April 12th, 2023

K's Picks:

The Great British Bump Off #1 - Crazy, fun, and a bit chaotic aren’t the only words you could use to describe this delicious issue! Well damn, I’m more than just a little excited to say that I'm in love with this comic. The story is really interesting and does a good job at avoiding too much low-brow humor. We follow Shauna Wickle, a starry-eyed competitor in the UK bakery tent, with goals of making it big facing off against a colorful and diverse cast of chefs. This would be the part where we talk about the passionate cooking adventure that will ensue, but that is cut very short as we find out one of Shauna’s competitors has been poisoned! Shauna takes it upon herself to play detective and live out her UKBT fantasy. Honestly, a splendid read all around. I enjoy a good gourmet themed story and I’m sure that John Allison is just person to to do this concept justice!
Kokju #1 - Simple and downright ridiculous in every way! If you are expecting a typical smash and beat’em up story then you’re are very wrong. We quickly tail a giant creature rampaging through the once semi-quiet streets of San Francisco. A terrifying, mangled crimson creature towers over hundreds of citizens, only to purposefully take a huge poop on buildings far and wide. With all expectations thrown out the window, we learn that the “Kokju” is a wildcard that just wants to be as big of a asshole as possible. Seeing a petty Kaiju just ruin everyone’s day is blast and I love everyone's devil-may-care attitude. It really gives you that vibe of everyone just being fed up and totally over it. There’s a lot of time spent on the Kokjus and I think it’s cool to see how they handle what can only be described as a giant, scaly mutt!
Bloodline Daughter Of Blade #3 - It’s been a while since we last took a crack at some vampire skulls! Blade has finally made his appearance and now he’s  ready to face his daughter, or so we think. We see a little bit of banter but the main takeaway is that there are a lot of details that link to the grander scale that is Marvel comics as a whole. With the reveal that Brielle was protected by Dr. Strange from being stalked by creatures of the night, and with the sorcerer supreme in the coffin, we see that was the cause behind Brielle’s recent run in with vampires. It’s a small thing but I think that little detail is amazing with the context of the Dr. Strange story. Following this information and some push back, we see Blade take Brielle under his wing to bring her up to be a vampire-killing machine. We're immediately shown what she’s got and a grasp on what she might be capable of. Things were moving a little fast but I really like the direction so far. Check this series out if you’re a Daywalker fan!

Rob's Picks:

Guardians of the Galaxy #1 - The Guardians are back in a new series from writers Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing. On a backwater world, Peter Quill rides into a dusty mining town like a western gunslinger, complete with hat and poncho. The Guardians are racing against time to save the alien townsfolk from impending doom in their usual dysfunctional style, but there is a harder edge to their bickering and banter. Something in the past hangs over the team, though they continue to fight on despite the new undercurrent of animosity. This issue has some excellent action and a huge final reveal. The kinetic and stylish art of Kev Walker is brought to vibrant life by colorist Matt Hollingsworth.
TMNT/Usagi Yojimbo: WHEREWHEN #1 - Your favorite anthropomorphic warriors are teaming up again! Art and story by Stan Sakai. The premiere issue of this crossover event takes its time, reintroducing the reader to the world of Usagi Yojimbo and its extended cast of characters. How the arrival of the heroes-on-a-half-shell will shake up their dynamic remains to be seen. As Usagi rides to war beside Lord Noriyuki, desperate villagers beg for his aid against a terrible turtle monster. Meanwhile in present day NYC, the turtles face off against a new threat. Dr. Wherewhen, a robotic villain from the future, attempting to conquer the past to rule in his own time. Stan Sakai’s art remains as charming as ever. A fun start to a promising run.
Sandman Universe: Nightmare Country - The Glass House #1 - Tynion and Estherren continue the Corinthian’s journey across America. Our story opens on Max, a man just trying to move up the ladder in a silicon valley investment firm. Finally noticed by his boss, Max is taken to a place where any desire can be gratified, though the members of this exclusive club don’t know the true cost. Even as his wishes come true Max is troubled by visions of the Smiling Man, so the Corinthian can’t be far behind. This book drips with atmosphere and foreboding, asking just what our modern world has left us truly wanting.