently. It’s characterizations like this and MacKay’s ability to make this storied history accessible to newcomers that really makes this story shine.
Geiger #1 – Geoff Johns and Gary Frank take a break from the DC Universe to create a solid first issue for a new “hero” of their own. After a nuclear attack destroys much of what was suburban Nevada twenty years prior, people once again begin to reconvene society but in the strangest ways. The radiation that haunts the land means everyone must wear a hazmat suit to survive. Everyone except one man who thought he was sacrificing himself to save his family. His sacrifice only meant he was imbued with radioactive power, giving him many nicknames from those in Las Vegas. Now the eclectic gang lords of Vegas are gunning for him and things are gonna get weird. Solid start to what’s going to be a great series.
Beasts of Burden: Occupied Territory #1 – Dorkin does it again with the latest installment of his supernatural stoppin’ canines. At a home for former ghost-fighting dogs, Emrys begins to tell the gathered seniors a story just after WWII of him and he previous companion investigating a string of supernatural murders at a US base in Japan. Soldiers are having horrible nightmares and two of them were recently found dead- their bodies blue, veiny and heads ripped off with extreme force. Emrys enlists the help of a local nameless stray (whom Emrys endearingly names) to interrogate various ghosts. They find a lead eventually- but also trouble! A great read to be certain with my only complaint being I wish there were more already.
The Silver Coin #1 – This new anthology series with revolving creators is going to blow away every fan of horror out there. Chip Zdarsky and Michael Walsh are the first up with a tale of too much ambition and somewhat of an homage to Tenacious D’s Pick of Destiny. In a 70’s dive bar, the Joe’s band the Rolling Red is being pushed out by the oncoming wave of disco. At band practice while going trough his mom’s old stuff Joe finds a silver coin which, when used as a guitar pick, lets him play the most epic rock. One of my favorite parts happens shortly after: him and his bandmates intuitively know the coin is magic. From here it becomes a classic tale of power corrupting poor Joe and the payoff for it is grand. This one is going to push out some excellent chilling tales so jump on now.

Diarra's Picks:

Beasts of Burden: Occupied Territory #1 - So excited for a new arc about these magical mutts! The doggos are sharing adventure stores and it’s Emry’s turn to regale the bunch. He takes them back to 1947 to a mission he worked with human, Jonathan Hope. Like most people seeking their help, they are hesitant to have a dog sniffing around, but they can’t turn down the assistance. The mission revolves around the mysterious deaths of two soldiers and the odd way they were killed. One whiff of the corpse and Emry knows the dark arts are at play. Emry recruits a local pup to show him around town. Before they can find the source of this mystery, it finds them!
The Silver Coin #1 - The tale of a rock band trying to survive the new disco scene turns into something magical. It all starts when the band’s guitarist, Ryan, finds a silver coin that his mother left behind. At first they think it’s good luck, but the songs they play after are undeniably better. The band fandom quickly grows but Ryan seems to be changing too. While the rest of the band is just happy to have an audience, Ryan believes they are holding him back. He ditched the band and even sold out the genre he loved. He brings down the house (literally) with his next show, and now the silver coin is off to the next “lucky” person.
Geiger #1 - Nuclear annihilation is seconds away, but Tariq Geiger is prepared. The end of the world brings out the worst in people and Geiger must sacrifice himself to ensure his family makes it to their fall out shelter. Maybe it was his selfless act or the love of his family, but Geiger survives the blast and becomes a thing of legend. While other survivors have to wear suits to protect them from the elements, Geiger feeds off it. He is more of a lone wolf these days, and surrounding clans see him as a threat. All he wants is the day it is safe for his family to join him, but trouble is headed to jeopardize that all.

Stone's Picks:

Project: Patron #1 - At first glance this comic seems to be no more than a knockoff of Superman. Starting with a battle with a monstrous creature. resulting in the hero’s death and subsequent revival. to having an alliterated arch-nemesis named Matthew Mammon. Read on for a few more pages and you're treated to a surprising and welcomed take on the character that questions whether the hero of yesterday is the same as today. Even the ending delivers a satisfying cliffhanger that has me wanting more. This was more than I expected and I couldn’t be happier.
The Next Batman: Second Son #1 - A brand new mini series that tells the story of how Tim Fox becomes the next Batman. Following the look into the possibilities that Future State provided, we're brought back to the present to witness Tim in Vietnam performing seemingly clandestine operations only to be called home to Gotham by a familiar face. His family has mixed reactions about his return, with some happy he is home and others wishing he had stayed away. Beyond the family drama there is also backlash from the outside world of Luscious Fox’s new wealth. Many don’t believe he should have been given Wayne’s money with many calling it a handout. This story will be the rise of Tim Fox, but it will also show us how the Fox family will handle their new found wealth and criticisms.
Green Lantern #1 - The United Planets are heading to Oa. There is a decision lingering regarding whether or not the planet of the Lanterns will be viable for entry into this organization. It all hinges on a review of the Green Lantern’s pasts, but many, including Sinestro have made up their minds about how they feel about the Lantern Corp. During this time there is an attack on the planet further proving that the lantern's enemies have not forgiven them for mistakes they've made. The best thing about this issue is how much you get to see of Oa and all the inhabitants. It reminds you it’s not just an entire planet of Lanterns. Plus, the death of a certain character is sure to cause problems for the Guardians and the United Planets at large, and I can’t wait to see the repercussions!