September 2nd, 2020

J.R.'s Picks:


Hellblazer Rise and Fall #1 – You know I’m here for new John Constantine. Something dark crawls out from John’s past once again and once again, it’s all his fault. As a child, John took two of his friends to a river to try and open a portal to hell. The spell didn’t seem to work but a horrible accident caused one friend to die. Years later, John’s other friend Aisha stumbles across a strange string of powerful people throwing themselves off rooftops with angel wings attached to them. Also: someone is stealing said wings once they die. The mystery is a strange one and thanks to a crazy twist by Tom Taylor at the end I know I’ll be here to see it unfold.
We Only Find Them When They’re Dead #1 – Holy hell what an incredible set up for a sci-fi epic. In the year 2367, humanity has mined all available moons and planetoids for resources in their never-ending quest to feed the maw of capitalism. Luckily, another source of goods start to appear floating in space to cut apart for wealth: the dead bodies of stunningly beautiful and gigantic gods. Humanity wastes no time in monetizing the entire effort and Captain Georges of the Vihaan II is a decades-long veteran of the system. An incredible set up by Al Ewing along with jaw-dropping visuals from Simone Di Meo nets this book the highest of recommendations from me.
Inkblot #1 – The most fantastical of fantasy worlds is built up in this issue and really seems to be weaving a damn good yarn. Xenthas Voidbreaker and his eight other siblings have ruled and conquered seven known realms thousands of years ago. While most of her siblings divided and conquered, The Seeker stayed within her own library and chronicled their adventures. One day as she falls asleep writing about the realms, a jar of ink falls to the floor and creates a realm-hopping cat. This cat is definitely to get her into more trouble as this issue shows, so pick this one up for magical, mischievous catastrophes.
Horizon Zero Dawn #2 – HZD comes back quick with an intriguing second issue. Talanah remembers back to the last time she saw Aloy and grappled with this new breed of black-armored beasts. It was then she learned their fire arrow weakness and even threw a question at Aloy regarding her weird earpiece that gives her so much insight. With her new ally Amadis in tow, the two make to track down the mercenaries who left them for dead. The origins of Talanah’s newfound friend come into question though as they past a rich estate with a familiar marking carved into it. Things are only going to ramp up from here so pick it up while the story’s still young!

Diarra's Picks:

Lonely Receiver #1 - Who has time for dating in the hyper technological future? Not, Catrin. So she decides to order/build a life-partner for herself. That’s how Rhion is born, and she is everything Catrin dreamed of. Catrin spelled out every detail in designing her, and she watched her words 3D print before her eyes. They begin to grow together, but Rhion is a complex AI. As Rhion sentience grows, so does her sense of self, and she knows the world has more to offer. She still loves Catrin, but uses her complex neural network to spend time with others while physically being with Catrin. Catrin feels Rhion getting distance and freaks out. After an intense fight, Rhion disappears, and for the first time in ages Catrin is alone. How can a robot purchased for the sole purpose of being her partner want to leave her? Other forces may be at play, forces that want to keep the two apart.
Spy Island #1 - Nora Freud, if that is her real name, has been in the spy game for years and has made quite a name for herself. Her latest assignment has her on an island near the Bermuda Triangle. We’ve all heard about the odd things that happen in The Triangle, and Nora doesn’t want to take any chances. This new case involves some mermaids gone wild, and The Bermuda Triangle Preservation Society will do anything to keep them safe. Luckily she isn’t the only spy on the island, and with their forces combined no way they aren’t getting to the bottom of these misbehaving mer-folks. That is until Nora’s sister shows up. She is here to use her marine biology knowledge to help, but Nora knows bad news is always in her sister’s wake.
Black Widow #1 - After an awkward mission with Hawkeye, Natasha heads home for some much needed rest. As soon as she arrives home she knows someone has been in her apartment. Next thing you know, she is attacked, falls out a window, and Black Widow is no more. Well at least not the Black Widow we know. Natasha has been living a new life in San Fransisco, and left the hero business in the past. When Natasha disappears without a trace, Hawkeye is shocked to catch a glimpse of her casually walking behind some reporter on TV three months later. Hawkeye calls up Bucky and they head to San Francisco to get some answers from their old partner and friend.

Stone's Picks:

Atlantis Wasn’t Built for Tourists #1 – A quaint town in the middle of a county sharing the same name is unaccustomed to having visitors. When a hitchhiker saves a woman from a car accident and takes her into town, he ends up finding a place to stay thanks to the local sheriff. After one night in this town you understand why it’s not a tourist hot spot. The things happening here are quite the mystery, and the actions of one person will keep it that way.
Marvel Zombies Resurrection #1 – The Start of a new adventure in the Marvel Zombie universe. After the events of the one shot that came out what seems like forever ago, the corpse of Galactus which houses the infected has descended upon Earth, causing mass chaos. As heroes and villains alike succumb to the infection, Peter Parker is tasked with the protection of Val and Franklin Richards. In the aftermath of the initial invasion, a group comprised of Peter, Val, Franklin, Forge, and Moonstone travel through the country looking to survive. Their travels will bring them familiar faces both living and dead, and in the end either a cure or death will be their salvation.
Transformers / My Little Pony: Friendship in Disguise #2 – The unstoppable combination of Energon and Friendship continues. Spike, a little dragon from Equestria, aids in the defense of the Autobots base with Grimlock. In another part of Equestria, an autobot named Gauge teams up with baker extraordinaire Pinkie Pie to fight Shockwave. This second issue, like the first, was an enjoyable read, and had me laughing at almost every turn. Whether a fan of Transformers or My Little Pony, you cant miss this winning combination.