April 5th, 2023

K's Picks:

The Nasty #1 - A twisted new horror comic has hit shelves this week! Horror in any medium is tough to figure out. With so many elements that require a honed level of execution to pull off you might end up with a campy mess. Putting all that into consideration, this ish is an amazing display of some cool and interesting takes on typical horror tropes with a bit of inspiration from the world of lost and forbidden media. Video nasties are the main focus. They're forbidden movies or shows banned for having legit disturbing material. And boy, do the writers have a good grasp on the morbid curiosity surrounding the hunters out there breaking bank just to get a glimpse at what can't be seen. This is a small piece of the story that seems to run parallel to a mysterious masked imaginary friend lurking in every scene. It's played for laughs mostly, but with how things are going down I'd hate to spoil the insane story that stars in this issue!

Sonic 5th Anniversary #1 - A new and unexpected surprise from the IDW team! I was really surprised to see another sonic issue drop so fast for what seemed like a reprint? Fortunately, I was very much click-baited as there's a whole heaping lot more content packed in here! Sonic makes his rounds like usual and comes across a weakened and surrounded citizen. Within literal seconds Sonic rushes to the the guy's aid. We don't know much about the guy, let alone his name, but this character's existence adds depth to the world. This is then pushed forward as we jump to current day. Sonic makes an appearance to the same town from the first issue and this time the blue blur is now at the mercy of the Badniks. With tensions running high we see the same citizen from the very first issue come to Sonic's aid. It's sweet and a good way to bring life and progression to vast world that is Sonic! Give this one a shot if you are interested in getting into the franchise -  it's never to late to catch up to everyone's favorite blue Hedgehog.

Scar #1 - We finally get some legit new content for the world of The Lion King. Scar didn't necessarily need more development, we got our resolution and a solid open and conclusion to the character. Prequels tend to suffer from the fact that the events of the past mostly line up with the actual existing story. We know what happens to Scar and we know who becomes king in the end, but there are somethings we just don't have context on. Scar has every intention on introducing us to the back story of the classic tale. What lead to his inner turmoil, who aided in his path to failure, and most of all when did the prince of the dark meet the bone eaters? A lot of interesting questions that any avid Disney fan can sink their teeth into. Above all else, I just wish we could get stories of Mufasa and Scar as cubs. It would be great to explore the seeds of jealousy to add more weight to his actions (or show that he wasn't always so sly and treacherous). 

Rob's Picks:

Cosmic Ghost Rider #2 - There's another Ghost Rider raising hell and Frank Castle is taking all the heat. But if Frank's been cooling his heels in the galactic backwater, who's this other guy with a flaming skull? In an issue that's equal parts narrative place setting and action, bounty hunters have come to interrupt Frank's retirement. A tense standoff in a saloon lends this outing some western vibes. This series has been solid for the first two issues, looking forward to more.
Hairball #1 - Have you ever suspected your cat was a murderer? Or a monster in the shape of a cat? Hairball by Matt Kindt delivers on your well-founded suspicions. The story centers on Anna, a young girl whose adoptive family is spiraling into extinction. Her pet cat, Bestie, lurks around the edges of this modern gothic, projecting menace and the occasional Cronenbergian hairball. This first issue is a slow burn with a deadly payoff. The art of Tyler Jenkins completes the atmosphere of dread. A spooky good time!
Nasty #1 - The lighter side of horror. Creators Lee, Kambadais and Cahoon take you to Glasgow in the 80s. It's the height of the Video Nasty era, when the UK government censored and banned films in the name of decency. Here we meet young horror-hound "Thumper" and his imaginary friend, a masked killer from his favorite slasher film. Things get strange when Thumper and the misfits of the "Murder Club" gather at the local video store to watch the most forbidden of tapes. Now, they're on a mission to save the video store by making a video nasty of their own, while Thumpers imaginary friend starts to display very real power. If you have nostalgia for late night splatterfests with friends, this light hearted title is a strong recommend.